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Best Wireless Routers 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Wireless Routers 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you currently on the search for a wireless router? If you are, you’ve probably already come across many different choices. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right Wi-Fi router because testing them out first isn’t always possible. This can lead you to wonder:

How do I find a good wireless router?

This review will list the best wireless routers of 2018. These top ten routers will each have their own reviews to help you find which is best for you. Keep reading to find out more about them.


Best Wireless Routers 2018

Below are comparison tables of the best routers. These wireless routers are all different and each have their own features. Unfortunately though, it can be difficult to find the right one because the market offers so many wifi-routers. Here is a list of the top 10 best WiFi routers of 2018.
Product NamesWeightDimensionsColor 
TP-Link AD72004 lbs.9 x 9 x 1.7 inchesBlack Check Price
Google Wifi system11.8 oz4.2 x 4.2 x 2.7 inchesWhite Check Price
ASUS RT-AC88U2.6 lbs.30 x 6.5 x 18.8 inchesBlack/Red Check Price
NETGEAR Nighthawk AC19003.5 lbs.13.7 x 10.1 x 3.1 inchesBlack Check Price
D-Link AC32002.5 lbs.9.8 x 15 x 4 inchesRed/Black Check Price
NETGEAR Nighthawk X10-AD72004.1 lbs.8.8 x 6.6 x 2.9 inchesBlack Check Price
Amped Wireless ATHENA2.6 lbs.13 x 10.3 x 3.3 inchesBlack Check Price
Linksys AC19001.8 lbs.9.8 x 7.7 x 2 inchesBlue/Black Check Price
TP-Link Archer C71.9 lbs.6.4 x 9.6 x 1.3 inchesBlack Check Price
Apple AirPort Extreme2.1 lbs.3.9 x 3.9 x 6.6 inchesWhite Check Price

All of these wireless routers have different features and functions. They come in multiple color choices and each have their own speeds and security capabilities. While you can read about them, it can be difficult to find out specific details about them and how they each add up against each other. Many come with different technology features, like MU-MIMO and Beamforming. You’ll also find that they have different bandwidth.

These different bandwidth can greatly impact your Wi-Fi’s speed and coverage. Another thing is the antennas types of each router. Something else you will notice is the type of router. Some wireless devices are good for the home while others are ideal for gaming. Before you become overwhelmed in your search for a wireless model, keep reading this review. It will highlight each of these wireless routers in detail and help you better understand what you should look for in one.

​Below are 10 wireless router reviews with products that you should consider. Keep reading to learn more about their design, features, and other functions with these reviews. 

1. TP-Link AD7200 - Best Value, Best for Larger Homes


This product features a unique design. It has over 8 antennas which border the edge of the router’s body. There is also one internal antenna. It is covered in a black casing and features indicator lights on the front of it. One the back you’ll find ports for USB cords and other cables.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

This wireless model offers parental controls that you can use to help you monitor you devices. These parental controls will let you set timers so the devices will power off when the specific time is hit. Also, you can deny access to certain sites and monitor which sites are being visited frequently.

You can also create a guest network with this wireless model. This security feature will help to keep your guests from accessing your personal documents. However, it will still provide them with Wi-Fi access. This will help to keep your network and data secure.

This model in our reviews uses WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption features to help better keep your network secure from attackers.

You can monitor your network with the special TP-Link Tether app. This will give you access to your wireless model to help make sure it stays secure. You can monitor who is on your network as well as the current Wi-Fi functions. You can use this app with iOS or Android devices.


This model offers many features for you to use. One feature is the beam-steering technology incorporated into it. This technology is created to help direct the Wi-Fi around possible obstacles it might encounter when trying to connect to your device. It also uses MU-MIMO technology which allows multiple users to use this router without problems.

As mentioned above, this wireless model features 8 antennas. Seven of these antennas are external and one is internal. This model also offer up to 32 MB of flash memory.

Another feature that comes with this model is the ability for offline downloads. You don’t have to be connected to an online source in order to download and access documents.


Installation for this model can be done with a setup that will appear on your device’s screen. You can then follow the easy step-by-step instructions to properly install your wireless router. If you have questions or need further help, you can use the user’s manual or check out the brand’s website to answer whatever questions you might have. Overall though, it has a very easy installation process.


The performance of this wireless router is ideal in many ways. It is a tri-band wireless router which means that your device can connect to one of three available bands. These bands are 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 60 GHz. This amount will help connect your device to the right band so it runs faster and without delays. The Wi-Fi speeds of this wireless router can go up to 7200 Mbps. This router also has a dual-core CPU which helps provide you a better Internet connection.

​This product comes with a Quality of Service that uses Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM). This will help to improve the QoS so your wireless router runs well. Many gaming reviews have stated how they are impressed by this QoS service.

  • It is a quick wireless model which will help you instantly stream videos and movies on your devices.
  • It’s a good wireless router for online gaming. Many reviews have highlighted this fact.
  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) server comes with this wireless router. You can use it to easily access your VPN network.
  • This router comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Sometimes this product can be a little slow.
  • It is a more expensive wireless model compared to others.

​This is a powerful wireless model that offers many features. Its antennas and tri-bands will help your devices connect to Wi-Fi faster and stay connected without problems. This model also incorporates the latest technology to ensure that your router is up to date. Many reviews of this model indicate that many enjoy this technology. If you enjoy gaming, this is also good for it due to its powerful speeds and memory. This wireless router is ideal for those who would like a powerful model that runs quickly.

2. Google Wifi System - Best Range Mesh Network Based Wireless Model

2. Google Wifi system- A Mesh Network Based Wireless Model
TP-Link AD7200- A Powerful Wireless Router


This Wi-Fi system includes 3 white WiFi routers. However, you can buy 1-3 depending on the amount of Wi-Fi service that you need. One router is ideal for a small area as it can cover up to 500-1,500 square feet. Two routers will work for medium size places as they cover up to 1,500-3,000 square feet. If you have a large area that need sufficient Wi-Fi coverage, all 3 are ideal. Three of these models can reach an area of 3,000-4,500 square feet.

They are made with a compact design so they don’t take up much space. It features WAN and LAN ports on the back of it.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

Google Wi-Fi offers many important and crucial security features. One security feature is that it uses stateful firewall. This type of firewall works to monitor what connections are currently trying to access your network. It makes sure that only the connections you authorize are using your Wi-Fi and network. This firewall will help to prevent attacks from occurring to your computer’s system.

This wireless model also has WPA2. WPA2 is the latest encryption technology which works to help best protect your computer from modern technological attacks. This encryption type will help to ensure that only people with the right passphrase will access your network.

Another security feature is a Transport Layer Security (TLS) one. This will help to protect any message you send from your device to the server. This will add an extra layer of privacy for you.


This system comes with Network Assist Technology. This technology helps this system to find the quickest and clearest route to your device. This feature will help your device connect quickly to Wi-Fi without you having to reset this product.

This wireless model will automatically connect you to the right band for your device. As it is a dual band model, it will connect your device to either a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band. It will determine which one is best for your device depending on how your device is working and where you device is located.

One of the most helpful features of this wireless model is that it is compatible with almost all Internet services providers. This is helpful as you don’t need to change your provider for this to work properly.

It uses an expandable mesh networking to help your Wi-Fi run quicker. It will create points throughout your location to help the Wi-Fi connect quickly to your device. This will help to ensure that you constantly have Wi-Fi access no matter where you move around in the location.

This product also comes with a TX beam forming technology feature. This beam forming technology will help the Wi-Fi signal to travel quickly to your device regardless of where it is in your location.


The installation process of this model can be a little more in-depth compared to other models. To install this product you need to first find the spot that you would like to keep it at. After you do, you can plug it in. You then need to download the Google Wi-Fi app which will help lead you through the rest of the installation steps. These include creating a Wi-Fi password and setting up any other Wi-Fi points.


Altogether, these three WiFi routers can reach an area of up to 4,500 square feet. This means almost all of your devices will be instantly reached by it. It also uses dual-band Wi-Fi with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. These bands will help to give you more Wi-Fi access.

  • Many reviews of this model indicate that the setup process is quick.
  • It comes with a special app that you can use to control all your devices.
  • This app also has parental controls.
  • The mesh networking works very well.
  • You need to create a Google account in order for this wireless WiFi router to run. Besides this, you also need to use certain devices in order for it to run properly.
  • There aren’t many customization features.
  • There are no USB ports.

​This 3 set wireless WiFi router helps to reach many areas with its wide coverage. It uses some basic technology to help keep it up to date and running smoothly. While it might not be the most advanced wireless WiFi router out there, it is still has some great features. This is a good choice for those who want a simple wireless router that has a good Wi-Fi range.

3. ASUS RT-AC88U – Best Router For Gaming


This model is created to have a very modern and sleek design. It features a black covering with red highlights on its antennas. Speaking of antennas, this router has four of them. These antennas have been designed to be detachable.

The front of this model has indicator lights on it. This will help you to better see the current status of Internet features like Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The back of this wireless router has many ports on the back of it which you can connect any needed cables to.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

One of the most advanced features of this model is its security. This product uses ASUS AiProtection with Trend MicroTM. This security system will help to keep you safe when you’re online by blocking harmful sites and possible attacks from occurring. AiProtection will help to make sure you have a powerful password and other features to ensure you’re safe online.

AiProtection also helps you set parental controls. If you want to set a time limit or block certain sites, you can do so with it.

Besides security, this wireless WiFi router contains a user-friendly interface. The ASUSWRT User Interface helps you with this WiFi router’s 3-step installation process. This way you don’t have worry about whether you are setting this WiFi router up correctly or not.


One feature that this wireless WiFi router has is Smart Connect. Smart Connect will help to find the best band for your device. This way your device will be running as quickly as possible without interruptions.

This wireless WiFi router also features 8 LAN ports. These ports can be connected to Ethernet cables which makes it a great feature for gamers.

This WiFirouter also uses MU-MIMO technology. This technology helps this router to run at faster speeds so your device’s Wi-Fi can work the best that it can.

If you enjoy gaming, this model can quickly run 4K video and images. It is able to run such high-quality images thanks to the NitroQAM technology built into it. This technology helps to display HD images with speeds as fast as 3,167 Mbps.


The installation process of this product is easy thanks to the ASUSWRT User Interface. This installation includes 3 steps which practically works by themselves.


This model uses a 1.4 GHz dual core processor. It can go up to speeds as fast as 3,167 Mbps. This fast performance is also thanks to the MU-MIMO technology, which is mentioned above.  This performance helps make it a good wireless WiFi router for gaming.

​This WiFirouter is built with an Adaptive Quality of Service (QoS). This will help you to immediately direct Wi-Fi to your gaming experience. This way your games will run faster and won’t slow down due to someone else using a lot of the Wi-Fi.

  • It comes with a WTFast Game Accelerator. There are many positive reviews about this feature.
  • This WiFirouter includes a power adapter, RJ-45 cable, a warranty card, and a user’s manual.
  • It comes with an app. This app, called the ASUS Router App, will help you keep constant track of how your Wi-Fi is working. It also has parental controls that you can use.
  • This router comes with a 2 yr. warranty.
  • This is a pretty advanced model. It’s not for those who are buying their first router or just want a basic one.
  • Sometimes the 5 GHz band doesn’t work as well as it should.
  • The firmware upgrades don’t always work the best.

​This uniquely designed model features four detachable antennas and many LAN ports. It runs at quick speeds and uses the latest technology to help your devices run faster. Because of this features, it is an ideal wireless router to use for online gaming.

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 - Best Router for Streaming


This dual-band router’s body is created with a sleek black design. The back of this product features three detachable antennas. The front of this model has indicator lights so you can see things such as the current power setting and Wi-Fi speed. There is also a USB port in the front that you can use.

The back has 4 LAN ports which you can use to connect other cables like Ethernet. The power switches are also located on the back.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

This product offers many security features. One is parental controls. You can set the controls so that certain devices have time limits. You can also use them to restrict access to certain sites.

There is also a guest network security ability with this model. You can create a guest network so that guests can access the Internet, but not your documents.

Also, to add extra security to your WiFi router, it sues WPA and WPA2 encryption. These will help to better secure your WiFi router and help to prevent potential attacks. It also has a double firewall protection built into it. These firewalls are SPI and NAT. There is also a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Prevention built into this router as well for security.

This product has a user-friendly interface. This helps to ensure you won’t be overly confused when trying to use it.


This wireless WiFimodel comes with NETGEAR Genie. This feature helps to give you access in remote areas where Wi-Fi might not be available. NETGEAR Genie also lets you monitor any guest networks that you might have.

This product also uses beamforming technology. This technology helps with streaming videos and gives you a better Wi-Fi range. It will work to have the Wi-Fi go directly to your device. This beamforming technology helps to prevent it from taking too much time to reach your device.

There is also a Push ‘N’ Connect feature which you can use to instantly connect to a certain Wi-Fi connection. Also, this WiFi router has a special Wi-Fi on and off feature. This way you can turn the Wi-Fi either on or off when needed. 

There is also a special cloud service that this model provides. The ReadyCLOUD USB Access is simple to use and you can use it with your USB device. It will store important documents into a cloud system. It’s also created to have secure settings so you don’t have to worry about your information being stolen.

Besides this cloud feature, this product also comes with and additional back-up software. This software is known as ReadyShare Vault PC. This will help to keep your product running smoothly and will help to keep all your information in case the router ends up breaking. You can easily move any document from your computer onto a USB device when you want to with this.


The installation process of this wireless WiFimodel is simple. You can use your device to find the steps needed in order to set this WiFi router up correctly. The guide that comes up will help walk you through each step until it is properly connected.


This product can run at speeds up to 1,900 Mbps. It uses a 1 GHz dual core processor. There are also amplifiers to help your Wi-Fi coverage reach all your devices easily. It also has a special Gigabit port for faster performance. It also uses dual bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. With the beamforming technology built into it, it will work to move to the right band for your device.

​There is a downstream and upstream QoS feature with this WiFi router. This helps to make any gaming experience work quickly. It also has up to 11AC speed. It uses a dynamic QoS to help with any type of streaming, whether it’s gaming or just regular movies.

​The QoS of this product will help to direct traffic where you want it to be. If you need to watch a movie or start gaming, you can prioritize the Wi-Fi to come to your device. It helps to add more bandwidth so you get a faster service.

  • This product can be used with Amazon’s Echo. This means you can use voice commands for it.
  • It comes with an Ethernet cable and a power adaptor.
  • There is OpenVPN access with this router.
  • The range of this product can reach many places. This makes it ideal for large homes or places that need an adequate Wi-Fi supply.
  • This wireless router works well at streaming movies and games.
  • Sometimes this model can be a little a slow.
  • It might occasionally have trouble reaching certain devices.
  • The parental controls aren’t as in-depth as some other models.

​This wireless WiFimodel can run at quick speeds. It uses modern technology to help your devices run as quickly as possible without interruptions. Sometimes coverage can be a little lacking, but overall, it’s a powerful model. This is a good choice for gamers and people who want an easy to use option.

5. D-Link AC3200 -  Best Budget, Inexpensive Tri-Band Wireless WiFi Router Option


The design of this product is probably unlike any that you’ve ever seen. It has a very sleek design. It features six antennas that surround the edges of it. In the middle of this model are the indicator lights. This location will help you to easily see the current status of Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The back of this device features 4 LAN ports. The back also has 2 USB ports and is where the power button is located. The two USB ports featured on this WiFi router are a USB 2.0 and 3.0 The 2.0 port is good to use to set up printers and other similar devices. You can use the 3.0 port for downloading and storing media such as photos and videos.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

This WiFi router has an easy to use user interface for installation. This will help to make this installation process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

For security, this product uses WPA and WPA 2 encryption. This will help to better secure your information from possible attacks on your devices.

There is also a guest network security feature with this WiFi router. This will help to ensure that guests can’t access your private information when they use your Wi-Fi. They can only search the Internet with this network. 

There are also parental controls that you can use. You can set these parental controls to block certain sites. You can also use them to set certain time limits with the Wi-Fi.


One feature this wireless WiFi router has is an Advanced Smart Connect one. This feature helps to find the best band out of the three for your device. It will then automatically connect your device to that band so it runs better. This way you don’t have to worry about having to constantly re-connect to different Wi-Fi networks.

Another feature is an Advanced AC SmartBeam. This works to track device to help make sure the Wi-Fi range is working the best that it can. If not, it will try to fix that insufficient range for you.

This model also has a DD-WRT Open Source feature. This will allow you customize you router with features that you would like. There is also a mydlink SharePort App which you can use to have remote access to your devices. This will help you stream videos and games and also share things on USB.

This model is also NVIDIA GameStream compatible. If you use this for online gaming, you don’t have to worry about setting it up as this router will instantly connect.


The installation process for this wireless WiFimodel uses an user interface to walk you step-by-step through it. A special installation wizard will pop up on your device’s screen. However, sometimes this process can be a little difficult.

If you want to install this WiFi router using your phone, there is a Quick Router Setup (QRS) app that you can use. It’s similar to the other installation process but it will occur on your phone.

There is also a WPA Push Button Setup. This will connect devices to your network instantly. All you have to do is press a button and the connection is done.

One of the biggest highlights of the installation process is that you don’t need to worry about configuring it. Once you install it, that’s all you have to do. This is made possible by the router’s D-Link Zero Configuration feature.


It features three powerful bands that you can use. The first band is 2.4 GHz and has a speed of 600 Mbps. The second and third bands are 5 GHz and run at a speed of 1,300 Mbps.

This device has a 1 GHz dual-core processor. This helps the device’s speed performance so it runs quickly.

​This model comes with Advanced QoS. This will help to direct the traffic and Wi-Fi to certain devices so they run better. It uses all the bands available with this router.

  • It’s good at streaming which makes it ideal to use for gaming.
  • It works just as well as more expensive models.
  • This model can work with many devices at once easily.
  • The Wi-Fi’s range is good with this product. This makes it ideal to use in large places that need a wide Wi-Fi coverage.
  • The installation process can be a little tricky.
  • It doesn’t have as many features as other models. This makes it a very basic model which might be ideal to some people. However, if you’re looking for a more advanced model, this is probably not for you.

​This wireless model uses three bands to help your devices run better. It has fast speeds and uses the latest technology to help keep your devices running smoothly. Its security features are good as they work to carefully protect your information from any possible attacks. If you’re looking for a somewhat inexpensive model that works quickly and is good for gaming, definitely consider this model.

6. NETGEAR Nighthawk X10-AD7200 - Best Router For The Home Coverage


This wireless router is designed with a black casing. It has four antennas around its edges. In the front there are numerous indicator lights. You can use these to monitor the current settings and speeds of your Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, as well as many other things. On the back there are 6 LAN ports. The back also is where you’ll find the power button. On the side of this wireless model there are USB ports. These are 3.0 USB ports which you can use to connect USBs to display media on your devices.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

To help keep your documents secure and safe, this model uses Amazon Drive Cloud Back Up. It will store your documents to this cloud to ensure they aren’t destroyed if there’s a possible attack on your computer’s system.

Parental controls also are built into this model. You can set time limits and block certain sites with these controls. This product also allows you to create guest networks to prevent guests from accessing your personal documents.

To help better secure your network it uses WPA and WPA2 encryption. These will help to prevent possible attacks from occurring to your network.

Also, you can create a personal FTP Server with this model. It also gives you VPN support.


There are many features included with this product. One is the modern MU-MIMO technology. This technology will help to quickly connect your devices to Wi-Fi without problems.

This wireless router also can be used with Amazon’s Echo. You can use voice controls to monitor your Wi-Fi and other wireless router settings.

Another feature this model contains is a Plex Media Server. This server allows you to use an external USB or NAS drive to connect to your device. This will allow you to use it to watch movies at high Wi-Fi speeds.

It also has an Additional DFS Channel feature. This helps to prevent your Wi-Fi from being shared by devices you don’t want on your network.


The installation process of this model is simple. You simply need to unload everything from the box it comes in. Then, you need to attach the antennas onto the router where indicated. After you have this, you can restart your modem and then plug in the device. You can then turn it on and then connect to it with your computer. It’s an easy installation process, but there’s a user manual that comes with it to help you if you need more in-depth steps.

You can use the NETGEAR Up app to help with this installation process. This app will take you step-by-step through the process. It will show you how to easily configure and update your router.


This model has a quad core processor that runs at 1.7 GHz. It’s Wi-Fi has 60 GHz 802.11 ad. It also performs well with wireless speeds up to 7.2 Gbps. There are also Gigabit Wired ports which perform well to help quickly transfer data.

  • This product comes with an Ethernet cable and power adaptor.
  • It runs quietly.
  • It’s great for gaming due to its speeds and LAN port features. It can quickly stream 4K videos. This is ideal for Virtual Reality gaming.
  • This device lets you connect to many useful apps, such as the NETGEAR Genie. This app will help you to monitor your device’s settings and performance.
  • It is a more expensive model compared to other wireless routers.
  • It can be difficult to operate sometimes. This means if you’re looking for a simple and basic option, this probably isn’t a good choice for you.
  • Sometimes when using the Plex Media Server this device will have to restart. This could end up becoming a little bit of a hassle.

​This powerful model is ideal for those who want fast speeds and many features. It incorporates all of the latest technological advances, such as MU-MIMO technology. It also has many different LAN ports for those who want to use it for gaming purposes. Keep in mind that it is more advanced, so if you’re looking for a simple wireless router for your computer’s system, this is probably not ideal for you. However, if you want more advanced features and function, definitely consider this product.

​7. Amped Wireless ATHENA - A Good Choice For The Home


This device is created with a black casing. It features four antennas in the back of it and 16 amplifiers. These help to better connect your device to Wi-Fi. On the top of this model you’ll find a few indicator lights. These are a visible way to help you monitor the current status of things like your Wi-Fi and power levels. The back of it has 4 LAN ports, USB ports, power buttons, and many other features.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

This router features a tough security program. This program will help with coverage control. It will also block potentially harmful sites from hurting your computer and also uses SPI Firewall. All of these security settings will help to keep your computer’s system safe from potential attacks.

There are also guest network creation abilities with this router. You can set up to 8 different guest networks. For each of these networks you can create their own passwords as well as set specific settings for them. This can help to keep you up to date with who is using your Wi-Fi and will allow you to put restrictions on it.


This model uses MU-MIMO technology to help connect your devices instantly to Wi-Fi. This technology will also help to prevent your router from running due to many devices using its services at once. It also uses Amped Wireless High Power technology. This will help the Wi-Fi signal reach you regardless of potential obstacles, such as walls. It is powerful enough to go through obstacles that many other wireless router Wi-Fi signals are unable to travel through.

There are also many gaming-friendly features with this model. One is that it can run 4K settings for your games. This is done with its AC2600 Wi-Fi capabilities. It also has 4 Gigabit ports which can hold many devices at once.

Another feature this model has is that it can file share. It can do this with its USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

This model uses Boostband Technology. This technology will help to speed up data transfers. This allows you to watch, stream, and download things without problems.

A good feature this product has is a Signal Strength LED. This is where three different light will appear on your router to show the current signal strength. It can either be green, yellow, or red. Green means good, yellow means not as great, and red means you need to fix it.

This model also has 16 amplifiers. You can use these amplifier to help strengthen your Wi-Fi. This will help to prevent wireless dead spots from occurring.


This model has a simple installation process. You can use its user’s manual to help better understand more in-depth steps. However, you basically just follow the instructions of the setup wizard that will appear on your computer’s screen as you work to set this device up.

This setup wizard is very simple to use. It will appear on your screen and you just have to connect. After you do so, you can type the URL into a link and then connect to your network. It’s a simple installation process.


The Wi-Fi speeds of this model can go up to 2.53 Gbps, 2.4 GHz 800 Mbps, and 5 GHz 1,733 Mbps. It has a 1.4 GHz dual core Qualcomm processor. There are also four Wi-Fi streams to help this wireless router perform better when sending out Wi-Fi signals to your devices. This device can reach up to 15 square feet with Wi-Fi coverage.

  • You can use theWi-Fi Analytic App Monitor to help you better track the settings and status of it.
  • If you end up having problems with this product, the tech support is good.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Sometimes the coverage might not be sufficient enough for some areas. For instance, if you live in a large house the signals might not be as strong as you might like them to be.
  • It does occasionally have to reboot itself.
  • It is a more expensive choice.

​The features and settings of this product makes it ideal to use in many ways. It uses MU-MIMO and has fast Wi-Fi speeds. The security settings are also good and will work to help better protect your devices. If you’re looking for a model that is fast and has great security settings, this is a great choice.

8. Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router - Best for Larger Home


This wireless router is colorful with its black and blue design. It is lifted up off of the ground by small pedestals. This router has four adjustable antennas on it with two antennas per side. On the front of this wireless router you’ll find a panel with indicator lights. This helps you to easily see the current status of your Wi-Fi and other important Internet device connecting settings.

The back of this product is where you’ll find the ports. This model has 4 Ethernet ports and 2 USB ports.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

There are many great security features that comes with this product. It comes with security features that allow you to monitor the current status of your router and see the devices that are connected to it.

This modelalso allows you to set parental controls as well as create passwords for it. The parental controls will help you to monitor sites that your kids are visiting. You can block certain ones and set time limits. When the time limit has been reached, the Wi-Fi will not work anymore for that device.

You can create passwords for any protected guest networks that you create to help ensure they are secure. You can created networks for up to 50 people and create passwords for each of those networks.


This model features a Network Map. This map will help you to easily review the current device usage on your home network and where these devices are located.

Another feature this product comes with is Open Source Ready. This feature lets you customize its settings easily.

This product also features beamforming. This beamforming is made possible because this router uses Wireless AC technology with it. The beamforming technology feature of this wireless router will help to connect your devices quickly regardless of any obstacles.

You can create guest networks with it. This is a great feature to have if you want to have a secure network created solely for any guests you might have. As mentioned in the security section, you are able to create passwords to help better protect this network. You can create the password and then provide it to those who you wish to share this guest network with.

Besides these features, it also has Linksys Smart Wi-Fi. This feature helps to connect certain devices immediately to Wi-Fi. It will help to avoid important devices from not having a sufficient amount of Wi-Fi by instantly connecting them to it.


This product comes with a Quick Start Guide. This will help you know how to properly install this model.


This dual band model can run at speeds of 600 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 1,300 Mbps at 5 GHz. It has a dual core processor which runs at 1.6 GHz and has a powerful CPU. This CPU will help to ensure that any data processing with the wireless router is quick.

The transfer speeds of this product can be made even faster with its USB 3.0 port. This also a special eSATA feature to help the transfer go as quickly as possible. This products also has up to 512 MB of RAM.

  • It comes with a quick start guide, an Ethernet cable, a power adapter, and a power cord.
  • This model can reach a high range.
  • You can use its Linksys Smart Wi-Fi app to help monitor its status and settings.
  • The transfer speeds of this device can be a little slow sometimes.
  • While it does come with an app, it isn’t well designed. This can sometimes end up making it a hassle to use.

​This model is designed with a very unique look. It offers great security features to help better protect your computer’s system and devices. It also comes with many ideal features, like a Network Map, to help provide you with better service. This product has a powerful performance and range. It’s a good choice for those who want to step up to a more advanced model that is easy to use and is secure.

9. TP-Link Archer C7 - Best for Streaming


The body of this product is coated with a shiny black color. It has indicator lights on a front panel to help you better see how it is working. This wireless router has 6 antennas altogether. Three of these antennas are located inside of the router while 3 are on the outside. The 3 external antennas are located on the back of the router. These external antennas are adjustable. This means you can move them around until you find a strong Wi-Fi signal. The back of this wireless router is where you’ll find 2 USB ports and 4 Ethernet cable ports.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

This product uses WPA and WPA2 security encryption. This will help to better protect your computer’s system. You can check and activate these WPA and WPA2 security encryptions with a WPS button.

There is also a Tether app that comes with this wireless router. This app will help you to check and monitor your Wi-Fi settings and status. This will help to keep you up to date on any possible security and network problems.

This product also comes with local management control, an access schedule, and DoS and SPI Firewall. These will all help to better secure this model and your network from attacks.

The interface of this router is user-friendly. You won’t have to worry about it being confusing or time-consuming to figure out.


You can use this product’s FTP Server to help better connect wireless devices to it. There is also a Guest Network Access feature. This feature will allow you to let guests use your network with a password you provide them with.

Another feature this product has is an IP Bandwidth Control. This will help you to better manage your devices and their Wi-Fi coverage.

This product supports both IPv4 and IPv6. The IPv6 is especially important as it will help your computer to work faster. IPv6 is the most modern Internet protocol version, so it’s important that your model is compatible with it.


The installation process of this product is very simple. You just have to follow 3 steps that will take you through this process quickly.


This model has a 1.75 Gbps bandwidth. Because it is a dual band model, it can run at 450 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and at 1,300 Mbps at 5 GHz.

  • It is an affordable wireless router option.
  • This model can support 802.11 ac.
  • It comes with a 2 year warranty
  • The speed can be a little slow in some areas. This is especially true in large homes or places that have many Wi-Fi obstacles (like walls and metal).
  • Sometimes the bandwidth levels can eventually decline.

​This model comes with many features and superb speeds. It allows you to create guest networks and even control the bandwidth for your devices. One of the best things about this wireless router though is its security features. It incorporates many of them to help better secure your system and devices. If you’re looking for an affordable wireless router that is big on security, definitely consider this model.

​10. Apple AirPort Extreme - A Simple Option


This wireless router is created with a tall vertical design and is covered in white. On the front of this model, you’ll find a small status light. This will help you to see the current power and network levels. On the back, you’ll find the ports. This model has 3 Ethernet ports and a USB 2 port. There is also a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port and a power supply one.

Besides these design features, there are 6 antennas in this model. These will help to better connect your devices to Wi-Fi. This model is also very compact. Unlike many other wireless models, this features a simple design that doesn’t take up much space.

Security and User-Friendly Interface

Because this router is so simple, it doesn’t have the advanced security settings like many other models. While it has the basics, if you want to change the SSID name or passwords, you’ll have to search the user’s manual and contact support if necessary. It also has firewall protection.

It does have a user-friendly interface which is good to help make using it a little less confusing.


It features six powerful antennas which help to connect you faster to Wi-Fi.

This product also has a good range. This is an important feature as you want to have a router that will provide an adequate amount of Wi-Fi through your home or location.

Another great feature is that this product come pre-configured SSID. This can help save you time from having to do so yourself.


This router comes with a user’s manual which is very helpful with providing step-by-step instruction. There is also a setup assistant built into iOS and AirPort Utility devices.

You can simply plug this product in and connect it to modem. After you do so, the easy step-by-step instructions will appear on your device’s screen.


This model has data rate speeds up to 1.3 Gbps. It performs well with devices that are 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac. This is a dual band router that has bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

  • It’s a very simple model to use and set up.
  • This product has a superb range.
  • It doesn’t come with a modem. In order for it to work properly, you’ll have to purchase one.
  • This doesn’t have many advanced features.

​This product features a very compact design. It won’t take up much space wherever you decide to place it. Its installation process is very simple and will take you step-by-step through what you need to do. This is a very simple and basic option, so if you’re looking for one with many advanced features, this isn’t for you. This is ideal for those who want a simple and basic wireless router with a good performance.

​Wireless Router Buying Guide

This buying guide will highlight important features that you should look for in a wireless router. These features include Wi-Fi speed, parental controls, and security. Keep reading to learn more about these and other important things.

The Technology Behind The Wireless Router

The wireless router incorporates some of the most modern technology for it to run. It might seem like it would be too advanced for many to understand, but it’s not. The technology of a wireless router is impressive. A wireless router uses radio signals and antennas to help receive data. It can then send your device Wi-Fi signals so you can connect to the Internet.

To sum it up, a wireless router connects to and uses your modem to help connect to your devices. It does this with the help of signals and antennas.

Networking Standards For Routers

Networking standards are important to keep in mind. These standards will impact how well your wireless router will work because they involve its speed and transmission rates. Many of the wireless routers in our reviews are compatible with some type of 802.11 type. You’ll see a certain letter at the end of this number. This letter is important to know about because it will help to tell you how the router will work and how fast it will transfer data.

Some of the most popular letters are A, B, G, and N. B and G are the basics. The A runs on 54 Mbps on the 5 GHz band. B and G wireless router standards that will give you 11-54 Mbps of data and will run on a 2.4 GHz. These are basics and are ideal types for those who just want to browse the Internet occasionally.

N, however, is one of the more modern and popular options. Wireless routers are that compatible with 802.11n will run at 600 Mbps. They also work with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This type will also often come with Mu-MIMO technology. Because of this, it is often the most popular type to use. This is for more than basic usage, but not for high-quality stuff. It will let you do the basics of Internet searching, as well as let you stream and download things easily.

There is also another type that you can consider. This type is a Wireless AC. This will run at speeds up to 1,200-5,300 Mbps. This type can work with all the previous types mentioned above (B, G, and N) but needs to have an AC compatible device in order to do so.  One of the reasons why this is a popular option is that it incorporated beamforming technology. This technology will help to direct Wi-Fi immediately to your device. It also works well with the 5 GHz band. This type is ideal for large areas, but it often more intricate than the other types mentioned above. Wireless AC is what you need if you want a high-quality service. It will allow you to watch HD videos as well as stream and download things instantly.

It’s important to keep these networking standard in mind before you go and buy a wireless router. These will help you with your Wi-Fi speed and data transfer rates. If you need speed, then a higher GHz and Mbps is what you need to use. Be sure to check in our reviews what type each router uses.

The Wi-Fi Speed And Range

The best wireless router will have a strong speed and range. While these might sound like they are similar, they aren’t. Here’s a little more about them and their differences.


The speed is how fast the Wi-Fi can connect to your device. Speed is important in a wireless router as it determines whether you’ll be able to quickly connect to your device or not. If you have a wireless router that is slow, the Wi-Fi speed will be slow. This will in return cause your devices to take a while to connect to the Wi-Fi. If you plan to use your wireless router mainly for purposes such as gaming and streaming, speed is definitely an important factor to look at.

However, while wireless routers might come with an estimated speed, this isn’t always how quickly it will run. Speed is determined also by the obstacles the Wi-Fi has to travel through. If you place your wireless router in an area that is enclosed by walls, near metal, or close to furniture, these can hinder its speed. Because of this, your wireless router might take a little long to connect to your device.


The range of a wireless router is how much area it can cover with Wi-Fi. A wireless router needs strong bands and antennas to help it cover a large area. With modern technological advances, things like MU-MIMO help the wireless router cover a large range. All of these features are important to look for in a wireless router if you want one that will cover a large range. Keep in mind though that wireless routers that are the best at covering a large area usually do cost more. However, sometimes you need to invest in a router so it works well with all of your devices.

Single Band, Dual-Band, Or Tri-Band? Which Is Best?

Many of the products in this review come with choices such as single, dual, or tri band. These bands will help to connect your devices to the router, but each have different functions. Before you buy a band you might not need, here’s a little more information about them.

Regardless of which band you use, it will help you with your Wi-Fi. However, the power and strength of the Wi-Fi it brings to your device will vary.

            Single Band

A single band model is a good choice for basic usage. This means if you just use a laptop, phone, or other electrical device that needs your router, it’s good for that. It cost less compared to the dual and tri band models. It can work with a 2.4 GHz band. If you don’t rely heavily on technology and just want something simple, a single band model is ideal for you.

This band will work with most devices, which is helpful. It also is good because it will work to move through common Wi-Fi problems areas, such as walls, easily.

While this might sound ideal for many, single bands do have some drawbacks. One is these are the simplest types of bands. This means you probably won’t have the latest features with it. Also, sometimes the Wi-Fi speeds can be a little slow.

            Dual Band

A dual band model is for those who do rely on devices, but not heavily. This is good for gaming and streaming purposes. It uses both a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band to operate. It’s a step up from single band ones, but isn’t overly technical. This type would be ideal for those want more modern features than a single band, but don’t want something that is too advanced.

Some things to keep in mind about dual bands is that they can be a little slow. Even though they have 2 bands to work with, devices can impact their speeds. For instance, if too many devices are using the dual band is might be provide sufficient Wi-Fi speed and range for them.

            Tri Band

If you rely heavily on your devices and use them constantly, a tri band is probably what you need. It uses a 2.4 GHz and 2 5 GHz bands to help your devices run quickly. The best router with tri bands can be used with many devices at once without interference. This is great for gaming and streaming as you’ll experience limited interruptions if you use a tri band. This type also is extremely fast. It can go up to 4,000 Gbps on the 5 GHz band which again makes it ideal for gaming and streaming.

While the tri band is great for those who want an advanced option, it does have some drawbacks. The features and speed do come at a price. The tri band is often the most expensive type because of its modern capabilities. Also, sometimes you need to have 5 GHz friendly devices ahead of time in order for the tri band to work properly. If you don’t, the Wi-Fi might not work as great as if you did have a 5 GHz device. 

Important Security Features To Look For

It’s incredibly important that your wireless router has a great security feature. Wireless routers can often be a target for attacks. This is why it’s important to have one that is secure and has special feature and technology to help better protect your computer’s system.

The products in this review come with different security setting and features. This can make it a little difficult to find exactly what security features you need to have. One important security feature is a WPA2. This will make you create a password for all of your network’s devices. Your devices will then then have this password and connect easily to your system. This password protection helps to prevent people who are not supposed to be on your network from being on it and accessing possible files and documents with no authorization. 

Another important security feature is Guest Network Access. While it’s good to have this to help monitor who is one your network, sometimes you can’t always tell. This is why it’s important to keep it turned off or password protected to prevent others from using your network.

It’s also good to look at the parental controls of a wireless router. Parental controls will help you to monitor your children’s Internet access and keep them from accidentally visiting harmful sites. You should also check to see if your model has a built-in firewall. A built-in firewall will help you to better monitor your network’s traffic.

While not crucial, a VPN server is a useful security feature to have. This will created a private network that is protected from outside access. A VPN server can let you connect all of your devices to your model so they can all be secure.

You also want to check if your model incorporates firewall. There are many different types of firewall, so you want to make sure your wireless model uses an updated version. Firewalls will help to prevent people from accessing your information without your permission. Many do come with firewalls, but you often have to activate them yourself.

Routers will usually use a hardware firewall. This hardware firewall can go into sub-sections. As you’ve seen with the products in our review, they each come with different firewall types.

Overall, keeping your model secure is very important. If you don’t keep it secure other people could potentially access your documents and computer’s network without you knowing. They could also end up using your Wi-Fi. The best router will have many security features. Be sure to check the security settings of a wireless router to make sure it works to help protect you as much as possible.

MU-MIMO Technology

As you’ve seen with many of the products in this review, they use MU-MIMO data streaming technology. So, what exactly is this technology?

MU-MIMO technology stands for multiple user and multiple input/output. This technology helps your device to connect easily to many devices at once. This is unlike the other type, SU-MIMO, which stands for single user and single input/output. The SU-MIMO runs slower because it is only intended to work with one user and their device. With the MU-MIMO data streaming, many devices can run quickly without interruptions. Because there is multiple user and input/output abilities, it will let your router easily connect to your devices. This way all of your devices can run faster and have improved Wi-Fi.

MU-MIMO technology lets your wireless model have many users and each can use their devices without interruptions. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all wireless models have this technology. While some are starting to have it added to them, you’ll have to have a model that contains this technology. If you want this technology, you’ll more than likely have to buy a product that contains it. Most devices are able to easily work this technology.

Beamforming Technology

Another feature you’ll often find in the best routers is beamforming. Beamforming is a useful feature as it helps to connect your devices to Wi-Fi quickly and easily.

Beamforming technology works by sending out a signal from your wireless device that goes directly to your devices. This is unlike just regular Wi-Fi signals which send multiple ones out over a certain area. With beamforming, there is a direct Wi-Fi line that will move towards your device. This helps to monitor the Wi-Fi and keep it directed to where it needs to go. Because of this, your devices will easily get a better Wi-Fi signal because the Wi-Fi will come to them rather than you having to find the Wi-Fi.

Beamforming technology comes with implicit and explicit features. Explicit is featured above, but there is also implicit. Implicit beamforming helps to connect this beamforming feature to older devices.

Overall, this beamforming basically is a way to help prevent “wasting” Wi-Fi. The best routers will use beamforming technology to send a strong Wi-Fi signal to your device wherever it might be.

LAN Ports And USB Connections: Why They Matter

An important feature in a wireless router is its LAN ports and USB connections. LAN ports are what will allow you to connect your devices to the router itself with Ethernet cables. LAN ports are important especially if you are a gamer. You want to have many LAN ports in your wireless model so you can connect many devices to it. This way your gaming experience can go much better than if there isn’t a sufficient amount of LAN ports.

USB ports are also important to connect other non-gaming devices, such as printers. USB ports will allow you to easily connect these devices so they can run quickly. Some wireless routers don’t have USB ports though, so it’s important to make sure that they do if you need them. Ideally, a wireless router will have at least 2 USB ports, although one is good enough.

It’s often thought by many that USB connection might not be as important as LAN ports. However, this isn’t the case. USB connections are important to have because many devices still use them. It’s best to always make sure you have a USB port with your wireless model in case you ever need to connect a certain device to it.

​Management Features On The Router

​The management features of a wireless router are also things you should look for. They will help to keep you in control of your wireless model and the devices that connect to it. Below are management features that should definitely look for in a model.

Quality Of Service
The quality of service, also known as QoS, helps you to monitor the traffic to your network. It allows you to give certain devices the best Wi-Fi speeds when needed. QoS is ideal for those who plan to game and stream often. It will take the router’s focus away from one device and instead work to give the device you choose the best Wi-Fi coverage.
Guest Networks
Guest networks are a great thing to have if you have guests who want to use your Wi-Fi. However, a guest network will give your guests access only to Wi-Fi and not other personal documents on your network. You can often create guest networks with a password which you can then give to your guests so they can access it. This password will help to secure the network and prevent others from using it.
Parental Controls
Parental controls are ideal to have if you want to monitor your children’s Internet usage and times. Often parental controls will allow you to limit where they are able to visit on websites. This helps to prevent them from going on inappropriate sites or accidentally clicking on a harmful link. You can also set time limits on their device usage. Parental controls also let you monitor what sites your children are often visiting.

As you can see, all of these management tools are important to help keep your network secure and prevent possible attacks from happening. They allow you to keep constant track of who is on your network and prevents people from accessing your network and Wi-Fi without permission. The best router will make sure you have a sufficient amount of protection.
Management Features on the Router

​The Importance ​Of Antenna Types

The Importance of Antenna Types

Believe it or not, wireless routers have different antenna types. While they might seem like they would be similar (besides possible different styles and colors), they often have different capabilities.

There are two basic antenna types with wireless models: internal and external. The internal antennas are located inside the body of this device. These are often more popular to use because they aren’t located on the outside. This helps to prevent the wireless device from taking up much space wherever you might place it. However, internal antennas do have one drawback: they don’t give as great coverage as external ones. Because internal antennas are hidden inside the wireless router’s casing, they have to emit wireless signals first through the casing itself. This can end up making them run slower which can affect your device.

External antennas are located on the outside of your wireless router. These are visible and you’ll often have more than one on your wireless router. While many models try to design their antennas to look sleek and colorful, these antennas are still located externally and might end up causing some problems. They can make the model take up more space where you place it, which means they often aren’t the most compact option. However, unlike internal antennas, external ones give you much better Wi-Fi coverage. They are located outside of the device which means they don’t have to first try to go through its casing to emit Wi-Fi signals.

You often have a choice between external or internal antennas with your wireless model. In fact, sometimes some models even come with both. However, the main difference between the two types is something you need to keep in mind. External antennas might get in the way and not be as aesthetically pleasing as internal ones. But external antennas give you much better Wi-Fi coverage and are quick to connect to your device. Internal antennas might be compact and made with a sleek design, but they often take longer to connect to your device.

IPv6 Functions

Because of the many technological advances made today with wireless routers, old IP addresses aren’t being used anymore. Many older IP addresses, such as IPv4 (Internal Protocol Version 4) don’t work well with modern wireless models. This is why it’s important to make sure that your wireless model is able to work with an IPv6. This version is the most updated one and will help to ensure that your model isn’t working with an old IP addresses. If you don’t check this, it could end up causing your model to not work properly with your devices because it can’t support the IPv4 due to its age.

Be sure to review the warranty of a wireless model before you buy one. They all come with different warranty types, so be sure you are covered by a good warranty. Otherwise, you might end up becoming stuck with a broken model and end up having to replace it yourself.

Remote Access Functions

This feature isn’t overly important to have, but it is a nice one. Remote access will give you access to your network even when you aren’t in an area where your wireless router is. You can usually have remote access with an app that your device’s brand provides for you. This app will usually help you to keep track of your network’s settings, passwords, and parental control. It basically gives you 24/7 access to your network regardless of where you are.

The Price

The price can be a major influence in how much you might spend on a wireless model. Wireless models come in various price ranges. Some are very cheap while are extremely expensive. When it comes to one of these products, it is often good to invest a little in one. This means it might be ideal to look into models that might be a little out of your budget. More expensive ones might have a higher price, but they often have better security features and modern technology to help keep your wireless router secure and running quickly. Wireless models that are a little steep in price usually have faster speeds and are ideal for people who rely heavily on their router for work or gaming.

Keep in mind though that just because a product is expensive it doesn’t mean it will work well for you. It’s important to research the model you are interested in. Make sure it has features that you want and need. If you don’t, you could end up paying a lot of money for a wireless model that doesn’t work well for you.

If you’re just looking for a simple wireless model for your home, then a more affordable product is ideal. These models will give you security, but their features might not be as much as a more expensive one. However, this isn’t to say that more affordable models don’t contain great features. It just depends on the model.

Overall, the price basically depends on your needs for Wi-Fi and how much you depend on it. If you need a large amount of Wi-Fi 24/7 and at fast speeds, you’ll have to invest in an expensive one. However, if you just need a simple model for your home, you probably don’t need to invest in a more advanced model with numerous features. The best router will be at an affordable rate with great features.


The warranty of a wireless model is good to keep in mind. You ideally want to buy a model that will have a 2 year warranty. This is a good amount of time for you to use your router. If anything happens with it within those 2 years, then you can contact support and claim your warranty.

The warranty of a wireless model will cover everything in the model itself. If a part breaks, the warranty will replace it. This is also true if the entire device itself doesn’t work. You can often send the model back and the warranty will replace it with a new one.

Be sure to review the warranty of a wireless model before you buy one. They all come with different warranty types, so be sure you are covered by a good warranty. Otherwise, you might end up becoming stuck with a broken model and end up having to replace it yourself.

​Types Of Wireless Router Encryptions

Types of Wireless Router Encryptions

​As mentioned in the security section, it’s important to have an encryption ability with your wireless router. Encryption will help to make sure that your device is secure from potential threats and attacks. However, the types of encryptions can be a little confusing. Here’s a little more behind what they are and what they do.

This type of encryption, which stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, is found in many devices that support 802.11b. Wireless models that use this type are often basic but they are found in many models. In fact, this type is usually the most basic type of encryption that you can use which is why it can sometimes be a security risk if not updated. If you have a device that still uses WEP you need to be sure to update it or replace it. Otherwise, it might not be able to help protect your devices from possible attacks.
This encryption type stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. It has the same basics as a Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) type, but uses a different HTTPS format. WPA is also much more powerful that a WEP. It uses a 256 bit key to help better protect your information from potential hackers. This encryption type also use to use TKID (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) before it switched to using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This encryption type is common in many devices today.
This type, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access Version 2, is an updated version of the WPA one. This is a much more advanced and sophisticated encryption version to help match potential modern network threats. As with the first WPA version, it does use AES. However, unlike this version, it doesn’t rely on the TKID feature. Instead, this version uses Counter Cipher Mode with Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol (CCMP).

With these new advancements, it makes it difficult for attacks to occur. However, one concern with this type is that it still uses WPA in it, which attackers can hack into. If they can get into this, then they are more likely to be able to access the WPA2.

Overall, encryption is an extremely important feature to have in today’s modern world. It’s a security feature that will help to protect your devices. You want to make sure though that your devices are up to date with the latest encryption types and will work to protect you from potential attacks. You definitely want to have a router that uses WPA2 to protect you, but WPA is fine as well. If your router just uses WEP encryption, then you’ll have to be extra careful when using it.

​Tips To Keep Your Wireless Router Better Secured

Tips to Keep Your Wireless Router Better Secured

​While encryption can help greatly with securing your wireless model there are still some other things you can do to help keep it secure.

Change The Default Password
All wireless models will come with a default password. This password will stay unless you change it. Because it is a default password, it isn’t secure. You need to make sure to change it to ensure your system stays secure.
Change The Router’s SSID Name
The Service Set Identifier (SSID) name is what the router calls your network. Often this SSID name is the name of the brand that you bought the wireless model from. This is another default thing you should probably work to change. It is not a major security concern, but it will help to prevent others from trying to access your network. Creating a unique SSID name can stop another nearby user who has the same wireless model brand as you from trying to access your network unknowingly.
Change The Router’s SSID Name
The Service Set Identifier (SSID) name is what the router calls your network. Often this SSID name is the name of the brand that you bought the wireless model from. This is another default thing you should probably work to change. It is not a major security concern, but it will help to prevent others from trying to access your network. Creating a unique SSID name can stop another nearby user who has the same wireless model brand as you from trying to access your network unknowingly.
Always Update Your Model
One of the best ways to help keep your router secure is by updating it when necessary. Updates will have the latest technology and fixes to help your device run more securely. If you don’t update your device you’ll still be using old software which can become easier for attacks. Always be sure to update your router when new software is available.
Keep The Remote Management Feature Turned Off
The remote management feature that comes with many wireless models can be a big security risk. This feature is what allows people to access your computer if you need help with a certain tech problem. It’s important to keep this off all the time when you’re not using it as it can be a very easy way for an attacker to access your computer and information.

​What Is ​A Gigabit Ethernet Connection Port?

What is a Gigabit Ethernet Connection Port?

Some of the models on this list come with a Gigabit Ethernet connection port. This is an ideal feature to have for quite a few reasons. One is that it’s fast. It can run at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. This makes it much faster than regular Ethernet. If you need a fast and reliable Internet connection, you want to make sure that your wireless model has this Gigabit Ethernet connection port. Many modern models usually do, but be sure to check. This is also especially important to have if you enjoy gaming. It will help you to reach fast Wi-Fi speeds so your gaming experience doesn’t slow down or pause.

​Wi-Fi Obstacles

Wi-Fi Obstacles

It’s important before you buy a wireless model to consider potential Wi-Fi obstacles you might have. Wi-Fi needs a clear path in order to quickly reach your devices. If there’s some type of obstacle in the way, it could hinder its ability to get to your device. It’s a good idea to know about some Wi-Fi obstacles so you can set up your wireless model in an ideal spot so the signal doesn’t decrease.

There are many Wi-Fi obstacles in your home that can decrease your Wi-Fi’s ability to reach your devices. Even the best router can have a difficult time trying to going through them.

Metal is one of Wi-Fi biggest nemesis. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of metal furniture, or metal in the walls, it can impact your Wi-Fi’s signal and speed negatively. The metal is able to consume the Wi-Fi so that it can’t pass through it. Because it is unlikely that you’ll do a major renovation to your home just to remove the metal for Wi-Fi, you need to be sure to place your wireless router in an open area that isn’t surrounded by walls. This way the metal won’t impact your Wi-Fi’s signal. It’s the metal beams to support these walls that cause a problem.
Tinted Glass
Believe it or not, tinted glass is also another problem for your Wi-Fi’s signal. Tinted glass sometimes contains metal pieces. As mentioned above, metal it too hard for the Wi-Fi signal to travel through, so it declines its speed and range.
If you live in a place with an elevator or work somewhere that has one, elevators can negatively impact the Wi-Fi’s speed and range. Elevators are often made of thick materials (like metal) which makes it very difficult for Wi-Fi signals to travel through them.
Microwaves used radio waves to work, which can impact the Wi-Fi signal. They use 2.4 GHz radio waves, just like Wi-Fi does. These will then mix together cause a decline in your Wi-Fi’s strength and speed.
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
These light bulb types can send out 2.4 GHz radio waves. These radio waves can interfere with your Wi-Fi because the radio waves are mixing with its signals.
The weather can have a major impact on your Wi-Fi’s range and speed. For instance, rain and lighting can hinder it greatly. Rain can block the signal and make it slower for the Wi-Fi to reach your device. Lighting can send out electrical impulses which can cause your signal to decline or even disappear.
Surprisingly, trees are able to absorb Wi-Fi signals easily. If you are surrounded by trees where you are, they could be a major cause of why your Wi-Fi signal might be declining.
Any type of mirror can cause a major obstacle for your Wi-Fi signal. Mirrors have the ability to reflect the Wi-Fi’s signal. This can end up directing it away from the device it is traveling to. This can end up causing your device to work very slowly or make you completely lose your Internet accessibility.
As noted above, water is a problem. However, this doesn’t just apply to outdoor elements, like rain. Water in your home like with fish tanks can cause issues. The water can be too thick for the signals to travel through. Instead, the water will basically absorb the signals preventing them from traveling further. This can cause your device to barely get any Wi-Fi signal.
Bluetooth can be an issue for Wi-Fi because they both use the same bandwidth. Because Bluetooth uses a 2.4 GHz band to run, the Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz can decline. They are pretty much in competition with each other trying to get to your device. It’s best to make sure that you turn the Bluetooth off when using your wireless router.

Wi-Fi obstacles are everywhere, but not all are major problems. They are measured by their absorption rate. There are many useful things that you can use to help detect if there’s some type of obstacle. If you find that you’ve tried to remove as many obstacles as possible and placed the wireless router in a central location but still have problems, you can use special technology. This technology will help you to better detect what the problem is and how to fix it. However, fixing the issues above and being aware of them is what can help improve your Wi-Fi’s strength and speed.

The Best Places To Set Up YourWireless Router

When setting up your wireless model try to put it in a central location. This way it is in the center of location and won’t have to go through obstacles to get to your device.

Another important thing to keep it away from heavy wall materials. As mentioned above, metal is not good to place your Wi-Fi near, as well as bricks and other heavy materials. These materials make it hard for the signal to travel through. Keep it away from walls just to be on the safe side.

You also want to make sure that the wireless model is positioned high. This way it can easily reach areas because the higher it is the less obstacles there will likely be. If it’s too low on the ground, it could make it very difficult for it to connect to your devices.

Another thing is to not put the router in an area where there are many people. People can end up blocking the signal. If you place it in a room that is often heavily crowded, it could impact the Wi-Fi’s signal. Try to place it in a room that isn’t often crowded.

​Checking Your Wi-Fi’s Strength

Checking Your Wi-Fi’s Strength

If you find that your Wi-Fi’s strength is often declining, or just want to check to it, there are some thing you can use. Besides the indicator lights, you can use a Wi-Fi locator device. These are devices that can check how the Wi-Fi is performing and where it is located. These often sometimes come in an app that you can use on one of your devices.

This app will often show a meter which will check your Wi-Fi’s strength. How to tell whether the strength is good or not depends on the app you use. However, it’s usually very easy to tell whether the signal is strong or not with it.

​Wireless Router Setup Tips

Wireless Router Setup Tips

​Installing and setting up your wireless model can seem like it can be difficult. However, it isn’t as hard as you might think. To best set up your wireless model, be sure to check the user’s manual that comes with your wireless router. After doing this though, there are some things to keep in mind.

Set Up The Device in A Good Place
It’s always important to make sure you set up your wireless router in a prime place. This will help you to receive a sufficient amount of Wi-Fi.
Upgrade Your System
Another thing is always make sure to upgrade your system. Upgrading your system can help to keep your system running smoothly. It will help fix any replace and old software that might not be working properly anymore.
Check The Wireless Router’s Antenna
Be sure to also check the wireless device’s antenna. It’s best to keep it pointing straight up to help it catch and emit Wi-Fi signals. However, sometimes this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you have to adjust the antennas a little before you find the right signal strength. Always be sure to check the antennas. Many wireless models often have adjustable and detachable antennas to help making do so easier.
Configure The Security
It’s important to always make sure to configure the security settings of your wireless router. When you first set up your router, it will just have default settings. If you keep these default settings, you are more likely to be a large target for an attack. Be sure to configure the security settings when setting up your router.
Try Not To Constantly Reset The Router
While sometimes you need to reset the router, it shouldn’t something you always do. When you set up your device try to make sure you everything right the first time. If you mess up you can reset it. However, resetting it means your information is completely gone. You’ll have to re-type passwords and configure the system again.
Update Devices That Still Rely On The Older Wi-Fi Settings
One problem that could affect the setup of your router is not updating older devices. Older devices that still rely on the old Wi-Fi settings might end up causing issues with your new device. They can cause it go work slower because they aren’t connected to the new Wi-Fi settings. When setting up your new router, be sure to update older devices that are still on the older settings. This can help them to work better and can prevent them from slowing your network and Wi-Fi speeds down.
Use The 5 GHz Band
When setting up your router it’s good to use the 5 GHz band. This band will work to bring faster Wi-Fi access to your devices.

​What ​Do The Symbols Mean With My Indicator Lights? Why Are These Lights Important?

Wireless routers have the great feature of indicator lights, which are usually located on the front of the device. They help to show you what is running properly and what isn’t on your network. However, sometimes the symbols that come with them can be a little confusing. They all do sometimes look the same. If you can’t differentiate between the symbols it can make it difficult to find out what’s wrong with your wireless model if there’s a problem.

Each wireless device will have its own design of indicator lights. It’s important to read your user’s manual to know exactly what they mean. However, all wireless models pretty much have a similar meaning.

On all models the basic symbols you’ll see are for Wi-Fi, the power level, and Ethernet. Wi-Fi will usually be indicated by a symbol with growing lines. The power will be indicated by an “U’ with a line through it. Ethernet can often be identified by a globe-like symbol that is designed to look like it’s moving.

With all indicator lights, no matter what model you have, you want to make sure they’re on. If one light isn’t on or is flickering, that could indicate some problems. It’s always good to keep watch on these lights to ensure they are on and working. They will help to indicate if you are currently having any possible connection problems.

As mentioned above, each productin this review will have its own designs. Be sure to look at the user’s manual and know what each light means on the router. Indicator lights are visible ways to help see what problems you might be having with your Wi-Fi or other connections. They can help you work to quickly find any problem you might have so you can fix it instantly.

​What Features Should I Especially Look For In A Wireless Router For Gaming?

If you’re into gaming, there are some features you especially want to look for in a wireless router. Unlike if you’re using your router specifically for your home, gaming requires super-fast speeds. A slight pause in the middle of the game could potentially end up causing a major defeat during it.

One feature to look for in a wireless model for gaming is the capability of the device to support 4K. 4K will give you high-quality videos. 4K works with the horizontal pixels of a video to help bring better HD quality to them. It ends up creating a better quality image which is ideal if you’re gaming. 4K will give you intricate details, so if you are doing Virtual Reality (VR) gaming, 4K is an important thing to have.

You also want to check the amount of LAN ports on your device. If the device doesn’t have many, you could end up not being able to connect many devices to play your game. A good router will give you many port options, including Ethernet. Having multiple Ethernet ports is vital if you want to use your wireless router for gaming purposes. You should also look for a Gigabit port. This Gigabit port will help your router’s speed.

It’s also a good thing if a wireless model has a Gamers Private Network (GPN) built into it. Many of the wireless products in this review have a WTFast GPN capability. This GPN is specifically created to help all gaming traffic run smoothly. It prioritizes gaming communication and other traffic. This helps you to get instant access to any gaming messages and other important features you need to have. It helps to quicken your gaming speed because it focuses solely on your gaming experience.

Another important feature to look for would be the bandwidth. The bandwidth is what will either make your Wi-Fi run quickly or slowly, so you want to have a good bandwidth. You want to have a wireless router that has 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The 2.4 GHz band will help the router have a better range. The 5 GHz band will help your Wi-Fi speeds go faster. You want to make sure your router has the capability to switch between these bands when necessary. This way your gaming experience can continue without interruptions.

Be sure to also check the streaming abilities of a wireless router. Streaming is very important with gaming. You want to make sure your wireless router has sufficient streaming capabilities.

These are some of the most important features to look for if you plan to use your router heavily for gaming purposes. All of the wireless routers in these reviews is different so it’s good for you to look at your router to see what gaming features they have, if any.

​What Are Downstreaming And Upstreaming?

When using a router it will sometimes use downstream and upstream to help it run better. Downstream is when a device receives information that was being sent to it. Upstream sends information to a device. So, basically upstream sends information to the downstream. This process helps to keep your device and router running quickly without interferences.

This feature is often ideal for those who plan to use their wireless device for gaming and storing many documents. Downstreaming and Upstreaming can help store and send information quickly to your devices. It’s important to have streaming features such as this to help movie and gaming streaming work well.

Wired vs. Wireless Routers

All of the products on our review are wireless. However, there are also wired routers. The main difference is obvious: one is wireless while the other isn’t. A wired model needs to use cables, such as Ethernet, to connect to your computer in order to run. A wireless model, on the other hand, doesn’t have this need. You don’t need to worry about connecting a bunch of cables into a wireless device in order for it to run. This is made possible by the networking standards, which this review has already highlighted.

However, a wireless device is often much more complicated to set up compared to a wired one. You need to go through a virtual process and configure it yourself when you do. This is the one downside about wireless routers.

Wired models might be considered easier to use, but they aren’t as advanced as a wireless router. Wireless models usually give you more features and accessibility to your network to check it. For instance, some wireless models will give you remote access to keep constant track of your Wi-Fi and security. A wired model doesn’t do this.

​Should I Use Wi-Fi Extenders With My Wireless Router?

If you want to extend your Wi-Fi with your wireless device you can use Wi-Fi extenders. These extenders will work to move your Wi-Fi through a wider range. A Wi-Fi extender will pretty much use the capabilities of two wireless devices. This will help to extend your Wi-Fi speed and range.

A Wi-Fi extender will take your current Wi-Fi from your router and extend it to places. These places are often where the current Wi-Fi has trouble reaching. Wi-Fi extenders often help to improve your Wi-Fi signal because they help get through tough Wi-Fi obstacles.

However, keep in mind that sometimes these extenders might not bring as much Wi-Fi extension as you might want. It will work, but it might not be as drastic a change as you desire. Also, extenders can be a little pricey. Unless you absolutely need extended Wi-Fi, investing in one might not be necessary.

What Is A Wi-Fi Mesh Networking System?

As you saw with some of the models in our review, some use a Wi-Fi mesh networking system. So, what exactly is this?

A mesh networking system is basically a bunch of points. These points help to transmit and send data to and from your network. It helps your network to run smoothly and quickly and to send information to your device as quickly as possible.

This system will help to almost improve your Wi-Fi signal because they all work together. They are placed in different areas and can use one another to continue to move until they reach your device. This helps to improve the Wi-Fi’s speed and service. It also helps to prevent interruptions from occurring when you use your Wi-Fi. This is because there are many points that are available to send out the signal. The Wi-Fi isn’t just depending on one.

Some of the wireless devices in this review are able to work with this. This is ideal for many reasons. If you want to cover a large area (such as your home) with Wi-Fi, check to see if your wireless model can work with a mesh networking system. It can help to keep your devices connected and working quickly.


These reviews highlighted 10 wireless routers on the market. It can be hard to find the perfect wireless router for your devices and computer system. However, consumers should use this guide to help them in their search for the best wireless router. This article has many different wireless model reviews and explained more in-depth behind features you should look for in one, like MU-MIMO technology.

You should be sure to buy a wireless router that has great security features and to set your router up in a prime spot so the Wi-Fi signal can easily reach your devices. If you’re looking for a good router, definitely consider one of the routers on our list.

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