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Top 15+ Websites to Download Anime For Free

Top 15+ Websites to Download Anime For Free

Are you looking for the best place to watch anime online? Or maybe you wonder which site is the best to watch these cartoons for free?

If I got your attention, then you are in the right place. Whether you’re looking for all seasons of Dragon ball or just one episode of Naruto, we got you covered. Since the anime audience is so big and so wide spread, there grew a need for streaming sites.

And when it comes to streaming sites, the best ones are free streaming websites. So which site is the best? Which is safe? How do I stream cartoons for free?

Feast your eyes on this list, and get ready to learn where you can watch cartoons online for free.

Top 15 Websites to Download Anime For Free

1. GoGoAnime

This is one of the best sites to watch anime for free. On this site you can stream anime series and anime movies. GoGoAnime is streaming free anime cartoons in all countries.

The cartoons are embedded, so there is no need to go to a third party site. All you have to do is choose your anime and stream it for free.

You can watch anime videos in HD and some are dubbed in English, so you don’t have to use subtitles. So if you want to watch free anime online, GoGoAnime is your destination. Large anime library and good quality.

2. Animefreak

Animefreak is just a great sit to stream or download anime for free. On this site you can stream and download anime videos for free, without registration. The site is well organized, the anime videos are in various categories. You can search by title or by a category.

This site doesn’t keep any of the content on their servers. This means that every anime video you stream for free is on an external source.

So have patience if a video won’t start, it’s usually not up to Animefreak. This is a great place for all anime lovers to watch free cartons online.

3. Anime Crazy

Anime crazy is a powerful site to stream anime videos online for free. It offers loads of content, and all free cartoons are in good quality. Popup windows are a bit annoying, but you can install an ad blocker.

Other than this, everything runs ok, the movies are dubbed mostly. Those anime cartoons that are not dubbed have subtitles.  So if you are looking to watch anime online for free, Anime crazy is going to be in your bookmarks.

As many other sites, Anime crazy streams third party material. So they are not responsible if anything is wrong with online cartoons.

4. AnimeSeason

This is a great site to stream free anime cartoons online. AnimeSeason offers a wide array of cartoons and anime series to stream online for free. AnimeSeason embeds third party material, so don’t get angry if a video doesn’t work. The site design is smart and elegant. Everything is in its place, everything is logical. All the anime series are dubbed or have subtitles.

Many cartoons websites don’t offer a lot of information about their content. AnimeSeason offers full description of free cartoons you can watch. This way you can be sure that you choose the right episode when you pick a cartoon to stream online.

5. AnimeHere

Anime here is a modern, stylish and elegant anime website. This is maybe the best site to watch anime online for free. There is a lot of free anime material, everything is dubbed or have subtitles.

All the free cartoons are organized by categories, there’s also a search bar. This site doesn’t require login or sign up, every anime you stream is free. So in order to stream anime cartoons online for free, you don’t need an account.

You can make a free account if you want to keep track what episode you watched last time.

6. Narutoget

If you are Naruto fan then this is a perfect anime website for you. Here you can find all the episodes of your favorite anime and stream it for free. All the cartoons are free to stream online and categorized systematically.

Narutoget gives you the freedom to watch full episodes and you don’t have to login or register to stream anime. The site is very clean and doesn’t have a lot of popup windows.

This is good if you don’t have the patience for annoying ads, or you don’t have an ad blocker.

7. Anime nova

One of the best anime websites online. Anime nova offers vide array of anime cartoons to stream online for free. All the cartoons are well organized, the site design is elegant and user friendly.

If you’re looking for a way to watch free cartoons online, then this is one of the best solutions. Great offer of free cartoons to stream online.

The site covers all the main genres. The website offers subtitles and dubbed versions of anime.

8. Anime joy

Anime joy is a great free anime streaming website. This site allows you to watch free anime online without registration.

Also, if you want to watch free cartoons online on this site, you don’t need to provide any additional information. So just pick your genre, series or movie and enjoy free anime online.

If you have ad blocker, you won’t have any troubles passing by ads. The site offers hi quality anime video, dubbed and with subtitles.

9. Anime show

Anime show lets users watch anime online for free. Whether you want to watch movies or anime series, this is one of the best websites for free online cartoons.

The site is well designed, it has a large library, all the content is on third party servers, so keep that in mind. Most of cartoon websites use third party servers to stream cartoons online.

So if you’re an anime fan and you want to watch free cartoons online, this is your place. Watch free cartoons and free anime series online with Anime show.

10. Soul anime

When it comes to free anime sites, Soul anime is among the best free anime series and movies streaming websites. Great organization of content, modern design, updated data base.

Soul anime has everything you need to watch free cartoons online. It offers great choice, the service is ok and all the cartoons are embedded third party videos.

There aren’t many ads, so you don’t need ad blocker to stream cartoons online. Indeed, one of the best cartoon websites.

11. Watch Anime

One of the most fun free cartoons streaming websites. The site offers a lot of third party content which allows you to watch cartoons online for free. All your favorite anime are on this one site.

The website streams anime series for free, it requires no additional fees. There are some popup ads, but you can handle that by installing an ad block plugin.

The website offers most of the known genres of anime cartoons, free to stream online.

12. Chia-anime

One of the best organized cartoon streaming sites. Chia-anime offers free anime series and full cartoons for free. No limit to number of streaming cartoon episodes.

All the cartoons on this website are dubbed or have subtitles. There is no need for registration in order to watch free cartoons online. In order to stream cartoons online, this website uses third party cartoon streaming sites.

This means that Chia-anime doesn’t answer for anything that happens to free cartoons here.

13. Ryu Anime

This site offers over 2000 anime series. One of the finest anime streaming sites you can find online. This site offers unlimited access to free online cartoons.

All the cartoons have subtitles and are dubbed to English. This means that you don’t have to be from Japan in order to watch and enjoy these cartoons online. The site design is simple but functional and user friendly.

All the free anime series are embedded third party content. Also, there aren’t many popups, so you don’t need an ad blocker.

14. Anilinkz

This is one of the most visited free cartoon websites. It offers a great array of anime, lots of categories and has a user friendly interface.

All the free cartoons you can stream online are third party content. There are not too much ads, but still we recommend ad blocker if you want to fully enjoy free anime series online.

Most of the free cartoons are dubbed or have subtitles in English, this way more people outside Japan could watch and understand.

15. Anime-planet

This is the last but one of the best sites to stream cartoons online. With its great design and user friendly interface, this is one of the best cartoon streaming sites.

The site has a large library of free cartoons and free anime series. As most anime sites, this one offers dubbed and have subtitles content. There are some ads, but nothing that ad block plug in won’t handle.

It’s a great place to watch free anime cartoons online. No need to register or login and no additional fees required.


Anime culture is growing large all over the world and its audience includes people of all ages. There are no age limitations to good taste, that’s all. That’s why anime websites are growing larger in numbers every day.

This list is supposed to help you find your favorite anime episode or movie. Also you can use this list and compare it with other lists, or one you made.  You can share this article with someone you know, someone who also loves anime.  Finding a good anime streaming site is never an easy job.

But if you thing that some of these sites don’t deserve to be on this list, please write us in the comments. Also, write your favorites. Tell us, what is your favorite website to stream anime for free?

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