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Download WhatsApp for PC without Bluestacks

Are you looking to download WhatsApp for PC without Bluestack? If so, please read on!
There are many messaging platforms that exist today.

These messaging platforms are well known to be efficient on your PCs, like this is the case for WhatsApp for PC. And with communication being the biggest need for society, WhatsApp has become incredibly popular. And you know what ?

Just by the use of an emulator, you’ll easily install WhatsApp on your computer.
But recently, WhatsApp released a new feature called WhatsApp Web Client. WhatsApp Web Client is a feature that allows you to use WhatsApp through your web browser.

For everyone that uses WhatsApp on their smartphone, this is great news.  This means that there is now an official way to install WhatsApp on PC.

Download Whatsapp APK File

One WhatsApp spokesperson said, “with the Web Client feature of WhatsApp Web, we hope to bridge the gap between phone and computer communication”.

This is the reason why we’ll tell everything you need to know to install WhatsApp for PC download without BlueStacks.

Update July 2018: We present here the desktop version of Whatsapp. You can download it here: Whatsapp for Desktop (Windows,Mac,Linux)

Prerequisites To Install Whatsapp on PC Without Bluestacks

WhatsApp Web is a step closer to have WhatsApp Messenger application officially available for all and any devices. However, to use WhatsApp Web Client to download WhatsApp for PC, you must make sure that certain requirements are met. Here we go :

  1. You must have an active WhatsApp account and the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone
  2. Both your phone and computer need connection to the internet.
  3. You must use the most up to date version of your computer’s web browser. Different web browsers are: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera.

Use Whatsapp On Your PC

If your computer and phone meet all the above requirements, you’ll be able to use the WhatsApp Web Client feature.

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For now, let’s take a look at how to setup and use this great feature to install WhatsApp on PC.

How to Setup and Use WhatsApp Web Client With iPhone

So now, both your computer and iPhone are ready to use WhatsApp Web Client. But how do you set up WhatsApp Web on your PC?

The answer is really easy. To set up WhatsApp Web, follow the following steps:

1 – On your computer, use one web browser and go on this site. You’ll end up on the WhatsApp official website of the WhatsApp Web Client feature.

2 – Now, open the WhatsApp application installed on your iPhone

3- Go to the settings tab and select WhatsApp Web. This will open up a QR code scanner feature.

4 – Use the scanner to scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen (from step 1)

5- Once the code is processed, the Web Client will appear on your computer screen.

6- You should have now full access to WhatsApp for computer.

Congratulations, you just succeeded to install WhatsApp on PC (Windows)! And you’ll need to process these steps just one time. From now on, you can access WhatsApp for PC whenever you want.

Regarding the features of the Web Client, it’ll keep you logged in to WhatsApp on your PC until you it log out. Besides, this feature syncs permanently with your iPhone so that your messages will appear on both devices.

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With WhatsApp Web Client, you’ll find no difference between this process and the WhatsApp smartphone app. Indeed, WhatsApp Web allows you to access the same interface and functions than on WhatsApp for iPhone.

How to Enable and Configure Desktop Alerts

When you use the Web Client feature to access to WhatsApp Web, you can change certain settings. Specifically, the desktop alert settings.

So, if you want to enable desktop notifications, follow what comes next:

1 – Look for the blue banner under your WhatsApp profile picture and select “turn on desktop notifications”.

2- The Web Client will ask to access to desktop notifications, choose “Allow

To configure your desktop notifications:

  1. Select the 3 dot menu icon (you find it by your profile picture)

  1. An options list appears in a drop-down menu, choose “notifications”

3 – Here you can select or deselect both the “desktop alerts” and “sounds” options. You can also enable or disable notifications completely.

Also, you should remember that sync WhatsApp Web Client syncs with WhatsApp on your iPhone. It means that all the changes that you make on the Web Client will also change on your iPhone.

For example, when you mute a conversation on the Web Client, you also mute the conversation on your iPhone. You can also log in and out of the Web Client using WhatsApp Web on your iPhone.

To know more about how to use Whatsapp on PC, check this article on

WhatsApp Web Client on Your PC

Today, you see that there is an official version of WhatsApp available for computers. And once you’ll begin to use WhatsApp Web to download WhatsApp for PC, you’ll be happy with all the convenience it provides.

Start using WhatsApp for PC FREE now!

WhatsApp 64-bit version


WhatsApp 32-bit version

So start to enjoy WhatsApp on PC and let us know what you think.

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