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10 Router Features You Should Be Using for Better Wi-Fi

The 10 Router Features You Should Be Using for Better Wi-Fi

If you’re working to set up your wireless router in your home you might not know that it probably comes with many useful features. So, this might lead you to wonder:

What are these features? How will they help me?

This article will highlight some of the advanced capabilities that wireless routers have. These features can help give you the best Wi-Fi coverage for your home. Keep reading to find out more about them and why you should use them in your wireless router setup.

5. Mobile Apps

This is also known as QoS (Quality of Service). This feature will allow you to control the traffic of your wireless router. If you want to use the router’s Wi-Fi for a specific purpose, you can redirect the signal to the more important device. This will allow you to get a better signal and prevent your device from running slowly.

4. Network Prioritization

If you have kids, parental controls are a good feature to have and use with your wireless router. Parental controls will allow you to block and restrict certain websites. This can prevent your kids from visiting harmful and inappropriate sites and links. It can also prevent them from accidentally clicking into sites that might be hacked or have malware. This can prevent your system from being negatively affected from an attack.

3. Parental Controls

You’ll often find a USB port (or a few) on the back of the router. You can plug a USB device into this port to connect your other devices to this router. This can work with printers and even with controlling keyboards and webcams. A USB connectivity feature can let those who have access to your network connect to your various devices easily. This means you can use the USB port to help control the devices that are on your computer’s system. This can make it easier for you to use and to have quick access to various devices.

If you want your wireless router to be able to instantly connect to your printer or other devices, you want to look for a USB connectivity feature. This feature will work to allow almost any model and type of device to connect to your wireless router so you can use various things with it.

2. USB Connectivity

A guest access feature will allow your guests to search the Internet but with limited access. This can prevent them from searching through your personal files. With a guest access feature, it will only allow them to search on the Internet. Also, you can control what Wi-Fi band they use. You can choose to let them surf the web with either the 2.4 or 5 GHz band depending on your preferences.

One important feature to have in your wireless router is guest access. If you often have guests who need to use your Wi-Fi, a guest access feature will allow you to set certain restrictions on how they use it. A guest access feature in a router will allow you to set a password so your guests can’t access a specific part of your network. You can change this password as much as you’d like.

1. Guest Access

Many of the wireless router models today come with a mobile app. This app will allow you to access your wireless router no matter where you are. You can use this mobile app to check the router’s Wi-Fi signal strength and to see who is using your network.

Many of the features listed in this article can also be accessed by the mobile app. For instance, if you decide to implement parental controls, you can usually monitor them with the app. You can keep track of the sites your kids are searching on and block new sites with the app. This app also works with the guest access feature. You can limit and deny your guests Internet access to certain sites and areas on your network with just the touch of a button.

Mobile apps are great features because they mean you don’t actually need to be at your computer to monitor its system. This makes sure you’re always in the know about what’s happening with your network.

6. Encryption Abilities

To help keep your system secure, you want to look to see if your router has an encryption feature. Encryption can help to prevent others from breaking into your system. Most modern routers use WPA or WPA2 encryption.

The WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. The WPA is a common encryption method used in many devices today. It’s a simpler version compared to the WPA2 but still works well to protect your system. It uses TKID and AES to achieve this. WPA2 is a little more sophisticated and is evident in many devices today as well. It is very similar to WPA except it uses CCMP to help make your network even more secure from potential attacks.

Overall, encryption is vital to help protect your computer’s network. It’s a feature you should look for and use in your wireless router to help keep your system better protected.

7. Multiple Channels

One of the worst things sometimes about the best routers is that they can become overwhelmed by the amount of devices trying to connect to them. If your router model only has one channel available, that could impact how well it works. It might not be able to reach your devices if the channel is blocked due to all the devices trying to access it.

A wireless router that has multiple channels will help to prevent this. It will contain many channels which will allow your router to find the best channel for your device. If you need high-speed, it will go to a channel that is open and has the capability to work with whatever you’re trying to do with your device. A multiple channel feature will ensure that your devices will work quickly and have instant access to surf the Internet or to the videos you’re trying to stream.

8. A 5 GHz Band

If you intend to use your wireless router for high-speed applications, you want to check to make sure it has a 5 GHz band. This band will work to quickly connect your devices so they can run faster. This means you won’t have to wait awhile for the router to connect. A 5GHz band is unlike a 2.4 GHz band because it doesn’t focus on covering a large area. Its focus is on providing faster speeds for your Wi-Fi. This means a 5 GHz band is ideal to have if you enjoy gaming or want to watch videos in the highest quality possible. Our list of best routers for gaming is a good place to start the search for a faster gaming router. .

So, if you want to continue gaming and streaming videos without interruptions, it’s best to look for and use a 5GHz band in your wireless router. Your home’s Wi-Fi speeds will greatly increase and you won’t have to worry about constant buffering occurring.

9. Beamforming Function

Beamforming is a new feature in many routers. It will help the Wi-Fi signal to travel through places that might be obstacles for your Wi-Fi. Beamforming can even help the signal to travel through dead spots which could otherwise completely diminish your signal. If your router has this function you won’t have to worry about always having to adjust it to get Wi-Fi access.

You’ll find that most wireless routers that have beamforming use implicit and explicit beamforming functions. Both of these work to help move the signal around Wi-Fi obstacles, but the implicit beamforming feature helps to connect the signal to older devices. It can be difficult for older devices to receive a sufficient amount of Wi-Fi, especially if there are obstacles in the way of its signal.

Beamforming overall is a great feature because it helps to ensure that you’ll receive Wi-Fi even if there’s a Wi-Fi obstacle like a metal filing cabinet in the way. Be sure to look for this feature in a wireless router and use it to help your devices run better.


This is also known as Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output. A router that uses this feature will have many antennas. These antennas will work to help quickly connect your devices to the router so they work faster. Also, because there are many antennas positioned on it, the router won’t lose its speed. This can help stop it from running sluggishly if there are many devices trying to access your Wi-Fi. A MU-MIMO feature can help to make sure all your devices receive a fast connection to Wi-Fi.


As you can see, wireless routers can come with many useful features. They don’t just connect you to the Internet, but can help protect you from network attacks. Many modern wireless routers today also allow you to constantly check them with mobile apps. You can make sure your signal is strong and see who is currently accessing your network with them. 

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When shopping for a wireless router definitely look to see if it includes the features mentioned in this article. If it does, be sure to use them. They can help with not only high-speed Internet access, but also give you the ability to have more control over your computer’s network.

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