Do Programming Bootcamps Work?

Do Programming Bootcamps Work?

Do you want to see your resume explode into the professional world?

If you want to see your resume explode into the professional world, start looking at programming bootcamps.

Why they are valuable?

Because you can gain a massive advantage in one day of intense, individualized development.

There is just so much out there, with so many more approaches than you realize.

If you take advantage of every single one of them, you will be far better positioned than you know.

This doesn’t make sense?

Not when you see programming bootcamps in action.

Now I know what you are thinking.

Programming bootcamps are for noobs!

Here’s the deal.

We all have some level of technical skill.

But we often can’t find jobs because we don’t have the experience. Since we don’t have the experience, we often settle for what we know and are comfortable with.

In short, you are okay with not knowing.

Here’s where programming bootcamps can be a game changer.

It all starts with your enthusiasm for coding.

Let’s go back to Google and work with Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Imagine if I told you that I told Google about you by writing a “coding utopia”, e-book about coding.

I said, “here’s a free copy of my book about coding that you can use right now,” but to make this “communication free” event happen, I had to raise $50,000 for my product. At the time, I wasn’t interested in fundraising.

Google is famous for going all-in. You give them your time and be their partner in bringing your vision to life. As Larry wrote, if you give a group of people “the power to use technology to solve their problems, then they’ll be the company for the next century.”

That’s why you see so many creative and motivating people make this show.

Coding bootcamps can do that too!