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The 10 Best Travel Routers to Buy in 2018 - Place4Tech

The 10 Best Travel Routers to Buy in 2018

It’s well-known that we all need reliable Wi-Fi during traveling. Of course, you don’t have to use wireless internet while you relax on vacation, but chances are, you’re going to want to.

We can all agree that we love streaming music while on the road. More so, some even like to be on their laptop while they’re getting to their desired travel location.

This is where best travel routers of 2018 come in place to secure internet connection while you’re on the road. As it turns out, travel router allows you to have secure internet and connect multiple devices securely and easily. With a travel router you can be up to date even when you travel. 

Here’s the deal:

A travel router allows you to have your own secure internet, so you don’t have to bother with the one your hotel has provided. For this reason, I want to tell you more about this amazing device that brings us wireless network that’s secure and portable.

Continue reading to learn how a travel router works, and which models are the best to bring with you on the road.

Best Travel Routers 2018

No doubt, having a wireless router on the road is convenient and fun. You see, Wi-Fi networking isn’t always available at every hotel and that’s something you should keep in mind. That’s exactly why we’ve researched the market to find the fastest travel wireless router. Furthermore, take a look bellow at our table of the best wireless routers and their specifications.

Product NamesPoweredInternet Access ModeStandout features 
HooToo TripMate Elite
(Best Portable)
6000 mAh batteryAP, Bridge, Router modeDual USB charging Check Price
RAVPower FileHub Plus6000 mAh batteryAP, Bridge, Router modeMTK7620N core built-in chip Check Price
Medialink AC Powered
(Editor Choice)
Requires DSL/CableAP, Router, Client, RepeaterFoldable AC plug Check Price
TP-Link N300 Nano
(Access Point)
USB port or a wall outlet AP, Client, Repeater, Router, WISP300Mbps Wi-Fi speed Check Price
HAME Wireless Travel Router4400 mAh batteryN/A4 LED charging indicators Check Price
GL.iNet GL-MT300A
(Best Design)
USB, power banks, 5V DC Repeater, Bridge mode300 MB per second data transfer rate Check Price
TRENDnet TEW-817DTR AC750Interchangeable power plugsWISP, Router, AP, RepeaterIsolated guest network available Check Price
HooToo TripMate Titan10400 mAh batteryAP, Router, Bridge modeUSB hub with 4 USB storage devices Check Price
ZyXEL Wireless N 3in1 USB and AC powerRouter, AP, Client, Bridge mode150 Mb per second data transfer rate Check Price
TP-Link N150 Nano
(Best Value)
External adapter, USB portAP, Client, Bridge, Repeater, Router802.11bgn wireless compatibility Check Price

As you can see, some of the most important features and specifications vary from device to device. One of the most important things is how to power the wireless router. Luckily, you have a wide variety to choose from. You may think battery is the best way to go, but there are pros and cons to it, just as well as to AC power.

Want to know the best part?

Each of these wireless routers essentially deliver the same thing, but in slightly different way. Look at their standout features to notice the difference in what they bring to the table. One wireless router has LED power indicators, while some don’t. However, some feature faster data transfer rate.

You should take some time and read our wireless router reviews down below. At last, these reviews will help you find out which wireless router is the best for you.

1. HooToo TripMate Elite Travel – Best Portable Router


This wireless router is a great travel gadget for people on the go. Simply, it converts wired network to wireless and can bridge the exciting Wi-Fi network.

You’ll be able to do any kind of streaming of videos, music, and photos to the smartphone that’s connected. Its new MTK7620 chipset allows you to plug a USB hub attaching 4 USB’s.

Another thing that’s quite useful when you travel is using this device as power bank. You can charge two smartphones thanks to its 6000 mAh battery and dual USB charging ports.

If you own an iPad, you can charge it as well via the 5V/2.1A USB port. When it comes to charging the wireless router itself, all you need is a wall outlet.

Not only it provides secure internet, charging, and streaming, it’s portable and fits into a pocket. The device features AP, bridge, and router mode.

Even though the router works as storage device, you’ll need the HooToo’s app to access the USB drivers. As you imagine, most people don’t have a problem with that, but the issue is that HooToo isn’t really upfront with this.

Simply, most of the customers didn’t even know this before purchasing the wireless router.

  • Quality streaming.
  • Secure Wi-Fi access.
  • Works as a power bank.
  • Easily portable.
  • Requires an app to run USB devices.

In our opinion, it’s a good deal for a wireless router that can also charge your smartphone. The internet connection is secure and streaming of videos and music is quite easy.

Therefore, this is a good-quality router to bring with you whenever you travel. This travel gadget allows you to connect multiple devices securely and easily, and for that, you should consider it.

2. RAVPower FileHub Plus – Best For Storage Backup


First, there’s no denying this router’s storage backup abilities. If this is something that’s just as important to you as internet connection, you should give this product a go.

Simply, the router transfers files between USB, SD cards, hard disks, a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. On other hand, you’ll be able to convert wired network to wireless and share the connection with other people.

We’re sure you’d enjoy sharing and streaming videos, music, and photos. For this reason, note that all you have to do is connect your smartphone, tablet, etc.

It’s good because it recognizes USB flash drive, SDHC, and SDXC cards, as well as hard discs. Built-in chip and external battery deliver better performance, secure Wi-Fi, and fun travel.

Some customers claim that the router would overheat if you leave it working for a long time. You may also experience this issue when you’re transferring larger files or streaming HD videos.

Of course, this is a major setback, but we think it may just be a faulty product. Therefore, best is to contact their customer service if you notice that your router is heated more than what you’d consider usual.

  • Suitable as a storage backup.
  • Secure Wi-Fi and constant connection.
  • Features an external battery
  • Features AP, bridge, and router mode
  • Can overheat easily

If you know that you’ll have bad internet connection at your hotel, choosing to bring this portable router with you is a good idea. It connects easily, converts wired to wireless connection, and it works as a storage backup.

However, make sure not to use it for way too long because it may overheat. To be honest, it’s a good travel router for when you want to check news once or twice while you’re on a vacation.

3. Medialink Wireless Travel Router – Best For Hotel And Dorm Rooms


The Medialink travel router fits perfectly in your pocket ensuring the ease of transport. The ease of transport is one of the most important things about a travel router.

In addition, it features an AC plug that’s foldable in either direction. This is especially convenient when you travel to insure quick internet access. Of course, let’s not forget how that makes storage easy as well, once you’re done using the router.

Its many modes make it one of the leading pocket-sized routers. We’re talking about router, client, and repeater mode. All of that allows you to turn internet port into Wi-Fi, extend wireless network, and provide wired access to an already existing network.

Furthermore, its setup is also quite simple and all you’d need is your smartphone, tablet or computer. Luckily, you don’t need any knowledge in advanced technology in order to get this router to work.

Apparently, the reason why the brand recommends you use the router in small spaces is because it doesn’t have a really large range.

If you use it in your dorm or hotel room, you may not notice this. However, if your hotel room is somewhat bigger, you’ll notice issues.

Note that there isn’t a technical problem with this; it’s simply the way the device works.

  • Secure and quick internet access.
  • Simple setup using smartphone.
  • Convenient for when you travel.
  • Ideal for hotel and dorm rooms.
  • Doesn’t work in larger hotel rooms

Let’s say you’re going away for a few days and need internet access while you travel. In addition, you’ve booked a small hotel room, and don’t want to use their internet. In this case, you should be pleased with this router.

It’s small enough to be perfect to travel with. Also, it’s easy to use and all you need is your smartphone in order to set it up. In conclusion, unless you plan to use it in larger areas, this router should work just fine for you.

4. TP-Link N300 Wireless Nano – Best For Security


Here’s another way to avoid bad hotel internet, and enjoy some reliable and secure WI-Fi instead. Its speed is 300Mbps on 2.4GHz band providing seamless streaming of even HD videos.

The good thing about it is that’s pocket-sized and therefore easy to transport and store. You can charge the router via USB port or an external adapter.

Our favorite thing about this router is that it’s got a pre-encryption function that sets password and SSID protection. It’s small and convenient but popular because it supports AP, client, router, WISP and repeater operation modes.

A few other features we must mention are its compatibility with Chrome cast and 2 year warranty. Take this router with you to your desired travel location and enjoy quality connection and lag-free streaming.

No doubt, there are many positive customer reviews on this device and its quality. However, some customers have experienced certain difficulties with connecting more than just one device.

Simply, connecting multiple devices securely and easily is important, which is why some people are displeased with the way the router works.

Apparently, you can have two devices right next to the router and you’ll see that one works well while the other doesn’t. Keep this in mind if you play to connect more than just your smartphone.

  • Secure connection.
  • Supports many different modes.
  • Password and SSID protection.
  • Travel-sized and convenient.
  • Not suitable for more than one device.

All in all, it’s a decent product if you want to browse some news on your smartphone but avoid the internet in your hotel. With a travel gadget such as this you get to have a secure connection that allows you to enjoy videos and music online.

However, the router won’t work as well on more devices. Simply, if you’re looking for an internet connection here and there while you’re on your vacation, this is good enough.

5. HAME Wireless Travel Router – Best For Sharing Media


Let’s say you’re going to your desired travel location as a family and you all need internet connection. This router supports DHCP mode that allows it to works as a standard router once you connect it to the cable.

This ability to turn wireless into wired network makes it easy to connect multiple devices so the entire family can enjoy internet. In addition, the router features U Disk Reader that saves videos and photos directly to S9.

Most importantly, it supports 1080P videos, too. When it’s wireless it can work up to 7 hours with a standby time up to 10 hours. This is possible thanks to its battery and safety protection.

Furthermore, you get to play and share movies, music and photos. Once you connect it to smartphones, TVs, media players, Roku, tablets, and other DLAN devices.

Don’t be surprised that there aren’t many critics about this product. Apparently, it works well and with no difficulties. Only a few people have said that they couldn’t connect.

Precisely, the smartphone screen says it’s connected but they’d find no Wi-Fi connectivity. We don’t think this is a faulty product, but simply bad setup. For that reason, take your time while setting up the router and follow instructions.

  • Ideal for media sharing and streaming.
  • Suitable for when you travel.
  • Battery lasts for 7 hours.
  • Supports 1080P videos.
  • Not as easy to setup.

As we said, if you travel with the entire family and you all need internet, this device is a good choice. You and other family members will be able to enjoy secure connection and fast internet.

Its battery lasts for hours and you get to stream HD videos and photos as well. However, you must be patient when setting it up. Unless you follow instructions and go step by step, your router most likely won’t work.

6. GL.iNet GL-MT300A – Best Mini Travel Router For Secure Surfing


When we say secure surfing we think of this router’s abilities to convert Wi-Fi. Precisely, it converts wired network at your office or hotel to your own network. More importantly, you can convert Wi-Fi at restaurants and cafes to your private Wi-Fi.

This, of course, means a lot more secure connection and surfing than if you’d just to connect to hotel Wi-Fi. We like to call this router a travel mate, because it’s pocket-sized and so easy to use.

In addition, it instantly connects to all devices so you don’t have to input the password on each device one by one. You can power it using any laptop USB, 5V DC adapters and power banks. The router supports DDWrt and has OpenWrt pre-installed.

Also, it supports USB disk and WebCam, too. It’s compatible with 20+ VPN service providers and has OpenVPN pre-installed. When it comes to storage and extensibility it’s important to note its 128MB RAM, dual Ethernet ports, MicroSD slot, 16MB Flash ROM, UART and GPIOs.

Finally, its many features and specifications make this router one of the best to choose when you travel.

Some of the customers have experienced the reset button breaking. Reportedly, their router needed reset, and once they pressed it, the button fell inside the device.

No doubt, this is a serious technical and design fault that pushes people away from the product. However, it only happened to a few people. More so, as far as we know the breakage could’ve been a result of misuse.

Therefore, take the critic with a grain of salt. Make sure to contact the manufacturer if this happens and you’ve used the router accordingly.

  • Secure surfing
  • Converts wired to wireless network.
  • Works with multiple devices.
  • Has impressive extensibility and storage.
  • Could break if not used carefully

In our opinion, it’s a good deal. Sure it can break if you’re rough with it, but that isn’t really a surprise. Its good sides, specifications and features cover for the small critics. With a travel buddy like this, you can connect many devices, have secure internet, and extended it to so many other uses. Simply, it’s worth a try.

7. TRENDnet TEW-817DTR AC750 – Best for Seamless Streaming


This router offers 433 Mbps Wi-Fi AC + 300 Mbps Wi-Fi N that supports WISP, AP, router and repeater mode. What’s really convenient about the device is that it has interchangeable power plugs for UK, Euro and North America.

This is perfect for when you travel because you don’t have to use hotel internet. Hotels usually charge per device, so you can avoid that in total by connecting your devices to this router.

In addition, the router streams videos, music and photos to all connected TVs, smartphones, media players and other DLNA devices. Simply, it converts a wired network to a dual band wireless network.

Of course, you can use the existing network and create your secure Wi-Fi. Finally, TRENDnet offers 3-year warranty for the device and 24/7 technical support.

The biggest setback is the fact that you can’t power the router via USB. Yes, it has interchangeable power plugs, which is a plus. However, it lacks USB port that would allow you to charge it that way and it simply takes away from its convenience.

  • HD videos streaming.
  • Support several modes.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Converts wired to wireless network.
  • No USB charging

If you’re looking for good streaming and secure network, you’ve found it. The router is a perfect travel mate because it’s small and easy to use. In addition, you can connect multiple devices and enjoy better internet than the one offered at your hotel.

Also, if you plan to travel to UK, Europe or North America, this router will show as extremely convenient. However, if you don’t find the interchangeable power plugs useful, you’d be disappointed that it doesn’t have an USB charging port.

8. HooToo TripMate Titan – Best for Performance


There’s something especially convenient about travel Wi-Fi routers that also work as a power bank. Simply, it’s good to have an on-the-go travel charger to always have your phone and tablet fully charged.

The 10400mAh power bank allows you to charge most smartphones while you travel. Also, you can stream any kind of videos, music and photos to media players, TVs, tablets, smartphones and other DLNA devices.

The router allows you to share files using the TripMate Plus desktop or mobile app. This gadget allows you to convert wired to wireless network and can bridge the existing network, too.

Finally, you can use it as a storage device as well and free the space on your phone.

The one and only critic we were able to find was the app’s inability to auto play multiple files. More precisely, if you want to watch more than one video, you’d have to manually play each and every one of them.

Once your video is over, the app takes you back to Directory GUI and waits for your action.

  • Huge storage space.
  • Works as a power bank.
  • Very travel-friendly.
  • Converts wired to wireless network
  • Doesn’t auto play files

At last, if you want reliable internet connection when you travel, this is the gadget you’re looking for. This travel Wi-Fi router provides secure internet and ease of use.

Don’t forget that it also works as a power bank and we all need that when we travel. If you can live without the auto play option then you’ll have a really good, reliable and useful travel ally.

9. ZyXEL Wireless N 3in1 Router – Best Travel-Size Design


When it comes to a travel Wi-Fi router, its design is one of the most important things. Simply, it must me small and compact, but also efficient and reliable.

This router provides reliable and secure connection whenever you travel. In addition, its pocket-size is perfect for easy transport. The router works in AP, Client Bridge, and router modes.

Overall, you get to share internet with other devices without losing the connection. Its connectivity goes up to 802.11n and allows you to transfer data up to 150Mbps. Another thing that’s convenient when you travel is the flexibility of charging the router.

Precisely, you can charge it via AC power or USB. At last, this gadget is really all you can need when you travel.

Yes, it’s easy to carry with you when you travel, as many people have reported. However, most of those people also said how it’s not very easy to set up.

Actually, the AP feature of this travel Wi-Fi router is quite complicated to work with. There are online instructions, but are hard to understand.

As a matter of fact, even some people with quite the computer experience were unable to set it up.

  • Suitable travel size.
  • Allows you to connect multiple devices.
  • Fast connectivity.
  • AC power and USB charging.
  • AP mode hard to set up

At this point you understand why we’ve included this travel Wi-Fi router. It’s easy to transport, and provides secure internet. However, unless you don’t know your way around technology, you’ll experience difficulties with the AP mode. The device works well in all modes once you manage to set them up.

10. TP-Link N150 Nano – Best Value


This router has many features and design specifications that provide superior performance. In fact, it’s convenient and suitable to bring along when you travel.

You’ll be able to quickly create a secure network that you can share with your friends. Also, its 150Mbps speed is quite good for streaming videos, playing online games, and video calls.

The way you power the travel Wi-Fi router is easy, and all you need is a USB port or an external adapter. It supports client, router, bridge, repeater and AP modes.

urthermore, the travel Wi-Fi router includes USB cable, power adapter, Ethernet cable, resource CD, and installation guide. Its many features and travel size make it suitable for all people on the go.

One of the main setbacks of this travel buddy is its inability to turn off the SSID function. That’s right, you can’t turn that off, but you can hide it.

However, if you’re using Ethernet to wireless bridge, not disabling the wireless broadcast can lower the speed of your router.

Precisely, some sort of interference would happen most probably, which is what would essentially lower the speed of your existing household router.

  • 150Mbps speed.
  • Supports a wide variety of modes.
  • Good size of travel.
  • Charging via external adapter or USB.
  • Can’t disable wireless broadcasting.

Unless you’re sure you won’t mind the fact that you can’t shut off the SSID function, this is a good choice of a travel Wi-Fi router. It’s great to bring with you when you travel because of its size and compatibility. Also, it’s easy to charge and use.

Things you should look for in Travel Routers

Band and Wi-Fi standard:

Before you make the purchase make sure to ask what Wi-Fi standard it works on. It’s okay if it operates on 802.11n, but we’d say go for the fastest and latest standard that’s 802.11ac. If you come across anything older than that, skip it. Those routers are usually very slow and not as good when it comes to security.

 In addition, make sure it supports the 5GHz band. The 5GHz band has a smaller range but it gives you stronger signals.


When choosing a travel Wi-Fi router you must get the one with USB and Ethernet ports. Simply, Ethernet turns wired into wireless network. As you know, you can connect many more devices to a wireless network.

USB port is equally as important. For once, you power the router through it, but can use it to charge other devices, too.

Battery power:

Since a travel Wi-Fi router should be as portable as possible, we suggest you get the one that works on battery. Simply, it’s much more convenient and lets you use internet even while on the road. However, not many routers have this feature. A second choice that would work is a router that you can power using a USB port. This way you connect it to your lap top and that’s it.

Multiple modes:

  • Router mode – your devices connect to router, and the router connects to the network. Both devices stay invisible on the network.
  • AP mode – creates a wireless network from a wired network using an Ethernet cable.
  • Repeater mode – extends existing wireless network coverage.
  • Client mode – this mode gives a non-wireless device wireless capability using a cable connection.
 Bridge mode – splits the network in two by broadcasting the existing network connection with a different name and password.


At this point, we’re sure you already chose the travel Wi-Fi router you’ll bring with you to your next vacation. We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of having your own network instead of using whatever Airbnb has provided. If anything, you get a reliable and secure performance each time you connect your device to it.

Some of these models are suitable for file storage and sharing, which is perfect for when you’re on vacation. You don’t have to pile pictures on your phone, because you can simply store them in your travel router.

Have you ever used a travel Wi-Fi router? What features seem the most important to you? Please, feel free to join the discussion in the comment section below.

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