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20 Free Movie Download Sites To Download Latest Movies

20 Free Movie Download Sites To Download Latest Movies

Do you want to know where to find free movie downloads on the internet ? Well, this is your lucky day. I’m going to show you 20 free movie websites where you can download movies on your computer.

Now most of these free movie websites don’t store movies on their servers for various reasons. You just use them as a connection between you and the server that stores the movies you download. Some free movie websites only offer links to other online sites that allow you to download free movies.

So, it’s not so easy to find good free movie downloads. You have to be sure that you won’t download any malware or Trojan, there’s a lot of fake free movie websites. There are a lot click bait sites, which use you to get the clicks for ads.

Now that we got the “whats” and “whys”, it’s time for the list of 20 free movie downloads sites.


Free Movie Downloads Sites Without Registration

1. DivX Crawler

DivX Crawler is a direct download site, which allows you to download free movies. You don’t have to register, no membership is required, just search for the movie and click. The download is not restricted, you download at your full speed. The movie quality is described in terms of file format and size.

There is a short plot description with every movie, so you can see what the movie is about. The site design allows you to browse for the movies with no problems. Down side is that the movies are not categorized and there is no search bar. This means that you have to scroll and go page by page in order to find a specific movie. But other than those two things, DivX Crawler lets you fully enjoy free movies download.

2.My Download Tube

Now this site allows you to download free movies or their trailers but it doesn’t work so smooth. If you have any kind of ad blocker or pop up blocker, you have to disable your ads protection. If you keep your ad blocker on, the site won’t allow you to do almost anything. This includes browsing categories, searching for a movie and downloading.

If your ads and pop up protection is off, you are free to use the resources that My Download Tube offers. And it’s not only movies, you can download TV shows, cartoons, music videos and lots of other multimedia files.

One more thing about this free movie downloads site, when you download a movie, the site redirects you to a mirror. This means that you are not downloading the movie directly from My Download Tube.

3. MoviesMast

MoviesMast offers a free movie downloads. You can browse through several categories such as: Hollywood, Bollywood, WWE shows, South Hindi movies or even Hollywood dubbed Hindi. There is also a search bar, this means that you can find movies using keywords. The movies are available for direct download, no mirrors, and no reference sites.

You don’t have to register in order to download from this free movie website, no membership required. Also, you can stream the movies and TV shows directly on this website for free.

The website is pretty simple, no need to turn off ad blockers, it’s not annoying. The movie description is mostly unavailable, and the video quality is not described. Also, there is no comment section, so you can’t see any user feedback.

4. 300mbmovies4u

300mbmovies4u is a website for free movie downloads and streaming. This website has a wide aray of categories. You can choose among the diferent video qualities and genres, and there’s even an adult category. Once you find the movie you want to watch, you get redirected to a page with a number of sources. Then you just click to any source and you get to stream or to download free movies. There are no adblock issues, any browser works, there is no need for additional ad ons.

If you decide to stream, there is a full screen mode, you can insert subtitles if you have. All the movies that are available for download are awailable for streaming, too. And also, you get to choose multiple stream sources.

5. HD Movies Point

HD Movies Point is a free movie downloads site with a lot of the latest and earlier movies available. And you get to download free movies, as well as free TV shows, cartoons and some documentaries. This site also offers free online movie streaming, in case you like that better than downloading movies online. This website is totally free, no membership or registration needed, you can download any full movie.

The free movie website has a lot of categories to browse for full movies and TV shows. There’s also a search bar, which allows you to look for a movie by its name. Although, there are popup windows and ads that you have to deal with. But, when you handle those, you get to download or stream full movies for free, so it’s ok.

6.Free Movie Downloads6

Free Movie Downloads6 is another among many websites that provides you with free movie downloads. It’s totally free, no registration, just search for the movie you’re interested in and download or stream it.

There are a lot of categories for you to choose for both streaming and downloading full movies. All the movies have full descriptions, you can see the plot, file size, video quality or even the file format. Every movie has a comment section, so you can read the feedback, see if anyone complains about an issue.

Both download and streaming on this free movie website is direct. This means that the website is not going to redirect you anywhere. So whether you download free movies or stream, you do it on Free Movie Downloads6.


Movies4Mobile has a pretty self-explanatory name. Most of the free movies here are formatted for mobile users. It offers free movies downloads, there is no streaming, also there are not a lot of TV shows offered. The download is direct and unlimited, there are no memberships or registrations requests. The video quality differs from movie to movie, it’s mostly decent.

This free movie website offers a full movie and TV show description, but there is no comment section, you can’t see feedback. Most of the movies that are available for download are Hindi, the largest category on this website is Bollywood.

So if you like the Bollywood production, you should download free movies on Movies4Mobile.

8. XMovies8

This is one of the best online free movie downloads and streaming site, by far. There are a lot of categories, you can choose between so many free movies and TV shows. It’s got a user friendly page design, there are no popups if you use ad block.

Once you find a movie you want to watch, just click it and choose to download or stream it. All the movies come with full description, runtime, plot and video format. There’s a comment section you can use to leave your feedback or see what others think of the site. For every movie there’s a list of available servers. So, if one of the servers is unavailable or the file is missing, you can try the next one.

XMovies8 offers all the movies and TV shows for free. This means no registrations or memberships to pay. All you do is find a movie, click and enjoy online free movie downloads and streaming.

9.  CartoonHD

This free movie website is a bit different than the others. The primary service that CartoonHD offers to its visitors is full movies online streaming. But, once you pick a movie and you start to stream, you can change the source and see which of them allows a full movie download for free.

Most of the movies and TV shows on this site have multiple sources, you can choose any of them. In time, you can learn which ones offer full movies download for free. Every movie on this website has a full description, there’s a wide array of TV shows and live sport events, too. This comes handy if you’re a sports fan and want to kill some time while your free movie is downloading.

10.  world4ufree

This website offers free movie downloads and TV shows. The first sentence describes world4ufree, completely. It’s so easy to browse this site for free online movies, just a few clicks and you’re done. World4ufree offers free download from the internet and you don’t even need to pay for any registrations or limitations.

Every movie has a full description, sample screenshots that show video quality and comment section. Also, when you pick a movie for free download, you choose the server, also.

There is no limit to the amount of movies you can download from this free movie website. All the movie and TV shows lists are updated regularly. This means new free movies downloads come online often. So if you want to download a full film, even some of the latest movie hits, go to world4ufree.

11. New Movies Online

New Movies Online offers free movies downloads from the internet. It’s completely free, no registration or membership, you can download free movies from this website with no limits. The front page has a list of films to download for free and all you have to do is click. The next step is to choose a secure link from which you want do download and that’s all.

As always, the ads are a nuisance that you have to cope with. You can choose from a wide specter of genres such as action, comedy, history, documentary or any other mainstream genre.  Next to every movie stands its IDMB rating and full description.

12. Fully watch online

Fully watch online allows you not just to watch free online films. You can easily download free movies on this website. When you find a movie, by clicking on a title or using a search bar, a new tab opens. In new tab you can see the full movie description and a list of secure servers.

If you want to download free movies, all you have to do is click on one of the links. After that a free download starts at full speed. No limits, no registrations needed. As it is with most of the sites in this list, this one also has a comment section. It’s worthwhile to visit this free movie website if you want to download full movies for free.

13. Gingle

Gingle is a fun free movie website. It offers action movies, comedies, latest blockbusters, Bollywood hits and all that for free. There is no limit as to how many films you can download for free on this website. You can download them all. There is a search bar on top of the home page and a fun button at the bottom of the bar, “Random Movie”.

This button gives you a random movie to download, it helps when you’re on a website and you can’t decide which movie to download. You don’t have to fill any registration forms, it’s all free. The site owners encourage the visitors to make request. So if you want to see a movie and you can’t find it on Gingle, just say the word and the owners will try and help you out.

14.Cool MovieZ

Cool MovieZ is mostly Hindi production based website. All the movies are free movie downloads. You don’t have to go through any registrations, just pick and click. There are a lot of Hindi TV shows available for free download and streaming.

So if you’re a Bollywood fan or you like Hindi movies in general, visit this free movie website for your share of free full Hindi movies and TV shows. The site is pretty simple, you choose a movie from a category and then just click the download free movies button. That’s all it takes, the download starts and you get your free movie as soon as the download ends.


Tube+ is one of the best websites for free full movies and TV shows download. It’s organized, has a modern design, and also has most of the latest movies and A LOT of oldies. The whole free movie website is free, no registration, no download limit.

The download is directed from an external secure server, so there’s nothing stopping you to enjoy full speed download. The home page has listed movie titles, so it’s easy to find a movie while you browse around the home page.

Tube+ Charts is a page on this website that allows you to see different kinds of analytical data. You can see the list of movies by rating, or see what genre has the best rating. You can even see what movie years have the best rated movies. It’s all there for you.

16. Ganool

Ganool is a free movie downloads and TV shows website that’s among the top of its class. The site is simple, all the movies are categorized in a logical order. The download is simple and uninterrupted by requests to fill a registration form. Everything is free and unlimited.

If you have an ad block active, this free movie website won’t mind. You can still download free movies on this website. Once you pick a film for free download, on the movie page you can see a list of download links.

The list of movies is pretty long, so most people who visit this site will find something of interest. The search bar allows you to search the movies by actors, genre, title or IMDB code. Don’t skip this website, check it.

17. Kickass

Kickass is the “bad boy” of free movie downloads. The authorities take down this website so often, not many people know the count. But Kickass always returns. With most of its content deemed illegal, many people are afraid to even download free movies from Kickass.

One thing is certain, Kickass has one of the biggest offers of free movies for download on the internet. You will need a torrent client such as BitComet or UTorrent, these are legal software and free to download. Once you get the client, you are free to download movies, TV shows and much more.

Also, make sure you download movies from trusted uploaders, they have a crown icon next to their names. All in all, if you want to download free movies, this is a great place.

18. The Pirate Bay

People say that if it’s not on The Pirate Bay, it’s not on the internet. That’s how big the free movies downloads collection on this free movie website is. You can find Hollywood blockbusters, recent movies, evergreens, action, drama, horror, comedy, adult and almost every documentary about almost anything.

Also, be careful when you pick your uploader, make sure it has a pirate skull next to its name. You need a torrent client for this website, also.

As other torrent sites, The Pirate Bay is under constant chase by the authorities. The webpage shuts down from time to time and then comes back online on some other address. The visitors are advised to take caution as most of the content on The Pirate Bay is illegal.


Rutracker is a Russian torrent that allows you to download almost every Hollywood, Bollywood or European movie. While most websites serve for downloading free movies, Rutracker has much more to offer. Again, the free movie website is illegal in many countries. If you download free movies, you could get you in trouble, so take caution.

When it comes to download free movies from the internet, Rutracker is one of the best free movies website.

As for the design, the site is completely in Russian, but most people could manage to find what they came for. You need a torrent client for this site, as well.  There is a search bar and lots of categories to browse for your free pick.


URgrove is an elegant free movie website that allows visitors free downloading and streaming of its content. It has a simple user interface, and a couple of nice touches. This website allows you to see which movies are most downloaded at the moment. You can browse through various categories and genres.

Once you make your pick, you just choose on of download links available. Sometimes a link or two are not active, but that’s not up to URgrove. This means that the website is not responsible for the availability of third party links. You don’t have to register or pay for any content you download on URgrove.So help yourself, download free movies from URgrove.


  • If one of the free movie websites on this list is not available, can we fix it?

“Most of the sites on this list change their URL often. This happens cause of some legal issue or a ban. But if you find out that any of this links isn’t working anymore, please tell us in the comments, bellow.”

  • The site is asking me to fill my bank account information, should I do it?

“We recommend that you take caution when giving your private information on any free movie website. Unless you are sure that your information is safe, don’t give it to any website asks you to.”

  • It seems I can’t access some sites in my country. What can I do?

“If your government has put a ban on any of this sites, you can use a Virtual Private Network – VPN.”

  • Sometimes when I download free movies, the downloads are slow. I check my download speed but it’s ok, what’s the problem?

“Most of the time, the problem is not with your bandwidth. Mostly, the servers that allow you to download free movies have an issue”

Free Movie Website Conclusion

There’s a lot of free movie websites that allow free movie downloads and streaming. These are just some of them. The order they are listed is not intentional in ways of quality, safety or any matter. We just wanted to introduce you to some of them, show you what they offer. And they all offer full movies download and streaming, for free. So if you want to see a film, you can just download free movies on these sites.

Keep in mind that movie sites that allow online movie downloads for free are illegal in most countries. As you can see, most of them don’t even keep their content on their servers. So don’t be surprised if one day some of these links don’t respond, this happens.

Always be careful when you’re downloading and streaming free movies. Watch out for phishing, malware, Trojans… Keep your private information secure at all time. Other than that, have fun.

And please, be kind and tell us what you think of this list.

Do you agree with it? Is there a free movies downloads website you think we should mention? Let us know in the comments.

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