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2 Easy Methods to Clean Your Earbuds - Place4Tech

How To Clean Your Earburds ?

It doesn’t matter whether you use them during a workout or for blocking out noise, earbuds DO get dirty. Andif you don’t pay attention, this dirt might also lead to ear infections. It means regular cleaning is necessary.

Here are two simple methods of doing just that.

Method 1: Dry Scrubbing

This method is useful if your ear-buddy isn’t that dirty. It won’t take much time and more importantly, will leave your earbud as clean as a whistle.

Unplug it from the connected device

Although the cleanliness of your earbud is important, so is the health of the device to which it is connected. Hence, to be doubly careful, better unplug them.

​​​​Get an unused toothbrush

For cleaning purposes, toothbrushes which have nylon bristles are the best. Nylon doesn’t attract static electricity, meaning the internal workings of your earbuds will remain safe if you use nylon bristles.

Scrub the earbuds

Never scrub too hard, for doing so will push the debris further into the earbud, making it impossible to get it out. Rather, in circular motions, brush away the debris without applying too much pressure.

Method 2: Water and Soap

The previous method dealt with cleaning earbuds from the outside. This one, however, will show you how to clean their outer side.

If you are dealing with earbuds regularly, check our list of best wireless earbuds to search great earbud. In such a scenario, dry scrubbing won’t work, meaning you have to try something else.

That something else involves the mixture of water and soap.

And since water is at play here, I found it pertinent to mention that you SHOULD unplug the earbuds from the listening device.

Prepare a mild soap solution

Don’t try to make it too concentrated. Rather, go for a ratio of 90:10 in favor of water. If you use too much soap, not only you might damage the inner components, but you could also end up forming a difficult-to-remove slick residue in the earbuds. Hence, before going to the next step, stir the soap to make the mixture as homogenous as possible

Get out a wet washcloth

The washcloth shouldn’t be too smooth, for such a cloth would absorb too much water to the detriment of the earbuds. Once you get it, dip the washcloth in the solution you have just made.

Clean the outside, first

While cleaning the outer side, pay particular attention to the area which connects to your ear. It is where debris is. Also, never take the wet washcloth near the earbud’s opening as water can irreparably harm the earbuds.

Dry the earbuds

Take a cle an, dry towel and press the earbuds into it for as long as possible. Only take the earbuds out once you are sure that no water is remaining. Afterward, take them in front of a fan for thorough drying. If your home has air conditioning, better clean the earbuds using them.

One mistake which people make at this step is trying to clean their earbuds using a hair dryer. Doing this can result in the melting of metal wires, hence damaging your headphone beyond repair.

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