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Top 35 Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Latest Movies Online

Top 35 Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Latest Movies Online

Today, we’ll list you the best Free Movie Streaming Sites to watch movies online.

Watching free movies online, without downloading is one of the most common internet activities these days. Movie sites that offer free streaming without registration or memberships are growing larger in numbers every day.

Still there is a number of internet users that have troubles finding the right movie site. So if you need a free movie streaming site, with no registration or sign up, pay attention to this article.

We created a list of free movie streaming sites online, where you can watch movies for free. All of these free movies streaming sites that require no downloading or signing up, just enjoy free movie streaming.

Most of the sites on this list monetize from popup ads, banners or third party links. This means that your experience will be much better if you use an ad blocker.

Also, some sites use Java based players so Chrome might not be the best solution for those sites. Of course, I will note which of these sites have compatibility issues with Chrome or any other browser.

With all this said, we give you the list of top 35 free movie streaming sites, to watch latest movies online.

Top 35 Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Latest Movies Online

1. Mydownloadtube

This is a simple free movies streaming site that allows you to watch movies in full HD with no registration or membership. Most of the movies are available on multiple third party links and the player has subtitle capability.

You can also choose to import your own subtitle file if you like or if the subtitles on your language are not available.

Mydownloadtube is by far one of the best streaming sites and you won’t regret watching free movies here. The site is compatible with any browser, but an ad blocker is recommended.

2. Newmoviesonline

The second free movie streaming site on our list is also one of the best sites and requires no registration. It offers movies by genre, year and popularity. The quality of the videos is good, there are a lot of HD movies to stream without any registration.

All the movies are free to watch via third party links. The site is friendly to all browsers and doesn’t have as much annoying ads and popups.

Newmoviesonline is a great choice for your movie evenings. Whether you’re an action, sci-fi or a thriller fan, this site has something good for you. The subtitle availability depends on the third party link you choose, but most of them offer subtitles.

3. Hugemoviesdb

This is just a beautiful free movie streaming site. It has great user interface that’s easy to use. Movies are sorted by year, genre and rating.

There’s a search bar if you’re looking for a specific movie. All the movies are available to watch via multiple sources and all of them completely without any registration.

You can watch the latest movies absolutely free. Although it tends to be glitch with Chrome, it streams free movies smoothly on all other browsers.

4. Newmovies

This site has a rich library and the content is regularly updated. This is one of those movie streaming sites that doesn’t allow broken links to stay long on site.

All the movies are very intelligently categorized and once you pick a free movie to stream, you get full IMDB information about the movie. Again, works with all the browsers, it has some annoying ads, but that’s something that an ad blocker could salve.

5. freemoviesonline

Free movies online is a movie streaming site with loads of free movies for you. The site allows you to watch free movies online without registration, for unlimited time.

All the free movie streams are available thanks to third party links. Subtitles are available for most of the free movies to decide to watch on this site. If you’re at home and want to watch free movies online, this is the place for you.

You can browse through years, genres or use the search tool to find your favorite free move to watch. There are some ads and popup windows but nothing too serious.

6. Housemovie

Housemovie streams a wide array of free movies online. You don’t need to go through any registration process, just select your free movie and watch it online.

You can pick favorite action movies, comedies or horror movies, they are all free. Movies are streaming via third party links so it’s sometimes possible that you stumble upon a broken link.

But don’t worry because most of the free movies have more than one link for free streaming.

7. Fmovies

This free movie streaming site allows you to watch free movies online with style. It has a classy user interface, excellent movie offer and an elegant design. The home page shows the most recent movies and you get to choose the video quality for yourself.

So if you have a slower internet speed, you can still watch movies in lower resolution. There is no need for registration, all the movies are free and the stream goes smoothly. As for browser compatibility, this site works well with every popular browser.

8. Snagfilms

Snagfilms offers free online movies that don’t usually come out in big cinemas. If you’re not a fan of blockbusters and expensive production movies this is your kind of website.

As oppose to other movie streaming sites Snagfilms offers over 10 thousand LGBT, arts and culture, biography and other genres. Really a breath of fresh air among numerous free movie streaming sites that offer everyday movies.

So even if you’re looking for a change, you should try this site.

9. Wolowtube

Wolowtube is a free movie streaming site that offers loads of fun movies to watch. You can choose among many genres such as action, adventure sci-fi, drama and others.

All the movies are free to watch, streaming is uninterrupted and high quality. There is no need for registration, no one will ask for your credit card info or extra fees. There’s not a lot of ads and popup windows and all the browsers work great with this site.

Wolowtube is one of the free online movie streaming sites you should definitely check out.

10. Putlocker Streaming

Putlocker is a free movie streaming site that offers great movies. All the movies are free and in the highest resolution available. You can upload subtitles from a certain URL or your PC.

As most of the free online movie streaming sites, Putlocker streaming is offering several third party links you can choose. The user interface is user friendly and lets you pick movies by genre, year or via search bar.

All the movies come with full description and IMDB rating.

11. Video Mega

Video mega is a free movie streaming site that offers already well-known movies and some of the latest hits. All the content is free and doesn’t require login or registration of any kind. The user interface is smart and elegant, you can find what you need with no trouble.

There are some popups you’ll have to fight with but that’s the price of free movie streaming. Once you pick your movie, you have to pick one of the third party links and you’re good to go.

One of the many up sides of this web site is that you dot get referred to third party website.

12. MoviesOnline

This is another one of those online free movie streaming website that offer movies for free without registration or login. This site offers so many third party links that it’s almost impossible not to find a working link.

The user interface is a bit complicated and doesn’t say much in terms of how to play a video. A little hint, you have to click on FULL MOVIE.

13. WatchMovieStream

The name of this free movie streaming site tells it all. This site offers unlimited free movie streaming with no login or registration needed.

The user interface resembles Netflix, so if you’re a Netflix user, this site will be easy to use. All the movies are embedded so there is no need to go to third party pages. Movies are categorized by genre and the data base is being updated regularly.

The ads are not as annoying as on other free movie streaming websites. This makes the whole experience comfortable and undistracted. If you like to watch free movies online then this is the site you should not skip.

14. Popcornflix

When it comes to online free movie streaming sites, Popcornflix really represents the best of the best. There is no need for registration, you can barely see the ads and banners, it’s just a perfect streaming website.

Watching free movies online with Popcornflix is a real pleasure. No matter which browser you use, how fast your internet speed is, Popcornflix has something for everyone. Just a great website.

15. NyooTV

NyooTV offers something for all of you Hollywood and Bollywood fans out there. If you’re into Hindi movies then this is a place for you. A free online movies streaming website that requires no registration or log in.

NyooTV offers a wide array of free movies to watch and their data base is getting bigger and bigger every day. Most of the movies have subtitles which is good if you’re not from India.

16. Viewster

It’s never easy to find good anime movies for free online. Viewster solves that problem for you with its large data base of anime.

There are also other free movies available for streaming, and you can watch them all. There is no need to register or log in, no one is going to ask you for any information.

All you have to do is find your favorite movie and watch it for free. Viewster’s user friendly interface will allow you to do that with ease.

17. Veoh

Veoh is not just another online free movie streaming site. It is much more than that. Not only movies, you can watch trailers, short films, cartoons or even post your own videos.

And the best part is that it’s all free. The site is easy to use, the design is modern and elegant. Browser compatibility is outstanding.

And once you’re done watching movies you can visit the forum and discuss with people on various topics.


Watching movies online is easy with free movie streaming sites as this one. A wide array of movies, user friendly environment and everything is free.

All the movies are well organized, and the quality is good. You can choose among many genres such as comedy, drama, war. Thrillers and cartoons. It’s a fun and easy to use website.

There are almost no ads and no popup windows to handle, and you can use any browser you want.

19. Thesolarmovie

Another great online free movie streaming site. Lots of fun movies, great and simple user interface, and a long list of third party sources.

Thesolarmovie is yet another hit if you want to enjoy your Saturday evening at home watching a free movie. There is no registration or login required, you don’t need to download anything, just pick a movie and watch.

All the content is free and updated frequently. Word of advice-use ad blocker cause the popup windows will come out every time you click.

20. TinklePad

Hands down, one of the best free online movie streaming websites on the internet. It has a simple and friendly user interface, compatible with every major browser and a rich movies data base. You can pick your movie, read the full description and choose a third party source.

That’s all there is to it, you are free to watch online movies as much as you like. The site doesn’t require a login or registration, no fees are needed either.

The site is compatible with all browsers and the ads are very rare. Highly recommended website.

21. Zmovie

Zmovie had some issues in the past and had to change their address a few times. For now it seems that they have settled and everything is great again. Large movie data base and many third party links to follow will insure your entertainment.

All the movies are free for streaming, no need to register or login. There are a lot of popups and ads that break the mood. But it’s a small price to pay in order to enjoy free online movies stream.

22. TubiTV

TubiTV is definitely on the top of the list, even though it’s so low on our list. It has a great selection of free movies and TV shows.

The website itself is so elegant and classy, it works fast and is compatible with any browser. All you need is flash plugin so you could play videos in your browser. All the content is free, there is no need to register or login, although the site offers these options.

23. Xmovies8

Another great online free movie streaming site. This site has so much movies it’s almost crazy. The library is being updated regularly and you can even make a request if you wish.

So if you can’t find a movie here, just ask for it and the people at Xmovies8 will help you. It’s enough to say that there are even movies that are currently playing in cinemas. That’s how up to date this website is.

24. 123movies

Another great website, with large library and a request section. 123movies just doesn’t allow its visitors to leave unhappy. The movies are categorized by genre, country, year, name, IMDB rating etc. And if that doesn’t cut it, you can always use the search bar.

The interface is user friendly, design is elegant and you can even leave a message, maybe say “Thank you”! No matter which browser you’re surfing with, this site is compatible.

There is no need to download any plugins, no need to register or login, just pick a movie and enjoy. Indeed one of the best free online movie streaming sites.

25. Retrovision

If you’re a fan of classical movie hits, than this is a place for you. Retrovision offers its visitors classic movie and TV content for free. No need to register, no need to log in, no fees or credit card certifications.

All you need is love for classic comedy, adventure, crime or war movies. There are even classic cartoons, such as Superman.

Retrovision doesn’t have such a large library but that’s mostly because of the specific content it offers. So sit back and relax with some 1940’s comedy hits, I know I will.

26. Hotstar

Another online free movie streaming site that specializes in Hindi movies. For all you Bollywood fans out there, this is a real treat.

No ads, no popup windows, just an elegant and modern design with user friendly interface. Hotstar is the best place for free Hindi movies online.

The site is very responsive and there is no need to leave to a third party website. All the content is played embedded in Hotstar website. Most of the movies are available in HD format, for your viewing pleasure.

27. Watchdocumentary

For all of us nerds, this website is the perfect place to enjoy our evenings. Watchdocumentary offers the largest collection of free online documentary movies.

As with others, this website doesn’t require login or registration. All the content is free and available to enjoy and learn. You can pick your favorite mystery, assassination, war, science or political movie.

No need for downloads no need to pay any extra fees, it’s all free and available for streaming. Watchdocumentary is certainly going to fulfill your needs no matter what age you are.

28. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is another top rated online free movie streaming site. Its database is being filled on a daily base. Every day new movies are coming out, and better versions of existing movies are replacing the old. You can also make requests if you want a movie to be added to the website.

And also, you can register your mail to get news when HD version of a movie comes out. Other than that, no registration or login is required to watch movies on this site. Everything is free, the ads are not too aggressive and the movies are embedded.

There are a lot of CAM editions for you who can’t wait for a better quality.

29. Seehd.Club

Although it doesn’t look like much, Seehd.Club is an excellent free online movie streaming website. It uses a wide array of third party sources to embed links into its pages.

This allows you to enjoy free online movies without the need to leave the site. And it’s all free. No registration, no downloads, no logins. Just pick a movie by category, name, year or any other criteria and click on its poster.

Then you get to the movie page, where you can see the full movie description and play the movie.

30. ClassicCinemaOnline

Yet another great classic movies website. ClassicCinemaOnline offers the greatest classic hits for free. Not only the golden Hollywood age classics, you can watch even the silent films. And all this for free.

No need for registration, no need for login or credit card verifications. Just pick your movie and the website will take you to the movie page. After that, just click play on the embedded player and enjoy the movie. This website has fun design and very clever movie categorization.

Most of the movies are embedded Youtube videos and that’s what makes this site user friendly. Because most of the videos are from Youtube, there is no need for aggressive advertisements and boring popup windows.

31. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline is basically an internet archive that gets filled every day with new free content. If you’re looking for rare movies and those that are not mainstream, this is the place that you want to look into. All the movies on MoviesFoundOnline are free and available for anyone.

You don’t need to login, register or anything. Just enter the website and search for your favorite free online movies. MovieFoundOnline lets you watch free movies online with almost no effort.

32. Gledalica

Gledalica is a Serbian based online free movie streaming site. Although the site is in Serbian, there is no problem to navigate through the site. This is possible because most of the website layout is movie posters and titles.

You can navigate through the main page our use the search bar to find the movie you need. Once you find the movie just click on a play button on the embedded player. All the movies are free and they come thanks to third party sources.

The site is full of the latest movies and most of the content is available in HD. You can create an account if you want to receive news about the latest movies. If all you want to do is watch free movies online, then no registration or login is needed.

33. OnlineFilmovi

A funny looking but very effective website for online free movie streaming. This website offers the latest releases for free. No registration or login needed, works with every browser.

You should use an ad blocker because the popup windows are jumping around every corner. The site doesn’t own any of the free movies that you’re watching, it uses third party material.

The good thing is you don’t get redirected, to see the movie all you have to do is press play.

34. OnlineBioskop

This is a great place to watch online free movies. OnlineBioskop offers all the latest and older movies you could think of. There is also a rich offer of foreign movies, with subtitles included. All the movies are free and provided by third party sources.

Once you pick a movie you want to watch, you get to the movie page. The movie page gives you a full movie description as well as some IMDB info such as credits, and rating.

Finally all you have to do is pick a source and play the movie. It’s that simple.

35. Onlinemovies

Our final pick is Onlinemovies. Online free movie streaming site that allows you to watch free movies with no registration or login. It uses third party content embedded into the body of the website. The site offers HD movies as well as lower quality videos.

You can also make request, in case you can’t find a movie on the website. The website is easy to use, it has a user friendly interface and an elegant design.

Browsing for movies is easy, although you should use an ad blocker. Popup windows are popping whenever you click on a link.


We tried to bring you only the best free websites and cover everyone’s taste in films. You have to keep in mind that the great many of these and other websites are using third party content. This means that they can’t control when a certain movie is not available on a provided link.

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Also, you should always use ad blockers when visiting these sites. Most of them have too many popup windows and misleading banners.

If you don’t want to end up installing toolbars or plugins you don’t need, use ad blocks. This will keep you safe and allow you to enjoy your movie time in full.

Don’t hesitat to tell me in the comments which one of these is your free movie source? Or do you think that I’ve left any website out?


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