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3 Ways To Take Screenshot on PC

Nowadays, the majority of people know how to take screenshot on PC. However, since not everyone use the same windows, there are many ways of how you can take it.

Screenshots have become a significant part of the Internet for many reasons. Whether to have fun with your friends and post screenshots of your conversations, or to share something else. What people usually share are perhaps some bragging about a game, or a tech problem they have on their PC or laptop.

Throughout this post, we’ll demonstrate different ways of making screenshots, and hopefully it’ll come useful to you guys.

How To Take Screenshots On Windows PC

If you want to take screenshots on PC, today there are many ways to do so.

If you are a couple generations older than today’s young adolescents, this may come handy to you. And we’re telling you this, because they are prolific nowadays in sharing anything on social media. As social media has evolved so much, that a regular user of any won’t have trouble with doing so.

So, there are 3 exploited ways of taking screenshots.

  • One is with paint, a utility of Microfost Windows we’re all familiar with.
  • Then you have snipping tool, interestingly another feature that comes with Windows. Which is not as common as the previous one.
  • And lastly, since technology has evolved so much, there’s plenty of softwares that helps you to take screenshots on PC. Of course, we’ll go through few of them later on.

Screenshot On PC Using Keystrokes

So, when you look at your keyboard, you see all those keys that aren’t letters nor digits.

They have given functions, and their purpose is actually to give you shortcuts for many processes you use regularly.

  1. To take screenshots on PC this way, you need to press the key PrntScr so you would capture the entire screen. But, you won’t be notified that a screenshot’s been taken, and it’ll be saved as .png format at your clipboard.
  2. Should you choose to take a screenshot of active windows, a procedure is only a bit different. Here, you need to press both Alt and PrntScr simultaneously, and the format of your capture will be the same.
  3. Paint time!  Once you’ve done that, it’s time to open paint, a program many of us used when Windows weren’t as developed. The program is used for editing images, and playing with it’s graphics.
  4. So when you open paint, assuming of course you’ve taken a screenshot already, you need to do following; Press CTRL and V key simultaneously, otherwise know as PASTE function.

That way, the screenshot you took will appear on paint, and be there for you to play with it. You can crop the captured shot, change it’s format or change the size of it.

Additionally, if you’re a user of Windows 8 or 10, you take a screenshot a bit differently. There you need to press the Windows key and PrntScr simultaneously. Which is useful when you want to need every piece of information from your screen.

Screenshot On PC With Snipping Tool

As previously mentioned, snipping tool is another feature of Microsoft Windows. But it’s popularity and usage has improved only since Windows 8 made an appearance.

What’s most interesting about it, is that is a totally simplified tool. You can use it very easily, and it has limited options.

However, when it comes to taking screenshots, it will be very useful to you. It offers you 4 options, or let’s say, 4 different ways of snipping. You’ve got a Free-form snip, Rectangular snip, Window snip and Full-screen snip.

So when you open the tool, and you’ve chosen which snipping you want, choose what you want to snip. There is an option for you then to change windows by pressing Ctrl and Tab simultaneously.

Once you’ve finished editing, you can choose in which format you prefer your image saved. 

Screenshot On PC With Softwares

So, we’ve been through preloaded Windows tools you have for taking screenshots.

Presumably, you aren’t a type of person who likes to spend much time while working on captures. And you don’t care how you take screenshots on PC. If so, preloaded Windows tools are all you need.

However, if that’s not the case, we’re very glad that you’re reading this. Because it’s time to get you familiarized with some of the best softwares you can use to make them.

The good thing about them is that they give you more options when it comes to editing. They give you more control and flexibility with screenshots you make.

Below, you’ll see a list of ones that may be very useful if you’d like to take screenshots on PC. Plainly said, software take screenshotting to the next level.

  1. Snipaste

Snipaste is a portmanteau made of words snip and paste. However, still a program which enables you to take screenshots on PC.

It’s a software that has a multipurpose screen. There you can paste a screenshot, and then you can do editing of whole capture or of your prefered selection.

Naturally, it has many other options. You can choose to edit, annotate, or simply paste it back to your desktop as a floating image window. The software comes with a magnifier, which can be very handy to you.

Moreover, there is color picker, with which you can edit your capture additionally. Also, there is the image editor, which offers you few options more.

With it you can edit shapes, put markers, edit text and play with blur effects. Lastly, your snipped content can be pasted to your desktop, or be as click-through windows.

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  1. PicPick

PicPick os another among the best software if you’re to take screenshot on PC.

Very simple for using, both for capturing images and editing them. Obviously, it allows you to choose whether you want to capture the whole screen, or just a part of it.

However, to make it more interesting for you, it offers you nice options. Such as a pixel ruler, contractor and crosshairs, only so you’d have better experience while using it.

It has an integrated editor, which allows you to add text annotations, shapes and arrows. Also, to do advanced edits to your captures.

What’s nice about it is that you can directly share the capturing to social media. In addition, it’s a portable program. Meaning, no need for installation, just have it in a flash drive, and you’ll be able to use it anywhere.

  1. TinyTake

TinyTake is a Mangoapps’ program, with very diverse options. It offers you screencaping, video recording and manipulation of images. What’s different about this one is that besides taking screenshots, you can capture a still with help of a webcam.

Moreover, with it’s editor you can edit images and add special effects, arrows, texts and shapes. Furthermore, you can use it just for editing files already stored on your storage.

Consequently, you can store your screenshots in online cloud, with easy access to it and easy sharing of captures.

With free version, you’ll have storage room for 5 minute length of video capturing, and 2GB online storage cap. One of the rare softwares that offers you online storage with freemium version.

  1. LightScreen

LightScreen is another excellent software you can use to take screenshots on PC.

One of the best software there is, because of it’s versatility. This one comes both as an application and a portable installation. Naturally, with it you can capture the whole screen or just a selected part of it. Similarly to others, it comes with a set of options.

This one, however, has an option of naming sets of screenshots. It’ll be helpful if you make screenshots on PC often, as you’ll be able to sort them easily. Also, you can automatically upload your captures to Imgur. In conclusion, if you’re in need of a simple software without any extras, this one is made for you.

  1. Screenpresso

Lastly, LightScreen is a software that you can either install or use as a portable program.

With it’s simple using tools it’s very liked among users. Shortcuts or drop-down menu allows you to capture either images or video recordings easily.

Moreover, it has a magnifying tool which allows you to select what you’d like to capture perfectly. This software of course has all options other programs used for taking screenshots on PC have.

Whether it’s editing an image, adding shapes, arrows, text or annotations, it has it all. All in all, one of the best software if you want to take screenshots on PC.


Hopefully, we’ve told you about some new ways of how to take screenshots on PC.

Nevermind which Windows you use, all of these afore-mentioned will work perfectly fine on your system. Whether you opt for softwares, or Microsoft preloaded tools, you won’t make a mistake either way.

However, if you like to edit your captures more, or to play with tools, softwares are what you want. And, on the contrary, if you only need to take a screenshot on PC, Windows preloaded tools will satisfy your needs.

Finally, if after having read this you still have a problem with your screenshots, just ask someone younger near you. They’ll know how to help you.

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