Best Gaming Desk 2018

No doubt you have seen them:

The self-described best gaming desks of 2018.

In search of limitless space for your console, you have visited shopping malls and scoured the Internet. Still, while one desk was too large for your room, other provided too small a physical space for your computer. Consequently, here you stand, still doubting your previous desk selection.

Hang on, you might say, isn’t this article supposed to do just that, to provide me with my ideal gaming desk?

Of course, it will. But before that, there’s one thing you need to know.

Not every desk is a gaming desk. For, gaming desks have an ergonomic design, are adjustable and use space efficiently. As a result, not only will you be comfortable even after gaming for hours, but there will also be space for you to place all your gadgets.  

Intrigued by the last paragraph? Want to have a similar computer gaming desk for yourself?

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Ask gamers, and they won’t like anything more than storage space on their workstation. However, when they visit the market in search of top computer gaming desks, they get confused with the abundance of features on offer. To save you from any such confusion, we have prepared a list of the top 14 best desks for gaming. Take a look.

Product NamesWeightDimensionsTypeCost 
Glass Computer Desk39 lbs.23.5''W x 11.75''DStandard$$ Check Price
Dakota Space Saving92 lbs.60 1/8"h x 47 7/16"w x 49 1/8"dL-shaped$$$ Check Price
Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece57 lbs.51" W x 20" D x 29 " HL-shaped$$$ Check Price
Furinno 11192EX/BK22 lbs.39.6(W)x15.5(D)x33.6(H) inchesStandard$ Check Price
Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk70 lbs.28-5/16" H x 51-5/16" W x 53-5/8" DL-shaped$$ Check Price
Home Dakota White/ Sonoma Oak70 lbs.51.3 x 53.6 x 28.3
L-shaped$$ Check Price
Modern No Tools Student Desk
(Editor’s Choice)
44 lbs.47.2 x 15.8 x 30
Standard$$ Check Price
Atlantic Gaming Desk43.6 lbs.44.8 x 26.2 x 7
Standard$$$ Check Price
Origami RDE-0143.8 lbs.47.2 x 23.6 x 29.9
Foldable$$$ Check Price
Z-Line Belaire Glass96.5 lbs.24 x 60 x 37
L-shaped$$$ Check Price
Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation71.7 lbs.26 x 48 x 36
Standard$$$ Check Price
TECHNI MOBILI Complete Workstation
(Best Design)
86 lbs.51 x 27 x 4
Standard$$$$ Check Price
Cabot L Shaped Desk148 lbs.59.5 x 59.5 x 30.1
L-shaped$$$$ Check Price
Studio RTA Producer140 lbs.77 x 34 x 4
Standard$$$$ Check Price

If you don’t have enough space in your room – and want a table which can take care of this fact, go for an L-shaped desk. Conversely, if space isn’t an issue in your calculations, even the standard desks will be sufficient. Still, before you make your decision, I would recommend reading the below mentioned reviews. They will give you enough information to decide whether or not a particular table suits you.

1. Glass Computer Desk – Best under $100

Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

A table which can hold all your gadgets, provide enough space or multi-monitors and weighs just 40lbs, the Glass Computer desk is the first in our list.

Why? Scroll down to find out.


If you want a table which can hold all your gadgets – let alone displaying them, this table is not for you. Rather, as its simple shape might suggest, it can hold one monitor and CPU while the sliding tray will house your keyboard and a mouse.

You can also place a couple of speakers on both sides of the monitor on this table. However, it will require careful and clever placement from your side to make sure there is enough surface for them.

Due to its simple design, this table will provide you with something which complex desks can only dream of: huge leg space. It is where its crisscross cherry leg design will also help. Forming an X shape, this design gives the table stability, while also giving you enough room to maneuver.

As for the tabletop, it is made of heavy duty tempered glass and is 40’’ wide. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t place screens with a larger size. For, if you pay attention, you may notice that the bottom tray of your monitor has a much smaller width than the whole screen.

That is, while the screen of greater size might outgrow the table size, its bottom tray will remain on it. Compare it to the weight capacity of this table, and there should be no problems in placement.

Despite the fact that the desk weighs almost 40lbs, it won’t be that difficult for you to maneuver it. For, the table includes floor glides which help you in moving it easily from one place to the other. What’s more, since the glides are soft, moving the desk won’t make as much noise as well and nor will it leave marks on your floor.

As its price tag might suggest, this desk is not for handling complex tasks. Still, some users expected it to have some kind of cable management system (it has none). Others reported having difficulties while assembling it.

  • Has glides for easy maneuvering
  • Beautiful cherry finish
  • Good leg space
  • Roll out keyboard tray
  • Not suitable for handling multi-monitor system
  • Assembly is difficult

This crisscross designed cherry desk offers a great value for money. It offers a very high quality look, is stable and easy to maneuver. Apart from its assembly, it is likely you won’t have any problems with it provided it suits your needs.

2. Dakota Space Saving L – Best Multi-Purpose Desk

Altra Furniture Dakota Space Saving L Desk with Hutch, Dark Russet Cherry

Want to have a desk which can house two monitors, provide some space for your books and allow you to display your gadgets? This wooden L-shaped desk from Altra Furniture does all three.

How? Scroll down to find out.


One thing I gathered from using this desk is that space won’t be an issue if it meets your needs. For, in addition to having two desks – one front, one side, it has five drawers and you can still use the space above the upper drawers for housing any souvenirs you may have collected over time.

On where you are going to place it, I would like to differ from the experts. Most of them recommend placing L-shaped desks in the corner. While you can do that, it would devoid you of using the space the L-shaped part of the desk provides.

Put simply, if you place it on the corner, there won’t be much room for you to use any gadget placed on the L-shaped wing of the desk. Therefore, if you want to utilize every inch of its space provided, place it just a few feet off the corner so that two persons can work at the same time on this desk.

Unlike other L-shaped desks, this one gives you plenty of leg room. In fact, if you are using a swivel chair – and has a computer on the front and a printer on your side, you can easily revolve the chair to use both without bumping into the table legs.

Giving you a classic example of an efficient cable management system, there is a hole in the front desk for passing cables. Still, if you feel like your cable length is short, forego the cable and utilize the open spaces behind the desk to pass your cables through.

To finish off, it would be a grave injustice to ignore the laminated surface with which the desk is provided. Capable of adding value to any room where you place it, the laminated particleboard will resist both stains and chips for longer periods. As a result, you won’t experience any nicks or chips anytime soon.

To say that this cable is not maneuverable at all won’t be an understatement. Bowed down by a massive 89lb weight, the table contains no glides. Hence, make sure you designate a place for the desk before it arrives. Otherwise, moving it around won’t be easy.

  • Multi-purpose desk
  • Can House Multi-monitors
  • Contains five shelves
  • Good Leg Space
  • Not maneuverable

If you have owned a wood desk in the past, you’d know that they are anything but maneuverable. However, their lack of maneuverability rids them of the nicks which easy-to-maneuver desks get during shifting. Consequently, this is a quality option to have.

3. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk – Best Value for Money

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

As far as gamers are concerned, nothing attracts them more towards a desk than space on the tabletop. Yes, they also like drawers, but nothing beats the feeling when you are able to place three monitors at the same desk at one time. Now as you might guess from where it’s going, this table offers just that space.


Imagine an L-shaped desk without hutch. Now assume it’s the slickest L-shaped table you’ve ever seen in your life. It is how this table looks like. Despite giving loads of space, it won’t cramp space in your room. Instead, by housing maximum of your gadgetry, it would give your room space you never knew existed in the first place.

To give you an example of how it will house three monitors, it is important that you place it in the corner first. For, that is when you can use the center table for placing all your monitors. What’s more, since all three monitors would be placed on the center table, the other two will be absolutely free.

Hence, whether you want to store your books – albeit in pile form, a computer or your gadgetry, the other two desks have loads of space for all such things. Hence, it won’t be wrong if you forego that old study table and use it as one instead, provided you can take your eyes off the gaming monitors while studying.

But what about the CPU, I hear you ask?

You’re right. I haven’t touched this subject yet. Luckily, this table has done quite the opposite. For, beneath the center, the desk is a stand which you can use for placing your CPU. Hanging just above the ground, this stand will provide you with two benefits.

First, after monitors, it is our CPUs which consume the most space on our desk. Hence, by relegating it to a lower space, space has been cleared on the upper side. Second, since CPUs contain lots of cables, their lower-tier placement means these cables will be out of your way.

What about its weight capacity then, you might wonder?

Thanks to steel and tempered glass construction, weight capacity won’t be an issue with this desk. While the former has been used for making rails which stabilize the desk, the latter has been used to give the desk a sleek look. Combine both, and you’d have a table which is true to its weight capacity.

Finally, since the cable comes in black color, it will provide you with the advantage of hiding your cables. Consequently, both your game station and the desk will earn a more sophisticated look.

Notwithstanding the space the tabletop provides, the keyboard tray will leave you cramped for space. In fact, so small is the keyboard tray that you cannot place a standard keyboard alongside a mouse on it.

  • Provides High-End stability
  • Gives away loads of space
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Slick and Stylish
  • You won’t get much space on the keyboard tray

With the combination of three desktops, this table gives you enough space to place electronic gaming gadgets, multiple monitors, and stacks of game cover on it. Add these features to the L-shaped design – which makes the table compact, and you have a serious product in front of you.

Furinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk, Espresso/Black

Talking about products that are ridiculously inexpensive – in a way that buying them for the price makes you feel guilt, the Furinno 11192EX/BK falls into that category. Hence, more than anything else, it was its meager price tag which made it the best seller on Amazon.


Before you start enjoying the features of any desk, it is imperative that you have to build it. Despite the importance of this step, most manufacturers ignore it and go on to make the assembling way difficult. Thankfully, the Furinno has done exactly the opposite with this step.

Apart from helping you with a brilliant manual, Furinno has given a detailed video guideline for the assembly process. Consequently, in six simple steps – which won’t take more than half an hour, you’d be ready to start gaming after assembling the desk.

Its desk has two shelves, one hatch and a tabletop where you can place a single monitor. In contrast to its small price, the stability provided by the desk is of premium quality. That is, even if you bump into it unintentionally, the desk won’t simply roll over.

As you might expect from its diminutive appearance – this desk weighs only 22lbs, it is a cinch to maneuver. Aided with an easy-to-roll bottom surface, you can both roll it over your surface and lift it with an aid from at least one more person. Hence, if you like to experiment with the positioning of your furniture, this table might just suit you.

One thing which I found slightly odd about this desk was the lack of leg space on offer. Although it measures 15.6’’ from the front to the back, there is a wood latch directly underneath the desk. What’s worse, this latch has been placed way too close to where your feet will be.

Hence, if you plan on using this desk – and are anything but on the shorter side, you might have to rest your feet atop this wood latch in case you feel like extending them.

All in all, this is a simple table adequate of handling a single computer system. Anything more than that, and it won’t suit the bill.

Although the weight of this desk makes it easy to shuffle around, its bottom surface scratches way too easily. Therefore, it is suggested you place it on the carpet to prevent scratches. Otherwise, place a towel underneath the table whenever you feel like moving it.

  • Way too inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple, space-efficient design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bottom surface scratches easily

When you are paying such a small price for a gaming desk, you should know what’s coming. Still, for all of its low price, this desk has done a pretty adequate job of giving ample storage space. 

5. Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk – Best Mid-range Desk

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves (Espresso)

If you are looking for a desk which chimes in both as a gaming as well as a traditional office desk, it’d be hard finding a better option than the Home Dakota L-shaped desk. Although a little less conventional when compared with other desks, its value and functionality make it a real winner.


Look at this desk, and you’d instantly realize that it is one of those dual-purpose desks which most users crave for. Thanks to the particle board material with which the desk is constructed, it has a high strength foundation, making it perfect for a gaming desk.

If you have some collections in your arsenal, the desk – or just want to display your gadgetry, you can use the two bookshelves on offer. Though not huge by any means, both these shelves would make any item you place in it the center of attention via their unique design.

Thanks to its L-shape, you can position the desk wherever you want. For example, you can tuck it away in a corner – like a conventional L-shaped desk, or you can position it as a free-standing table. Thus, provided you won’t be able to decide to where to put your desk before buying it, this desk will give you a large number of options.

In similarity to other L-shaped desks, the Home Dakota has been constructed to be neat and tidy. That sleekness, however, doesn’t suggest that the table is flimsy, for it is anything but. The high quality desk will turn the scales at 70lbs, meaning that if there is anything which this desk isn’t, it isn’t lightweight.

Turning our attention to its surface area, and you’d be extremely happy with the space provided by the tabletop. Even if you place multiple monitors, a PC, mouse, and keyboard on the desk, there would still be additional room for you to exploit for your working and writing.

Glancing at its weight capacity, and this table can hold up to 100lbs without breaking a stretch. To put this into perspective, you can place thirty plus chrome books on the desk without any chance of it bowing down.

To finish off, there’s one thing about the Home Dakota which you need to know: it hates being wet. Its particle board material starts to expand on becoming wet. It means you might want to keep your drinks away if you have an uncanny ability of spilling.

As suggested by the geometry of its desk, its assembling is anything but easy. You might have to spend a considerable time to get it up and running.

  • Huge Storage Space
  • Two bookshelves allow you to display your memorabilia
  • Weight capacity of over 100lbs
  • Good leg room
  • Assembly is difficult

If you want to complete your home-office look, your search ends with the Altra Dakota. Best when you fit in at an empty corner, it allows you to store your books, fit your movies and/or display your gadgetry. What’s more, its weight capacity is also supreme. What more can you ask for!

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves, White/ Sonoma Oak

Before you accuse me of repeating myself, let me clarify that there is a one, major difference between this desk and its immediate predecessor. For, while the former has an espresso look, this desk has gone in favor of White Oak. While other differences exist, this one is the most easily noticeable.

What are other differences? Scroll down to find out.


Have lots of gadgetry at your disposal? Want to display all of them to enamor your friends but can’t just quite find the space to do so? If your answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, your wish has come true in the shape of L-shaped Home Dakota Desk.

Thanks to its particular L-shape, this desk is best suited to fit in the corner of your room. Even if your room isn’t small, placing the desk in the corner and out of the way would result in more freeing up of space. Space which you can use to place your other items.

Although this desk contains two bookshelves, it is by no means cluttered. For, there are no drawers, nor is there a cable management system or a hatch. Consequently, in designing such a desk, Dakota has succeeded in making it sleek, simple and highly functional.

In their quest for making the desk simple, Dakota deprived it of keyboard tray, which, to me at least, seems a strange decision. For, when you look at the area just underneath its deck, the desk has got loads of space, one which has all been left vacant for greater leg room.

Don’t get me wrong: we need leg room to maneuver easily, but we also don’t want to place the keyboard in our lap all the time. Nor can we bend over and use the keyboard while it is placed on the deck, alongside the computer.

Hence, while the reduction in the number of moving parts is always a good thing, I think Dakota missed a trick by not providing this desk with a keyboard tray.

Furthermore, if you were horrified with the time required for assembling its predecessor, the Dakota L-shaped White Oak desk would take you even longer to assemble. Hence, it would be better if you’re free the day you are going to assemble this desk.

Comparing it with its Espresso counterpart, the White Oak Home Dakota has an expensive price tag. Maybe, it has to do something that white oak is at play here. For, when you compare the functions of both desks, you couldn’t believe both of them aren’t similarly priced.

As suggested earlier, this desk suffers from two major shortcomings. First, it doesn’t have a keyboard tray. Second, assembling it might consume a full day of yours.

  • Beautiful design
  • Uses space efficiently
  • Huge weight capacity
  • Has a one-year limited warranty
  • Difficult assembly
  • No keyboard tray

If you think you have what it takes to assemble this desk – and can live with no keyboard tray, I see no reason why you shouldn’t choose this desk. It is sturdy, offers a lot of weight and despite costing more than its counterpart and still, it belongs to the low-price spectrum.

7. Modern No Tools Student Desk – Best Lightweight

Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk, Black

In case you were starting to feel we have a bias in favor of wooden desks, here comes another wooden desk to further heighten your concerns. So beautiful this desk is that of all the desks we have reviewed thus far, this one is my personal favorite, one I’d like to have in my living room.


Before you start using a gaming desk, you’ve no option but to assemble it. This step is way too important to ignore – you cannot move forward without finishing it with aplomb. Still, there are companies out there who ought to forget this simple fact. The result, as you might guess, is a beautiful desk but one which takes a lot of effort for assembling.

Luckily, however, this desk has no such shenanigans.

Although its manufacturer’s claim that you can setup the whole desk in only ten minutes is taking things too far, my personal experience with this desk suggests it is a cinch to assemble. Guess what, it requires no tools for assembly. Yes, you can assemble the whole desk with your hands. So, if you were a sceptic like me before, the absence of tools should change your viewpoint.

 All of us love everything related to wooden desks, bar their maneuverability. Especially for all-wood desks, they are a pain in the back to move. They have huge lugs of wood which weighs tens of pounds, making moving around the table next to impossible.

To address this shortcoming of wooden desks, Convenience Concepts have provided their brainchild with stainless steel poles. In addition to saving the desk from rust, the stainless steel poles make it lightweight. And with table glides at the bottom, you won’t have any problem moving this desk around.

To give you plenty of leg space, Convenience Concepts have experimented with the idea of side-located drawers. Two on each side, the four drawers leave plenty of wide spaces in the middle of the desk. It is here you can place your chair and owe to the free space on both sides, you can pick up items from all the four shelves with ease.

According to some users, they weren’t overly happy to find out that this desk contains no sliding keyboard tray. While it doesn’t contain that, there is a makeshift arrangement just underneath the center of the table top for keyboard placement. That is, this desk does have a keyboard tray, albeit the fact that it won’t slide out.

Finally, if you can’t live without showing off, this desk – thanks to its four open shelves, would let you display all your itinerary. That said, there is one thing you need to know about the shelves. They have no wall on their back side, meaning anything place straight will just fall out. To prevent this from happening, either cram the space with books or place the desk against the wall.

Surprisingly, customers reviewing this desk didn’t have much bad to say about its performance. Rather, it was the customer service and product delivery of Convenience Concepts which attracted their ire.

  • Assembly requires no tools
  • Fashionable shelves
  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight is easy to maneuver
  • Would be little flimsy if you lean on it

Provided you use your walls for leaning purposes, nothing ever should go wrong with this desk. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver and makes the most of the space provided.

8. Atlantic Gaming Desk – Most Popular Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk - Not Machine Specific

It doesn’t matter which gaming desk review you read, the name of Atlantic Gaming Desk will appear in every one of them. In addition to being lightweight, it offers huge storage capabilities and also provides a power strip holder for your electrical plugs.


First thing first, if you want a desk with all bells and whistles, you wouldn’t want to miss the Atlantic gaming desk. Be it your microphone, speakers, gaming controllers and even your soft drink cup, the Atlantic Gaming Desk has got a holder for each of these items.

Did I just say drink holder? You bet I did. But what about spills, you may ask?

Well, if you look closely, you’ll find that the cup holder is hanging slightly off the desk’s edge. It means that if/when spills occur, their natural movement would take the splash away from the table, hence saving the desk from moistness.

In case you were wondering, even after providing space for so many items, the Atlantic Gaming Desk still provides ample space for your leg room. For this purpose, it has used a trapezoidal leg design. Despite their relatively awkward looks, these legs give the table the solidity and rigidity which even most wood desks can only dream of.

More importantly, thanks to their geometry, the trapezoidal legs make sure that more weight is distributed over less space. This, in turn, frees up space to give you brilliant legroom.

Moreover, despite not being inexpensive, this table offers you one feature which you normally expect from high-priced tables: cable management system. Located on the back side of the desk is a channel from which you can pass your cables to reduce the clutter on the raised platform.

As for the desk, it is a combination of metal poles and wood and has a sturdy cross bracing. Thanks to the laminated wood surface, the desk is extremely easy to clean, while also being extremely durable and ultra-strong.

What’s more, if you have invested in speakers, you’d be happy to note that this desk gives enough space for speakers, going all the way to 6’’*5’’ in dimensions.

Finally, this table contains a charging station but it does much more than you think. For, if you have placed your tablet on the desk, it allows you to tilt your tablet at a certain angle so that its display can be read and the tablet can be charged at the same time.

Secondly, there is that power strip holder which gives you the freedom of holding your plugs and power adopters. Add it to the two cable ducting channels on the back side of the back side of the desk, and it means you can tuck your cables away cleanly and neatly.

Still, in case you are worried that the cables will be dangling in the air, this desk gives you the option of zipping them to its skinny legs.

Despite the fact Atlantic has provided this table with two pre-drilled holes for easy assembly, most consumers’ encountered difficulties while assembling it.

  • Stores a large number of accessories
  • Has a Cable Management System
  • Includes a charging station
  • Adorned with a beautiful silver metallic finish
  • Difficult assembly

There are so many features of this gaming desk that listing all of them in a single article is not possible. However, when you look at the price tag, you feel like Atlantic have kept the price extremely competitive for such a rich feature list. 

9. Origami RDE-01 – Foldable Gaming Desk

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

If you live in a small apartment or a condo – and have to put up with limited space, you might not be able to put up with large-space-consuming desks. What you need, rather, is a desk like the Origami RDE-01 which you can fold away when not using.


After hearing about the foldability of this desk, the next question most people ask is about its stability. According to them, a desk which you can fold cannot be as stable as non-foldable desks.

However, the Origami RDE-01 rubbishes away any such rumors.

For, like all the best gaming desks out there, Origami have used a combo of wood and steel in this desk’s construction. With the former giving the desk sturdiness, the latter adds stability to its legs. Consequently, unless you bump it with maximum force, the desk won’t roll over.

Another testament to the stability of this desk is the weight capacity of its shelves. Now, when I’m talking about shelves, I’m not talking about those traditional boxes which we have been seeing till now. What I’m referring to are three compartments located underneath the table top.

This desk boasts three such compartments: one each on left and right with a bigger one at the center. Though first glance of these shelves might not be encouraging, all three of them have a weight capacity of 250lb each when placed on a level surface.

More importantly, that’s not it with shelves. For, since the desk gives you the option of attaching wheels to its legs, the weight capacity of shelves in such a scenario drops down to 75lb each. Hence, even if you attach wheels, the weight capacity isn’t less by any stretch of the imagination.

Moving on, the Origami RDE-01 – apart from its foldability, gives you another incentive should you choose to buy it. It requires no assembly. Yes, since it is foldable, the manufacturer will dispatch the whole piece fully assembled. All you have to do is to unfold the desk on its arrival and it would be ready to go.

The working area of the Origami RDE-01 gives you another reason to buy this desk. Spanning at around 7sq.feet – one you measure it fully, the working area lets you place a couple of monitors, CPU and even some of your gadgets.

All in all, despite being foldable, this desk is not at all shabby. In fact, if you use it carefully, it could become the longest serving piece of furniture in your home. That’s how sturdy it is!

Even with all the weight capacity of the shelves, this desk won’t provide designated space for your gadgetry. Hence, you might have to store them somewhere else.

  • Foldable
  • Three shelves with huge weight capacity
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Sturdy
  • Won’t allow much designated space for your gadgetry

If you change homes frequently, this is the gaming desk you need to have. It folds quickly, is easy to move around and doesn’t weigh a ton. What’s more, it’s got all the bells and whistles which modern gamers crave of in their tables.

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

If someone ever told you that glass hasn’t got the ability to handle extensive weights, show them this desk. Thanks to its combination of reinforced plates, a solid metal frame, and unique leg geometry, it can handle the weight of all your gaming essentials.


Thanks to its unique geometry, the Z-Line Belaire L-shaped gaming desk can provide multiple uses, apart from giving you a hassle-free gaming experience. It has spacious dimensions which not only make it easier for you to play games but also allows the addition of multiple monitors.

You might be confused to see the transparent glass surface – since it gives away a chic look, but it won’t compromise on strength. Clearly tempered, it has a weight capacity in excess of 100lbs, meaning it can handle nearly everything a gamer’s arsenal has to offer without bowing down.

Also, if you consider yourself a material science geek, there is another reason why you should go for this table. While the metal frame was sturdy enough on its own, Z-line took no chances as they reinforced it with welding plates. The result, as you might guess, is a desk which stays true to its 94lb weight.

Turning our attention to its color and dimensions, and it is easier to note that Z-line weren’t overly concerned about making the desk fancy. As a result, things have been kept quite simple in terms of appearance, which is a good thing since most gamers don’t want anything extra fancy. What they want, however, is good weight capacity and that is what this desk provides.

With all due respect to other features, most of them emanate from the fact that this desk is L-shaped. Hence, we cannot discuss all of them without first discussing the uniqueness of this design. As things go – and due to the L-shaped design, this desk has been able to give away a roomy design.

That is, in addition to giving the main working surface, there are two side-shelves and yet another shelve above the two lower placed ones. So, while you can place multiple monitors on the side shelves, the upper one may house your Xbox or PS4.

One feature which this desk boasts – and which I wasn’t expecting, is the use of filler glass. Although it doesn’t have a back-of-the-arc support, the filler glass still lets the desk handle significant weights. There is that square-tube support which doesn’t allow the shelf to wobble or bow down.

Finally, unlike most other gaming desks, you get a limited lifetime warranty on this product. That is, if you can use it with caution, you’ve virtually nothing to lose.

If you are planning to go on a vacation – or are going to shift your home, this desk will give you a hard time provided you decide to bring it along with you. Weighing at 94lbs, this desk is anything but lightweight. And as you might guess, such weight limits the portability of this desk to a great extent.

  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Has a roomy design
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Slide Out Keyboard tray
  • Not easily portable

As its price tag might suggest, this desk is not for handling complex tasks. Still, some users expected it to have some kind of cable management system (it has none). Others reported having difficulties while assembling it.

11. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation – Sophisticated

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Are you looking for a multi-tiered desk? Want to have a table which lets supports a studio-setup? If your answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, the Z-line Cyprus workstation is what you need.

Why? Scroll down to find out.


I’ve always been a fan of desks-cum-workstations. Not only do they allow me to place my gaming peripherals, but they also provide me a room for my books. Thankfully, then, the workstation from Z-line does both.

To store your gaming peripherals, there is that tabletop with a chrome plated glass. Though not the best in business, it has the ability to hold its own. For, it can hold nothing more than a single monitor, no matter what its manufacturers say.

However, that doesn’t mean that the usefulness of the Cyprus Workstation stops there. Yes, the tabletop might handle only one monitor, but there is a latch and two underneath shelves to house more of your belongings.

If I was to be using this workstation, I’d be using the upper latch for housing my PS4 and the two controllers. If you are good at organizing things – I’m not, you may even place your DVDs on the upper latch. But for that to happen you may want to place the workstation against a wall since there is no support behind the latch.

As for the two shelves at the bottom, they do two things: one good, one bad. The good thing is obvious: they provide plenty of space to work with. You may store your books, your gaming consoles or anything belonging to the small-to-mid range weight category.

As for their shortcoming, it arises from the way both these shelves are designed. Unlike what we have seen so far in other desks, both the shelves aren’t separate. Rather, they are connected, probably to give some extra space in the middle.

While the extra space is provided, it is done at the cost of decreased leg room. For, behind the shelves is a glass boundary which stops you from extending your legs. Hence, even if you are on the taller side – meaning you cannot sit close to the desk without spreading your legs, you might have a problem with this desk.

On the positive side, you won’t have the problem of your keyboard or mouse spilling over the desk. For, on all four sides, there is a black border to prevent the same. Another good feature is the size of the keyboard tray.

It is as large as the tabletop itself, meaning you can place an extra-large keyboard and there would still be space for a mouse. To ensure easy mobility, there are castors beneath all four legs, without whom, it would have been difficult for you to lift or push the 72lb desk.

When compared with Z-line L-shaped desk, the Cyprus Workstation charges you extra. This despite the fact that the storage space is on the smaller side in the case of the workstation. There is also the “small” matter of little legroom as we discussed in the previous lines.

  • Includes a latch for housing additional items
  • Extra-large slide-out keyboard tray
  • Sturdy glass tabletop
  • Castors ensure easy mobility
  • Legroom isn’t that huge

For the lovers of wooden desks, the Cyprus Workstation has got much to offer. It is sturdy, allows easy mobility and has more than a hint of glass to add to its elegance.

12. TECHNI MOBILI Complete Workstation – Retro Looks (Best Design)

TECHNI MOBILI Complete Workstation Computer Desk with Storage - Chocolate

If you have still got the table which your grandma owned back in her day, its looks might not be much different from this one. Apart from that – and particularly when you talk about functionality, this computer gaming desk will be miles ahead.


My desk has for too much storage space, said no gamer ever. That said, if there is one desk which can make you say this, it has to be the TECHNI MOBILI Complete Workstation. How? Two important features come to play.

Like all retro desks, this one has been two small and one extra-large drawer. While you can use the former two for storing your CDs, the last one might house your controllers. All three of them have been provided with rust-resistant handles, so opening/closing them won’t be a problem.

On towards the next feature, and Techni Mobili have named it as a CPU storage cabinet. There is a reason for this nomenclature: the huge opening on the back of the cabinet. As well all know, CPUs generate heat, and it is our responsibility to dissipate it.

Some people take the arduous route of installing a cooling fan, good but not great. Others, like me, don’t want to spend and place the CPU in open. Thankfully, you have to do neither since the gaming computer desk will dissipate heat all by itself thanks to the large opening on the back side of the CPU storage cabinet.

As for the weight capacity, the desktop can withstand up to 90lbs. It means you can erect multiple monitors and electronic accessories without the fear of it bowing down.

If the desk has blown you away by its weight and storage capacity, prepare yourself to drool over its construction finesse. Using a high grade, composite Medium density fiberboard (MDF), Techni Mobili have prepared a desktop for all weather conditions.

As experts tell us, MDF stands up better to weather changes and is more stable as compared to solid wood. In contrast to solid wood, it doesn’t expand or contract with the rising and falling of humidity and temperatures. Nor does the hairline cracks – which are a common occurrence with solid wood, are to be seen with MFF.

Finally, despite providing huge storage spaces, it was good to find out that this desk won’t interfere with your leg room. For, since the shelf is stacked on one side and the drawers on the other, the center gives unimpeded leg space.

If you have a knack of – or are forced to shifting locations every few months, you won’t be impressed with the portability of this desk. For, weight well over a 100lbs, its portability is very much limited. Second, it has a poor wiring arrangement, compounded by the fact that back wall has no pre-drilled cable holes.

  • Easy Assembly
  • Huge storage spaces make it perfect for multitasking
  • Large opening in the CPU Storage Drawer won’t let heat to accumulate
  • Made with high quality MFD wood
  • Poor wiring arrangement
  • Not easily portable

Despite its limited portability and poor wiring arrangements, the features of this furniture suggest that it has got much better to offer. Hence, if these shortcomings do not cause you to concern, the TECHNI MOBILI Complete Workstation deserves your attention.

13. Cabot L Shaped Desk – Under $300

Cabot L Shaped Desk in Espresso Oak

Generally speaking, L-shaped desks are confined to the corner the moment one discovers they are L-shaped. The Cabot L-shaped desk, however, is different. For, it will work just as well against a flat well as it will in a corner.


One of the major reason the Cabot table merits your attention is its modern design and style. Thanks to its dark wood frame, the Cabot L-shaped desk brilliantly complements a gaming atmosphere, while also revealing little, if any dirt that is on it.

What’s more, to give you a huge surface area to play and a spacious feel, its setup allows you to set up a big gaming chair for your pleasure. Similar is the case with its drawing work. To enhance the feel and look of the unit, the bottom-right located cupboard has a stylish fluted glass door. Furthermore, to help you store extra items i.e. your books, a comfortable space has been given above the cupboard.

As far as I was concerned, one of the best features this desk has is the inclusion of four USB ports. After all, who likes dangling cables all the time? Coming pre-drilled on the top, these four USB ports allow you to enjoy your gaming experience without any loose cables.

Regardless of the number of gamers that might be using this table at any instant, it has got a phone storage unit to provide a storage space for all their phones. Located horizontally underneath the table top, you can use this storage unit for either charging your phones or just leaving them idly.

Lastly, in addition to giving you a storage tray for your portable digital devices, this cabinet is provided with a wide drawer, a shelf, and even a wide drawer. Hence, space is the last thing you’d run out of if you are using this computer gaming desk.

Users have voiced two concerns about this cabinet. First, they believe that it could have done better with a keyboard tray, which it lacks. Second, the instructions for assembling the product are unclear.

  • Comprehensive storage space provided by cabinets, shelves, and drawers
  • Brilliant cable management thanks to a four-port USB hub
  • Wooden design is elegant
  • Sturdy
  • No keyboard tray

Since it came on the very last numbers in our review, you might have felt of seeing a disjointed, disfigured product. However, in the Cabot L-shaped desk, you have got a cabinet which can suit all your needs.

14. Studio RTA Producer – Runner-Up, Best Overall

Studio RTA Producer Station Maple

If you’d like to be bamboozled seeing the depth of features one single desk can offer, say hello to the Studio RTA Producer. It has got so much in so little space that you cannot believe it until you use it. Still, before you use it, you’d have to pay a pretty steep price for this table. 


To be honest, Studio RTA Producer was NOT designed to be a gaming desk. Rather, it suited music lovers so that they can store all their fancy electronic equipment in it. Nevertheless, gamers weren’t disappointed on using this desk.

To start off, you don’t have to be a good organizer to store all your gear in this desk. For, there are designated spaces for your keyboard, CDs and even larger gear. But first, we take a look at its immense storage capabilities.

Talking about the slide-out keyboard shelf on offer, it measures an extraordinary 26.25’’, meaning you can place even the largest of gaming keyboards with aplomb. Move up from the keyboard shelf, and you’ll see an 8-space rack. Here you can place all your equipment which you would like to be on display.

Move a little more up, and there is a top tier for storing an extra monitor or keyboard. On the back of the desk are cable organizers meant to keep the cables at bay.

Having seen all these immense storage, capabilities, it won’t be wrong if I admit that the RTA Producer is an organizer’s dream.

Finally, despite the fact that it weighs 140lbs – making RTA producer the second heaviest table in our review, it is highly portable thanks to the 8-wheels supporting the whole table’s weight.

Yes, this desk has got a lot of extravagant features to offer. Still, its price tag is astronomical, meaning you have to have very deep pockets if you want to use its features.

  • Immense Storage Space
  • Good Cable Management System
  • Two slides out keyboard trays
  • Designated spaces for all your gear
  • Ultra-expensive

To be honest, there’s only one thing that can stop a hardcore gaming from enjoying the features of this desk: its price. However, if the price is not a stopping factor, I see no reason why anyone shouldn’t buy the Studio RTA Producer.

Gaming Desk Buyer Guide

Until now, only the gaming desks were our main point of attention. From here on, we’ll show you what makes a good gaming desk and how can you search for it. We’ll give you a list of features pursuing which you can give your computer maximum sitting space, while also getting maximum comfort for yourself.

What Makes a Good Gaming Desk?

There is no universal definition of what makes a good gaming desks. Everything depends on your preference. Honoring this fact, we won’t recommend you any desk. What we will do, rather, is to give you a feature-list to decide which desk suits you.

Here are some features which make a good gaming desk:

Ergonomic Design

Why do you need an ergonomic design? Well, if you wish to reduce the risks of developing shoulder pains, hip aches, and back aches, an ergonomic desk is a must. Otherwise, if you intend to game for longer, the wrong position of your arms might result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

To choose an ergonomic design, buy a desk which offers a matte finish, for it will reduce eye glare, meaning less stress on your eyes. Another thing you want to ensure while purchasing the desk is making sure that without any stretching, your hands can work on the keyboard.

Also, if you use something intermittently, make sure it is within your reach. For this, you might want to create space on the upper side of the desk by keeping it uncluttered. Your feet, while working on the desk, shouldn’t be hanging in the air. They should rather be flat on the ground with your knees bent at an angle of 90*. 

If your desk contains a keyboard tray, you should place your mouse alongside your keyboard. In this way, your elbows will be bent at a 90* angle while your wrist won’t be bend while typing. All in all, what you need is an ergonomic workstation, one which lets you go on with your work without causing any unnecessary pains.

Adjustable Height desk

Gone are the days when gamers used to sit all day. Knowing the drawbacks of sitting for longer periods, most of them now alternate between sitting and standing while playing their favorite game. If you want to do the same, you need an adjustable height desk.

Adjustable height desks come in three types: electronic, hand-cranked and pneumatic/hydraulic. Of the three, hand-cranked desks are the most inexpensive and are least ergonomic. They are prone to various load-imbalance issues, meaning their shelf life is way too small.

As for the hydraulic desks, they are both elegant and quite. That said, despite the fact that they are very expensive, they normally don’t have a preset height option – meaning you are on your own to calculate your ideal desk height. Also, they can’t hold much weight as well.

Electronic height adjustable desks are stable, don’t wobble from one side to the other, and lower/raise as smoothly as possible. They are also the most resilient to handling bumps.


No single feature affects the prize of the desk as much as its material of construction. While some materials will amplify the price tag, other will dampen it. Let’s take a look at some of the most common desk building materials.

Steel and PVC
Tempered Glass

Multi-Purpose Usage

Gaming desks do much more than providing space for your gaming computers. That is the major reason why most people turn to them in the first place

To give you just one example, invest in a desk with wheels. It will be easy to move to and fro, hence allowing you to create space if/when required. Similarly, locking casters are also recommended for desks with wheels since they stop the desk from rolling around.

Therefore, when choosing a desk, make sure it is easily maneuverable. Another thing you may want is drawers as they allow storage of a large number of items without causing clutter. Hence, make sure your upcoming desk has a place for nearly everything in your house.

Hooks and Holders

If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed that the best gaming desks give more space for storage than they do for placing your monitor. Why is it so? Well, the greater the number of storage options, the less clutter will be on the table and more monitors you can place on the tabletop.

Weight Capacity

These days, most gamers have a lightweight computer, some monitor arms, a keyboard tray and 1-4lightweight monitors on their desks. If you belong to the rare breed, you may also want to add a CPU holder or a printer underneath your desktop.

While you can add as many items you want, your gaming desk – particularly electric gaming desk, won’t be able to do that. Hence, to make sure its lift capacity is par, here are several factors you need to consider:

Tabletop weight
Side Load Stresses
Unevenness of the desk frame

Hence, if your desk frame is uneven, make sure the weight you put on it is less than its weight capacity by at least 15-20lbs. Otherwise, the desk might bow from the load you put on it.

Desk Layout

Different people have different ideas when it comes to desk layouts. Some like to have a plain desk while others want as many drawers as possible. The choice, once again, is yours.

If you only have one desktop, a couple of speakers and the usual keyboard and mouse, a plain desk might be sufficient for you. Conversely, if you want a desk which can store your books and all your gadgets, you might need storage drawers, monitor stands, and slide-out keyboard holders. 

Shape and Dimensions

Most people think about their gaming consoles while choosing a gaming desk. Others keep their room size in consideration while doing the same. It goes without saying that it is the LATTER approach which you need to adopt.

If your room doesn’t have enough free space, go for an L-shaped desk. You can place them in your room’s corners to free up space in the center.

Types of Desks

As suggested earlier, it is your room’s size which should dictate the type of desks you can buy. With this point in mind, take a look at four common desk types:

L-shaped Desks

If you want to utilize every inch of space in your room, you need an L-shaped desk. You can also place these desks in the corner to free up more space in the center of your room. Another notable advantage provided by these desks is that they let you multi-task. They allow you to set up multiple monitors while also giving you the freedom of switching your keyboard tray’s placement.

What’s more, you can use L-shaped desks from both sides, and they can also work as a room divider. Hence, if you want the same desk to have your PC and your office work, an L-shaped desk would fit the bill.

On the negative side, L-shaped desks don't provide enough support to computers which you may use for hardcore. Their cable management system isn’t supreme, a fact you need to take into account if you are a hardcore gamer.

Multi-tier desk

Is your life divided between reading books and playing games? Never get enough storage spaces for your books? Feel like your DVDs cover most of the area in your house? If you are nodding in the affirmative, it means you may need a multi-tier desk.

Since they are tiered, these desks create ample space for your peripherals in addition to your mouse and keyboard without requiring extra space on the ground.

Rectangular Desk

If you love all things simple – meaning you love a table with four legs, a rectangular desk is a must-have. These desks will never run out of vogue, meaning they would remain in fashion regardless of time. Also, they are stable and sturdy.

On the negative side, rectangular desks won’t give you a lot of space. However, this shortcoming will work to your advantage if space is at a premium in your house. For, the entirety of rectangular desks is usable, meaning they have no dead spaces which you cannot use.

U-shaped gaming desk

If you are looking for a gaming desk which provides ample space for your baggage – but won’t cover your whole room, the U-shaped gaming desks are a terrific option.

Despite the fact that they leave room for sufficient storage, workspace and the arrangement of the peripherals, these desks allow you to set up multiple monitors.

Standing Desk

As suggested earlier, standing desks have now become a fashion in hardcore gamers and office workers alike. By giving you the option to stand while playing games, these desks would save you from pains that come from incessant sitting.

What’s more, if you can afford to pay a bit extra, there are standing desks which come with treadmills. That said if you plan on getting a standing desk, make sure its height meets your exact specs.

Mistakes to Avoid

So far, you’ve looked at features which you need in your gaming desk. From here on, our attention turns to mistakes which you need to avoid.

Forgetting What Your Needs Are

Fromexperience, I can tell how easy it is to get excited while viewing different setups online. Worse, the beauty of such setups might make us forget what our needs are. In worst case scenario, we might end up with a brilliant gaming desk, while fulfils none of our requirements.

So, before you make a final decision, take a second look at what your needs are. Look at the size and number of your monitor(s), the size of your console, where would you keep your accessories and much more.  Only after you have assessed your unique situation should you go on and make the final purchase.

Ignoring the Setup

In contrast to what they show on Amazon, desks never come in one-piece. You have to assemble it – a process which takes considerable time. Greater the complexity of the desk, more time and work you will have to expend in setting it up.

On the flip side, if you feel your tolerance level for assembling furniture is low, it is recommended to invest your money in a simple desk. For, it will have an easy assembly, one which you can get together with minimum fuss.

Ignoring the Cables

Once again, look at the Internet, and you’d see lots of models with no cables or very small number of cables. Real life, however, is different. There are lots of cables you need to organize and to do that, buy a desk which has a cable management system.  

Put simply, look at your cable management plans and compare it with the cable management mechanism of your desk. Only after both of them comply with each other should you buy the desk you liked so much previously.


In contrast to what most people think, there is no thing as the perfect computer desk for everybody. As PC Gaming enthusiasts might tell, the best computer desks vary from one person to another. What suits you might not suit your friend or vice versa.

With this fact in mind, we embarked on the search for the best desk for gaming. However, unlike most people, we didn’t stop at one desk. Rather, we compiled a list of fourteen desks of varying traits the features of all of which vary so much from each other that when combined, all fourteen serve a wide range of audience.

Thus, no matter what your needs are, the abovementioned list of products has got you covered!

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