Best Gaming Keyboard 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Since there are many good-looking gaming keyboards, getting the best for you may be very stressing.

Sometimes if you are a gamer, you may come home with a gaming keyboard thing that it’s the top in the market and only to realize that what you have is the worst of all keyboards in the current market.

Not all typing keyboards are game controllers or gaming keyboards.

Hence, to have a better e-sport on your computer, you can avoid the best gaming keyboards in your shopping.

Now with me here is a list of the best 13 gaming keyboards of 2018 and I encourage you to go through the article to know which one is better for you.

In this comparison, the table we shall look keenly at the best gaming keyboards and highlight the components of each one of them and why it’s different from others.

Most of the keyboards that are ideal for gaming are those with programmable keys, which allows you to adjust the sound and have a concrete feedback.

So, when getting one from the market go for the best keyboard according to its features. In this article we have the 13 best gaming keyboards of 2018 and the features that makes them the best.

Product NamesProduct DimensionsItem Dimensions (L x W x H)WeightColor 
Razer Orb Weaver Chroma8 x 6.1 x 2.2 in.7.96 x 6.07 x 2.17 in.10.6 lbs.Black Check Price
ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro20 X 9.2 x 1.5 in.20 X 9.21 x 1.5 in.2 lbs.Brown Check Price
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.T.E Tournament Edition20 X 2.8 X 7.9 in.20 X 2.76 X 7.87 in.2.6 lbs.Matte Black Check Price
Razer death stalker10.2 X 22.1 X 2.4 in.10.24 X 22.06 X 2.36 in.4.7 lbs.Black Check Price
Steel series Apex M8006.8 X 20.1 X 1.6 in.6.85 X 20.08 X 1.6 in.3.1 lbs.Black Check Price
Logitech RGB G910 Orion Spark4.6 X 19.8 X 1.4 in.9.5 X 19.8 X 1.39 in.4.6 lbs.Black Check Price
CM Storm Quick Fire14.1 X 5.4 X 1.5 in.14.1 X 5.4 X 1.5 in.2 lbs.Rapid-l blue Check Price
Tesoro Excalibur G7 NL19 X 7 X 2 in.19 X 7 X 2 in.2.8 lbs.Brown mechanical switch Check Price
Razor BlackWidow Chroma7.2 X 18.5 X 1.5 in.7.17 X 18.52 X 1.54 in.3.3 lbs.RGB V1 Check Price
CM Storm Quick Fire TK1.4.9 X 5.4 X 1.3 in14.9 X 5.4 X 1.3 in.1.2 lbs.TK- CherryMX Red Check Price
Corsair Gaming K70 RGB18.6 X 8.3 X 3.3 in.18.6 X 8.3 X 3.3 in.4 lbs.Black Check Price
Steel series Apex8.7 X 22.1 X 2 in.8.66 X 22.05 X 2.05 in.2.9 lbs.Black Check Price
Logitech RGB G8106 X 17.5 X 1.4 in.6 X 17.5 X 1.4 in.2.6 lbs.Black Check Price

The table describes well all the facts that you need to know about these gaming keyboards before buying one for yourself. As you have seen in the table, each is every keyboard have unique features that make it different from the next one.

These features are the one that drives you to select one and leave the other one.

Here is the deal, I will encourage you to move with me to the next section where we’ll discuss each of the 13 gaming keyboards in details.

1. Razer Orb Weaver Chroma – Best Overall

Razer Orbweaver Elite Mechanical PC Gaming Keypad


This keyboard has modules that are adjustable with hand, thumb, and palm and this gives you the best experience when using it every day. It’s best when playing the marathon game sessions.

To know how to use it, use the programmable mechanical keys. It will be easier if you make them 30 for more skills. The keyboard is well-designed for gaming for the manufacturer. It has an optimizable set of actuation and adjustable points to improve your gaming tactics.

It will let you do the gaming in a rapid manner and gives you the responses very quickly. You can use the programmable thumb-pad that has 8–way directions in two ways. One, you can use it for movement or expand the repertoire of the game as it is a modifier key.

Its parts are mobile and can slide in front and backward to let the keyboard rest on your thumbs or supports your palm so comfortably. When you manage to hold it in this manner, you will realize that the hand fatigue will reduce and improve the ergonomic contact to the switch.

The thumb pad of this keyboard is not fixed properly and needs adjustment. However, it’s still useable though very squeezed and you will occasionally touch it when using the keyboard.

The thumb stick of Razer Orb-weaver is also not so good for you and especially if you have not used this device there before.

  • Comfortable and easily preassemble keyboard keys
  • Workable and well display of the side buttons
  • Has infinite profiles
  • Its control scheme is intuitive and workable
  • Differently and non-usual display of the keyboard keys
  • Very noisy
  • Squeezed keys that blocks one’s hands from pressing some keys
  • The manual lacks some details that can help you when learning how to use it

2. ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro – Best Budget

ROCCAT RYOS MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Per-Key Illumination, Brown CHERRY MX Key Switch


The ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro comes is an entirely adjustable keyboard that has ROCCAT-planned per key light in both smart and manual comfortable modes. Therefore, you can comfortably add a particular effect on the keystrokes and configure the keyboard to note you’re in-game and app keys.

Besides, these features it has an ultra-improved anti-ghosting that has the N-Key rollover. With this feature, it means that you will always remain in the in the game session no matter how intensive it turns. The keyboards will register the keystroke, and you stick to the game all the time.

The 2 MB, flash memory capacity, enables you to store all the changes that you make in your keyboard in a few minutes without delaying. With all these excellent characteristics, it becomes a very real and teaching platform keyboard where you can learn new skills and show them to your friends when you meet physical or on online.

Additionally, a black plastic material is the one used to make the deck. The keycaps appearances that it's confronted to smudge, which help in reducing the presence of any fingerprints.

The RMA process of the ROCCAT model is indigent, and with all the keys that have light, it doesn’t look good at all. The product doesn’t have a manual transcript in the software to help you in understanding it better, and there is only an online video.

Because of this shortcoming, ROCCAT keyboard isn’t good for software since you have to do poking here and there to equip yourself well.

  • It has mechanical keyboard, which has four optional keys to switch to when playing or typing
  • Unique backlight keys
  • Has a smudge-reducing end
  • With 30 programmable keys
  • Has a default USB and an audio direct connections
  • Has only one option for the backlight color ‘blue’
  • Its inner making is wrist rest

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.TE Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for PC -Matte Black


The Mad Catz S.T.R.I.KE.T. E, has a chassis that is well reliable to the tactile response. This behavior is suitable for you when you are doing the eSports in professional levels.

You know what? It has a very quick hyper response plus a 130 Kailh and browner mechanical switches. This implies that for the new standard of mechanical keyboard helps it to outsmart all the other gaming keyboards.

To get the highest APM in demanding things like StarCraft (ii) it has a PCB track layout that is streamlined in shape. Apart from all these qualities, it has all the inputs that you will require when playing your games and in a more comfortable posture. It’s made from durable materials that make it last for long and remains of high quality.

The keyboard is not only useful when playing your games but can also help you in typing as its shortcut keys are suitably positioned. With twelve buttons that are macro programmable, it becomes very simple to perform all those activities when you want.

Some of the Mad Catz keyboards is like they have internal issues from the manufacturer. The situation was worse for me because I’m not a hardcore gamer and hence I didn’t know this keyboard can break with that minimal use.

The Kailh switch is from China, and nowadays things from China are of poor quality and doesn’t deliver better services. Similarly, with this switch, it is very cheap in comparison to other mechanical switches and does not provide good services.

  • Portable size
  • All keys are illuminated
  • Functioning media keys
  • Comes with 45g motion
  • Durable because of the metal frame that is in the outer cover.
  • Can have more than one outcomes from the keys since they are not put well
  • Keys are very loud mostly the backspace and the esc
  • Has only one lighting color

4. Razer DeathStalker Ultimate – Best Gaming Keyboard for Mac

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate Gaming Keyboard


The Razer Dearth Stalker Ultimate is a gaming keyboard that comes with a synapse 2.0. Moreover, it's sold together with a user guide that will enable you in learning how to use it within a very short period.

Surprisingly, the keyboard app store has a lot of kinds of stuff for you. For example, it has all the social media apps, gaming specific apps, gaming facilitators apps and any other application that you thing is can be useful to you when using the keyboard.

The positioning of the keys on the keyboards is so sweet that you can manage to use many keys at the same time. The Synapse 2.0 works as the brain to the keyboard and controls roughly all of its functions.

The keyboard has a cloth that rests on your wrist and has a very high dust affinity and forces you to wipe it more than twice a week dirty not good looking.

When the product is new, its keys are somewhat stiffer and requires a lot of force to press them during typing. This makes the writing process very tiresome and looks dull.

  • Comes with a replaceable keyboard
  • Each key is programmable on its own
  • The keyboard is well compatible with other keyboards
  • It’s durable
  • Not so easy to make mistakes when using it in typing since the keys are stable
  • The TeamSpeak Application is not available in the company’s library
  • It is prone to virus invasion mostly when one is looking for the necessary apps to make is work well
  • There are regular updates on the app though no notable change made via the updates
  • The mouse pad keeps on losing the background image, which is not good with all of us
  • The frequently peeping in of the app notifications will make your computer lose its memory

5. Steel Series Apex M800 – Best E-Sports Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex M800 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB LED Backlit


It has the best gaming-centered qualities and the softest keys that are customizable. In addition, it has an RGB backlighting feature.

Its profile is a bit lower, and this enhances typing making it one of the best typing keyboards. Also, it is good for the long hours’ computer games. The competition-grade switch is made of 60 million buttons full time and a long and smooth feeling.

This will get you feel comfortable when using the keyboard for typing or gaming. Another most interesting feature of this product is the rubber feet, which is swappable to adjust its angle.

There is no that obvious replacement of the keyboard when it gets broken as the distributors say during shipping of the product. Moreover, at some points when they replace the broken part, the new part is not always compatible with the other keyboard, and this makes the condition worse.

The manufacturers and the distributors fail to test the status of the keyboard before shipping it to you and when an issue rises they claim that is was a manufacturing deformation and nothing they can do. Such information can’t convince me on to why I should buy the keyboard in the first place.

  • It’s very quiet and with low-profile switches
  • A strong USB pivot
  • An attractive backlighting options which is practically useable
  • It’s very firm and doesn’t move when in use
  • It’s easy to disconnect the windows key
  • The keys are highly programmable
  • The lights of this keyboard are not wring closely as underneath the keys
  • It makes a good looking stylish appearance
  • It has the fastest switch
  • The positing of the space bar is not suitable when typing
  • Because of the size it’s not easy to carry it
  • The general quality in making is not that good
  • You cannot change its layout
  • The plastic surface is not durable

6. Logitech RGB G910 Orion Spark - Best MMO Keyboard

Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 9 Programmable Buttons, Dedicated Media Controls


It’s one of the fastest RGB gaming keyboards in the market today with about 25% faster motion. This RGB is changeable and has illuminations.

Besides, it has nine programmable G-Keys that helps in creating a custom game macro to perform more complicated commands. With only one touch on the media control panels you can access the playing, pause, volume, skip and mute buttons.

With all these qualities, it looks and works in a more engaging, comfortable and fantastic manner and most of the old model keyboards. The spacing of the keys makes it very easy for you when playing games.  

The keys don’t have an enough space in between them, and this makes it tough for you to operate the keyboard adequately. This defect will mostly show itself well when you are typing using the document.

You will realize that it will become more difficult for you to type. The keycaps are not deeper enough for you to use them efficiently. Apart from this, the keyboard lacks 2-full sets of keycaps that would otherwise make it easier for me to type or play games.

The demonstrative feel is only good with me when it comes to playing games and not typing. Sometimes it’s not all about games, typing documents or editing some articles is also part of life.

  • It’s attractive
  • Adjustable lightings
  • Multiple preloaded illumination profiles
  • Has 9 committed macros
  • Has 113-key rollover
  • Has nice utility keys
  • It’s very smooth and quiet
  • Its keycaps are easy to replace or remove making it easy when cleaning the entire keyboard
  • The Arx dock is much better when used in concept than in execution
  • The keycaps are shallow
  • It lacks a tactile thing at the center of each key
  • The phone dock is powerless and dumb
  • The palm rest isn’t separable
  • It’s very heavy to carry on your own

7. CM Storm Quick Fire - Best Gaming Keyboard under $50

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i Fully Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with ActivLite Technology and Per-Key Lighting (Blue Switch Model)

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This product is the successor of the fresh master that was used in the old days. The product has LED backlighting that allows it to have a single lighting effect upon it keys.

Furthermore, it can have lit up the light up each key while saving them in distinct profiles. It has a developed processor which gives in to all profile to be set with ease. Also, it can be activated directly with the absence of software from the keyboard.

Still, it has white LED backlighting as well as CHERRY MX blue key switches.  These keys give force feedback with less response as it allows in light and clicks noise from the keys as one press.

Its surface isn’t smooth, that is, it is slightly sticky to the individual’s skin. For instance, when you lift up, it tends to follow. This leads to the breakdown of keys.

The keyboard itself can be frustrating. This is because its keycaps are not sustainable. They tend to loosen quickly in the box when they aren’t packed. They pop off when is using them.

It is not friendly to all users. This is because it USB plug is on the right side on it cable thus it doesn’t favor left-handed person.

  • It has MX Blue or Brown switches which are well build up.
  • Compared to other CM Storm its logos are good looking well designed and its case has a slight rubber coat.
  • It has a preferred backlit and ten keyless which makes it more competitive.
  • It’s physically solid.
  • This keyboard has a rightly situated USB plug on its cable, which makes it uncomfortable for the left-handed persons.
  • The f1 and f9 keys, LED died after a short period.
  • The keyboard sometimes fails to detect by OS thus one needs to plug in and out for it function.

8. TESORO EXCALIBUR G7 NL - Best Gaming Keyboard under $100

Tesoro Excalibur G7NL Brown Mechanical Switch Blue LED Backlit Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard TS-G7NL (BW)


This product is a type of entry level mechanical keyboard. It has abilities such as game profiles, the memory built in, macros and LEDs which their light can be adjusted.

This keyboard has been made available in the following modification. The blue, brown and red mechanical switches. Its look is a classic, and it appeared to be the first. Due to its solid form, it can operate with office desk and gaming station.

The blue modification can be use either at night or during the day because it is adjustable.

The product isn’t of quality. This is because it isn’t very useful to the larger monitors. Also, it is noisy since it produces clunky sound. Still, it's hard for instance when one wants to set different keys to distinct colors

For the window to function appropriately the keyboard has to be in PC mode. That is, the user is restricted only to one mode.

The keys of this product aren’t well developed, that is, they are not durable. They tend not to work after some time.

  • It has a simple keyboard and enjoyable and can be used in any working space.
  • The keyboard is light weighted and it’s smooth and attractive to the users.
  • It has the ability to set game macros which is quiet helpful.
  • The keyboard is classic in look, hence the competition is higher.
  • The user has been limited to different colors. That is, the colors are available but are not function properly.
  • Window keys are non-functioning, while other functions in short time.
  • This product is noisy because it produces clunky sound.
  • The keyboard modes are restricted thus their window fails to function appropriately.
  • Also there is difficulty on using different modification because the Users are not free to use different keys to distinct colors.

9. Razor BlackWidow Chroma - Best Keyboard for Living Room Gaming

Razer BlackWidow Chroma, Clicky RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 5 Macro Keys - Razer Green Switches


It’s one of the Razor product that has the most awards. It has the real bump together with an appropriately audible click for gaming. You can use it for so long and remains useful to you over all those years. are the only suppliers that ship the product internationally and gives 2-years warranty, which means that in the case of anything you can have a replacement of the same within those years. It has 16.8 M backlit colors and programmable keys.

Its USB of 2.0 is audible and passes through for simple wire routing. Above all, the customer care team are responsible and respond on time.

Sometimes the product can have a manufacturing defect and to get a replacement can be hectic mostly if you are far from the distributor’s headquarters. For example, some of the keys may be put wrong; if it’s a left arrow key, it may face right and vice versa.

A problem may come in when you want to interchange the two buttons and realize that they cannot fit in each other’s position. The information you get before buying the keyboard is very different from reality.

At buying, you are told that in case you realize that the machine has a manufacturer’s problem, you can get another one for free or at a lower price which is not the case when things turn that way.

The manufacturing company will direct you to their website where you can buy any spare part, and there is no price for a new buyer or one who need a replacement.

  • It is a premium model and works very well
  • The manner in which it’s built makes you feel comfortable when using the keyboard
  • The illumination is done in the right manner
  • Its fast
  • Adjustable lighting
  • The labeling of the keys is not done perfectly
  • Its noisy

CM Storm QuickFire TK - Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with CHERRY MX RED Switches and Fully LED Backlit


It has N-key in USB mode which enables the recordings of the wildest key combos. Also, it has a braided cable and cable routing groves, full LED backlight which have three modes and five brightness level brings about visibility while the Numpad block which integrates navigation and commands keys.

Some of this product parts are not long lasting hence devalues the product. For example, LEDs dies within a short period without giving customers the service.

It is not well designed because of it positioning of the plug. That is, it has a right angled plug on it cable thus disadvantages the left-handed user, and it springs in the switches aren’t high enough.

The keyboard lacks to detect by the OS. For it to be effective, the users tend to either plug in or out thus makes it hard to the users to use the product successfully.

  • It has a good and high build quality.
  • It has a good backlit and ten keyless layout which makes it so marketable compared to other products.
  • Works smart to those having a compact mechanical keyboard.
  • It keys has a good lit which it brightness can be smartly adjusted.
  • It is a small, full-size keyboard with devoted arrow.
  • The key font is not well designed
  • The keyboard may or may not be detected by OS. And for it to function the keyboard has to be plugged in and out.
  • It lacks key cap puller which is supposed to be part of it.
  • Its space bar is noisy. That is it rattles when pressed.
  • The keyboard disconnection. That is, it disconnects from the computer thus makes it difficult to work with it.
  • It lacks an FN Temporary Unlock.
  • The keyboard is taller than usual this is because of the placement of port.

Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Backlit RGB LED, Cherry MX Brown


The whole keyboard is programmable and thus allows you to give a macro to any key when using them. Besides, the memory capacity is large enough to handle any performance and gives you a chance to set the lights and anytime.

The anti-ghosting is 100 percent with104 key that can rollover on the USB. It has more than one color array on the backlighting system. The color display system per backlight with endless games customization. The aircraft-grade is very firm as it has an aluminum material.

The 100% Cherry MX gaming machine buttons facilitate to its excellent performance. The mechanical button switches are designed well to allow them to perform excellently. Additionally, the manufacturer has connected each key in the whole keyboard to a macro.

Therefore, you can connect each button to a different backlight at the same time, giving the keyboard an excellent appearance. The company has a very responsive customer service team that can respond to any question very quickly.

Its aluminum material has a very high affinity of dust. Thus, you will have to wipe it now and then. The keyboard doesn’t have a USB pass via making it difficult to use for some purposes. Since, the light is not that bright, during the sunny days it becomes difficult to note when it’s on or off.

  • Replacing the is switches is easy
  • Has similar switches and this makes it easy to use them
  • Has 16. 8 color backlight system that makes it look excellent
  • Has long lasting keyboard
  • Comfortable when using
  • Made of aluminum material that gives it a fantastic feel when typing
  • Using the keys mostly in music is difficult
  • Doesn’t has the audio ports, which are common in most keyboards
  • The software is confusing at some points mostly if you want another services apart from the default light settings.

12. SteelSeries Apex - Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard


It’s a product which has sleek lines and style, and it aims at giving you a quality service. It has about 22 macro keys, and each can maintain around four layers.

In addition, it has an active lighting zone which is changed roughly on a 5 color zone for styles and functions. Each macro layers have recognizable colors which will enable you to locate keys easily.

It also has emerged USB hub, braided nylon cable, and media keys. This product has the following features, the superior design, brilliant illumination, and a fastest key combination. Additionally, it has an independent media and volume keys that enable you to access media control or disable window key.

These features help you to disable or enable the window key without using the complicated menu or system requirements such as PC with 1 USB port, and Windows XP and Vista for it to be a complete product, plug, play, win and layer select buttons.

The keyboard doesn’t function smart, which is a great bother to us since it's a problem within itself.

It bottoms side is lengthy, and this makes it not comfortable, and also its buttons are noisy when pressed. Moreover, the software is not a detective. This is because it can't detect changes made in the colors of keys made.

  • The keyboard itself is quiet, smart and provides feedback compared to other keyboards.
  • The keyboard LEDs contains a lot of colors hence users are not restricted thus can use distinct colors to different keys.
  • Also macros are plenty.
  • The keyboard isn’t functional to all USB thus tends to turn off and when it allows the USB it blur out some of its LEDs on the keyboard.
  • To the gamers macros aren’t enough because the software lacks downloadable game macro templates.
  • The keyboard as well seem to be slightly sticky while in use.

13. Logitech RGB G810 - Best Small Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Easy-Access Media Control, Backlit Multicolor LED, Romer-G Mechanical Key Switches


It delivers a clear experience and it switch gives an important feedback. To modify RGB lighting and macro keys of Logitech gaming you can use software.

The space bar of Logitech RGB G810 product lacks the quality because it’s loose, rattles and also makes a loud clicking sound when it’s regularly pressed with a lot of pressure while typing. Besides, the mechanism that was used to stabilize this space bar was poorly chosen, and it degrades the product.

Also, this product keys don’t produce colors correctly and for it lighting characteristics to frequently not to shows a shift of spectrum of colors software need to be installed.

The Logitech product keys some don’t function well that is, for them to work one needs to long press for some seconds so as it to sends a signal to the computer to record.

Also, this keyboard produces a lot of noise which one can’t tolerate for a while. It makes a loud sound when tapped or when its switches are being opened.

This keyboard also doesn’t have lasting and reliable memory to keep the igniting profiles, and this forces one to have a Logitech gaming software to serve instead. This software causes the keyboard to show unpleasant rainbow-like design.

  • Logitech works smart to the users who types a lot.
  • Its keys are neatly arranged.
  • It’s of high and good quality
  • Has wonderful software and increases media control.
  • Has high qualities that favors users.
  • It has a superb illumination across the board.
  • It’s lowly designed.
  • Its performance is smart.
  • It’s the greatest requalified keyboard ever.
  • They are not good because they lack perceptible response and also they have a softer sensation.
  • It lacks some vital characteristics that disqualifies it to be among the best recommended product.
  • It software apparatuses are unclear.

Gaming Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

How Keyboard Works

You can press on keys that contain letters to code signals to the machine. When you press a single key with any letter, the pressed letter is sent to a computer. While you press the same key for a long time, the same letter is repeated over and over. You can try it to prove.

Membrane Keys

When selecting the right mechanical keyboard to use, you can consider using chicklet keyboards. This is because all are the same. Membrane keys pass through a plastic layer connected to an electrical wire. Also, it contains a hole next to a second layer which informs a circuit to code a stroke whenever there is confusion.

Mechanical Switches

A mechanical keyboard is always loaded with spring switch underneath it. Therefore, this springs depending on the category, they require either less force or more force. According to the response you as a typist you will get to know when you have pressed the wrong key. Mechanical keyboard plays a significant role to you as a typist by enabling you to increase speed and work accurately. Besides, there are fewer chances of stroke, and you can type very fast.

Mechanicals Rate Higher

There are many factors to consider when rating a mechanical. One of the most effective factors is the price. They can have a big difference on the price, but the quality of work is just the same. Therefore, it’s advisable to always consider the cost of a mechanical switch before getting it from the shop.

Different types of Gaming Keyboard

  • Mechanical

  • Wireless

This kind of gaming keyboard will use real switches that are beneath the keys to inform you when you press the keys. Once you press down the key, the switch moves too, and a signal is sent to the PC to shows what you have done. 

FAQ: Gaming Keypads vs. Gaming keyboards

  • keypads
  • keyboards

These are small and supportive keyboards that are made for gaming only. They have fewer original keys from the regular keyboards. The keys are arranged in a manner allowing your game quickly. Their WASD layout position is active.


There are new gaming keyboards that are in the 2018 market. Ranging from the mechanical to wireless model a gamer can’t lack one to use while at home.

All of them have different features that make them fit you for whichever purpose you want them for.

The keypads are more comfortable than keyboards because of their space between the keys. We have 13 best keyboards of 2018 in this article, and all of them are quality gaming keyboards.

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